Thursday, April 26, 2012

Living an Irregular Life...

I’ve come to believe over the years that I was never meant to live the regular life. God knows that I would have never been happy doing things like everyone else; following the standard pattern of living that seems to lead to the happiest sort of existence; or at least, the most ideal sort of existence. But that’s not true either; this set pattern of happy existence. It seems that when we take life’s most desired outcomes; education, marriage, family, and ultimate happiness, we place them on our own special timeline and think that if these things don’t happen within this timeline, then ultimate happiness will not be achieved. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and living in the proverbial Mormon Mecca (that’s Utah, by the way), there seems to be an established cultural ideal of when x, y, and z must be accomplished or there’s something wrong; or God’ forgotten you, or you’re not living rightly enough. It’s a culture thing, not a religion thing.

So we strive to graduate high school, attend college and/or serve missions, ultimately meet our spouse during our educational sojourn and most certainly pre-25 years old, start having babies… many many babies, and see our lives spread out before us like our mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers before us. That’s how it’s been done, that’s how everyone else does it, and if it’s not in “X” prescribed timetable, somehow we feel that we’re failing ourselves, our predecessors, and our God. My mother got married when she was “almost 20”, my grandmother when she was 19, and my great grandmother when she was 18. They began having children very soon thereafter and because of this, we have gotten to know each other in a capacity that may not have otherwise come about – in such a capacity that many do not get to know their mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers. I’m grateful that my predecessors have lived life how they’ve lived it so I can be a part of their lives in this wonderful capacity. But it has not been my lot to live my life in that way. Not yet.

I am now 28 years old and seem to be spitting in the face of “the standard” which seems to come so easily to those before me, around me, and even after me. My timeline is not considered standard protocol and for some reason, this has caused me much angst for many years. It has caused many women around me much angst for longer than me.

But I’ve come to realize, I was never meant to live the standard life. I don’t think anyone is.

And I know that now.

Unlike my predecessors, I have done what would have been considered very non-standard things for women in their generation; even in my generation given my cultural surroundings. This can be said of the many women I know who may feel that their not so standard time lines is their curse, rather than their blessing. That they’re being left behind somehow; and their not living life how they perceive it should be lived, through no fault of their own.

As for my “non-standard” living, I’ve graduated from school with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. I’ve lived on my own since I was 18. I’ve taken on my own bread-winning role, traveled to some exotic places, and bought a car with my own money. I’ve moved eight times in 10 years, lived by myself, owned a cat, and assembled most of my own furniture. And just because I can assemble a bookcase or could tell you that snorkeling in Thailand is an amazing experience everyone should have, doesn’t necessarily make me non-standard, but it does thwart the societal idea of “this is how it should be by now.” I do not relate accomplishments or experiences as a “look how awesome I am” proclamation; though to be honest more women SHOULD boast of their awesomeoness because society does a fine job of tearing them down. Nor do I assume I would not have otherwise done these things had my life taken on a more standard timeline nor do I think you CAN’T do the things I’ve done with a few other things in the mix like marriage and babies. No. I’m saying this because I’ve finally realized that those wonderfully standard desires for life have not surpassed me simply because I’VE surpassed the ripe old age of 25. They’ve not surpassed me because I’ve gone to school and would like to own a house someday and get my own oil changed. Rather, I am grateful for the unstandardness of it because I wouldn’t be entirely happy any other way. And God knew that, He knows it. That’s why he’s God and I’m not. That’s why His plan is always better than mine. That’s why He knows me better than I know me and is going to set up things for my ultimate benefit. That’s true for everyone who thinks that they’re life is somehow missing the mark because “everyone else” keeps getting what they want and can’t seem to grasp. There is no standard! There’s only living individual lives as they are meant to be individually lived.

And knowing THAT makes what may seem unconventional, completely right.
That said, I’ve submitted my application to be a Peace Corps volunteer.

I’ve only discussed this process with a few good friends, a family member or two, and a girl from my Ward who served as a Peace Corps volunteer. I’m loath to announce such things and then, for some reason or another, have them not pan out. I’m no stranger to big goals, big plans, big ideas, that don’t quite seem to quite pull through. I blame the plans, not my resolve. Besides, some things are right for different reasons than I thought they were. We have all had experiences that seemed they were going to lead one direction, only to send you spiraling into what you think is a chaotic void, but was the right path all along. Trust that one day your hindsight will be 20/20.

