Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All my bags are packed... I'm ready to go

Well almost. Actually, that's a complete lie. I have NOTHING packed, but I do have most things purchased and listed, so that's a decent start. I actually pride myself on my efficiency of packing, thus I'm not too worried about that cherade. Naturally, I have many lists and checkmarks, and other such OCD things to help the process along.

What I AM worried about is making sure that I have all my school and work and life schtuffs taken care of before take off. Sheesh! My mind is complete mooshy moosh (way worse than mush, note) after sitting for 9 hours (9 HOURS I tell you!) at the Library trying to hash out a 10 page paper which for regular MPA students in the Governance and Econ class, is due May 10th. For me? Naw. Due tomorrow. Guess what though? Guess what? It's done. Darn strait it's done! Oh! Oh thank you! Applause! I had no idea! I'm touched.... truly. I'd like to thank the good people at the UofU Library snack bar for always having the SmartWater and Luna Bar sections well-stocked, the the UofU WiFi connection for never giving out on me, shout out to you, JSTOR (you know what you are!) for such brilliant articles from which I gleaned such fabulous quotes... and of course... to you, cushy round library chair, for offering your support and wide arm rests without complaint. I salute you all! Without you, none of this would've been possible!

SO! School! That leaves one test today and a few little this and thats, and I'm free from my second semester of MPA graduate studies, and off to a MUCH needed vacation in the land of Wats (and what nots... te he he... never gets old). Elephants! Fruit! Monkeys! Miles of white sandy beaches! $10 massages! Civil Unrest! Oh wait... scratch that last.

I'd thank you all to wish me luck as I may not be back (well clearly physically I KNOW I won't be back) bloggering until sometime after May 15th. There will be many pictures to post and adventures to discuss - you can be CERTAIN of that!

Now... back to it.... shoulder to the wheel... onward onward


Craig Barlow B. said...

Civil unrest is a must for any true destination spot. You can hardly identify yourself as a vacation location unless some vehicles are burning in the roads of your city.

Just a thought... said...

It's also the land of beautiful teak furniture (super heavy which means pricy to ship, and a crazy snake farm where they do public shows in an arena ...with cobra's right by your feet! We learned it's best not to sit on the front row.

Mike & Emily West said...

Andrea I am so excited for you...I can't wait to hear about all your adventures. But please...DO be careful. I just finished watching a BBC special news story about everything currently going on in Tailand. Seriously, I thought of you the whole time and it really freaked me out (I know...sorry to be a bit of a rain cloud) but seriously...be sooo careful. Yes, have fun, have adventure--of course, of course! AND I hope it meets all your expectations and then some but PLEASE don't go too far from your nice hotel and stay the heck away from strangers. Okay, now that I have officially over stepped my bounds and shifted in your mother, I will shut up... but just know a concerned friend wants you to have the friggin' most amazing time ever but to also be ooober careful!!!