At first I wanted to wait until I was officially accepted, the date was set, the region established, and then make a big surprising announcement like: “I’m moving to Vanuatu for 27 months!! Anyone want to buy a teal Scooter?” or “Tell me everything you know about farming in Sub-Saharan African.” But instead, I have opted out of such dramatic pronouncements and slipped this information in as a book end to my recent realization that my life isn’t meant to be “regularly” lived, that there are no regular lives, and that joining the Peace Corps makes complete sense; not as a way to attempt to live irregularly, but as an acceptance that that’s how it’s supposed to be and that what is supposed to be is the right way to be. Acknowledging that there’s someone up there that knows more than you do about what will help you experience your best life takes the fear or frustration or desperation or whatever it is that makes you shake your fist at the sky, out of the opportunities before you that may, at the time, not seem “standard” but are never the less right.

So I am committed. I’m excited. And I’m hoping that it will all work out; knowing that no matter how it works out it has worked out. 

Updates forthcoming!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

There's a reason someone in this story isn't married yet... you decide who it is

Anyone who's had the experience of being an "over 25" single LDS person knows that the world of dating (and not dating) can be confusing, frustrating, and sometimes our own personal ninth circle of hell. Men and women alike struggle to navigate the complexities that surround what dating is (and is not) in this modern world and during these attempts they often run aground, take on water, face hurricanes, battle sea monsters, and basically consider casting themselves overboard and ending the madness, all in one weekend. Of course, some of this struggle unfortunately also includes pointing fingers at the other gender.

"All men are man-children who prefer video games every weekend to going out on dates with girl" or "All women expect men to be able to give them everything their daddy's gave them by the time they're 24.. it's too much pressure." or "Men are pigs... women are nags... men only want to make out... women only ever want to "talk about things"... and so on and so on. 

Of course, the blame game gets everyone nowhere very fast. Correction, it gets you a one way ticket to lifelong singlehood very fast. Having a little faith in the opposite sex, at least the faith that there is ONE member of the opposite sex, that will love you and you can love them back, I feel, has basically become a true blue, God given miracle. If anyone out there questions if miracles still happen - mutual love is it. It seems the odds of that happening are almost astronomical these days and likewise, for that love and companionship to beat the 50% divorce rate is comparable to summoning a plague of locusts or parting the Red Sea. In fact, I think Moses would prefer wandering in the wilderness another 40 years to the University 2nd Stake's Speed Dating Extravaganza complete with cow bell. Mooooooove to the next piece of meat lads! Sigh. I know I would. 

That said...

I'd like to present you with just such a scenario that takes that sliver of "faith" and crushes it into a fine powder that is sprinkled over the  billowing smoke of discouragement. How's that for bleak? It's almost all one can do to not utter that word saturated with bitter disdain, "Typical."

The story commences...

I'm a member of ye old It's alright. I'd say the.... "quality" of single person on this website is the highest of most LDS specific dating websites I've encountered.

So, I get a correspondence from a nice guy upon said website, asking the basic questions (school.. work..movies) and we exchanged pleasantries over a couple of weeks... nay 5-6 weeks come to think of it. It started to seem fairly stretched out for me, I got a little busy, he actually said I few things that signaled a potential yellow flag or two; so though I responded in a mostly timely manner the whole thing pittered out say... four months ago.. ish. Yes, I think I was the one who didn't respond to his last correspondence. Truthfully, I got a little bored. After a month or so and he didn't seem close to wanting to meet organically in some respect (there's only so much you can say over email...), he stopped blipping on my "give it a try" radar completely. Judge me how you will; this story isn't over.

Four months pass...

Then last week I received an email from him. Fairly random but very nice. Observe the pleasantries below

"Andrea. Hey. Haha, remember me? I thought about you a little bit ago and thought I should write and see how you were! I enjoyed getting to know you a bit and think it's too bad we never got together for dinner or something. Hope you're doing good, it would be cool to hear from you. Ttyl!"

I was pleasantly surprised I'd say. I proceeded to scan through our previous correspondence and decided, hey... maybe I was in a weird phase when we were initially emailing because he sounds like a pretty decent guy and we could have fun. I didn't entirely remember why I'd stopped emailing him, though those few little yellow flags still waved, they could be chalked up to "well, some meanings are lost over email." Fair enough. So, dear friends... I responded probably a day or so later with the following:


Yes I remember :) I'm glad you touched base again. Yes, it is a shame we never got together. Perhaps that needs to be remedied? I hope you are doing well too. And perhaps enjoying the random warm day we get once in awhile. Spring is such a tease. - Andrea"

It's been... two and a half weeks... three weeks on Sunday... and nuthin. No response. Radio silence.

Now, without attempting to wrack your brain for the next hour as to a plausible explanation for this radio silence (maybe he's out of town... in Borneo.. where they don't have email access... and he won't be back for a month... and clearly it makes sense to randomly email someone and then leave the country for a month...), tell me how dating is not in every single way annoying, confusing, ridiculous, and possibly the man's fault. HA! Okay, possibly THIS man's fault because friends, I don't see why this person would email me out of the blue "slyly" hinting at his despondence at us never getting together (which I just have to say, was also somewhat his fault... see: six weeks of correspondence) and my attempt to additionally suggest I am also despondent by saying it "needed to be remedied" only to be met with silence.

It. Doesn't. Make. Sense.

Thus why I will likely remain single forever; as will this joker. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Foodie Metamorphosis and Strange Cravings

It’s natural when one progresses to adulthood to have one's food desires and tastes shift. Some go from hating all types of onions on anything, to dabbling in placing them amongst hamburgers or grilling them alongside the peppers you also hated as a child for a delicious homemade fajita which was also gross. .

As for me…

I recall not liking the following as a wee child. (Note the irony of going from not liking "bad for you foods" to liking "bad for you foods." My life never has and never will make sense. You should likely be used to that by now).
  • French Fries. What the hell? Yep. I didn't like them and could easily fore go a French fry with incredible indifference. "Away with it! Where is my juice?" baby fist pound.
  •  Syrups. Hated syrups. I was a jam girl thank you.
  • Pancakes. 
  • Onions of all sorts… clearly. What kid likes onions? Loser-kids that’s who. Were YOU a loser kid?
  • Peppers of all sorts (see #4 explanation of onions)
  • Fajitas – why have a fajita when there is chicken fingers to be gobbled?
  • Donuts. I really disliked donuts. They didn’t appeal to me on any level – even the Butterfinger donuts from the Food Ranch. You should know that’s a big deal to not like Butterfinger donuts from the Food Ranch. It's basically crazy talk.
  • Pastries of all sorts.
  • Overly fried anything… in addition to the actual French fries.
  • Hot dogs. Gross. Pass.

What I will now eat as an adult from the above mentioned list... and perhaps why I exercise more as well.
  • French Fries. Well, I’m picky about my fries but I like them more than I did as a wee one. My pickiness is contained to Wendy’s fries (which may not seem picky at all but never the less) Red Robin steak fries, Crown Burger fries, and store bought sweet potato crinkle fries. Mmm… sweet potato crinkle fries. 
  • Pancakes. I don’t necessarily like them, but I’m no stranger to the “Banana Pancakes (with syrup) on the weekend” craving. I also enjoy IHOP's Fall special pancakes. Oh... oh those are tasty.
  • Onions – I like them, mostly. Purple onions are my favorite and I feel they bring a nice flavor mixed with the grilled…
  • Peppers – which I like to plop altogether upon a…
  • Fajita.
  • Hot Dogs. I don’t mind ‘em now but most definitely prefer my dogs at a baseball game or dripping in some sort of special sauce. There was once a time where I’d always pick a burger over a dog at a BBQ… now? I’m entirely unpredictable as to my meat of choice! I could pick anything! ANYTHING! Ahahahahahahah! Lightening flash! Thunder clap!

The dislikes that stuck...

I still don’t like fried things. When glancing over a menu and things are dipped into a vat of bubbling oil which produces a crisp beige-like crust upon otherwise delicious and possibly healthy food – I have to say no no no thank you. And it’s not entirely a “health” thing – as it is a “this makes my tummy hurt and doesn’t taste good” thing. Exceptions?  A few French fry confections as noted above and chicken nuggets. YUM! I like chicken nuggets AND chicken strips. Fry those suckers on UP! Serve 'em with sauce! 

I still don’t like Pastries. When I say pastry I mean jelly filled crumbly confections just screaming “not worth it” from their glistening sugar coating. And it’s not worth it. Like the fried stuffs, it’s not entirely a health thing as a “this makes you feel sick every time” sort of thing. And some things are WORTH feeling sick after eating…. Like an entire container of chocolate frosting and graham crackers. WAY worth it. Pastries? Not.

And finally…

The biggest change of all…


I don’t like most donuts still – BUT – I’ve strangely been craving chocolate cake donuts almost every single day for two months. A strange craving indeed. A donut is not usually something I would seek out, rather, would accept upon it being offered and generally implore said offerer to “half it with me, will you?” While living in Provo, I went through a “Crunch Donut” and Diet Coke breakfast phase for a while, and then realized the combination sugar/caffeine crash was ruining my 10am-2pm work efficiency (though my 6am-10am efficiency was like a 9 year old on Halloween night tweaking out on a 10lb bag of candy - good memories) and had to stop such shenanigans. Even during that phase, I didn’t crave a donut… and was surprised I had even adapted to eating one once in a while when offered. My dislike was such when I was a wee child, I could walk by a table glistening with any assortment of donuts and not even bat an eye.


Now all I want almost every day is a chocolate cake donut. They’re so... chocolatey and cakey. I think if I didn’t have any self-respect or desire to get married...ever, I would probably eat one every single day. As it is, it’s been ohhhhh… when was the Walking Dead finale… almost a month since my last cake donut consumption? And then probably a month before that one… and then probably years and years and possibly my WHOLE LIFE before that one. What happened?!?! It's like alcoholism. You may never know you're an  alcoholic if you never take that first drink. But drink I have (metaphorically...clearly) and in doing so triggered my "chocolate cake donut" addiction. I even avoid the bakery section of the grocery store - my all time favorite section - just so I don't have to fight the devil donut in my head whispering it's "come hither little girl... you ran today... you can have a donut or six or 24...  eat, drink and be merry!" Get thee hence chocolate cake donut devil!

Though I'm sure you will likely still see me shamefully consuming a chocolate cake donut in a darkened ally way with frosting on my lips and a maniacal look in my eye once in awhile. The devil wins sometimes... and a splendid win it is. 

So you see… as I’ve progressed into adulthood sure my tastes and cravings have changed. But these last two months have been a real challenge with this newly added desire for everything chocolate cake donut. In fact, today may be the devil's day because all this talk about chocolate cake donuts is making my eye twitch. Must. Consume.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Find Me a Find, Catch me a Catch…

Turns out none of you give a damn… darn… about my taking the biggest step towards accomplishing my three year long “run a half marathon” resolution. That’s fine. Just dandy. Thanks a whole heap.

Alright, I’m sure you “care” in the loosest sense of the term – as in “sure I care… I just don’t really CARE as in care, ya know?” or “I care… just not as much as I care about the depletion of the ozone or a cure for testicular cancer,” OR, “I care…but I care more about how your Mormon Matchmaker interview went on Friday so quit posting sub-par narcissistic posts about goals we’ve long expected you to fail and get to it!” Fair enough. Fair. E. Nuff.

First, here’s my outfit (gold sandals not seen – thus trust that they are adorable). My favorite part of this picture is my toothy T-Rex grin. Grrrrrr!

Dress - Target $25, Belt - borrowed from Jaime for the price of sweet sweet loving (way worth it), Cuff - Forever 21 $8, Earrings - Anthro $40 (any excuse! I BORROWED a BELT), Shoes, Piperlime - $17)

Note that I am first and foremost, not an avid picture taker for no other reason than laziness and second, most definitely not a “take a picture of myself in a mirror” picture taker; particularly if it starts taking longer than 8 minutes. That’s my threshold – if it takes longer than 8 minutes is it worth it? Ask yourself this question and see the efficiency in your life skyrocket.

SECOND, the interview went very well I’d say. In fact, I have long boasted that if I can get in for an interview (to anything) it’s likely I will get whatever it is I interview for unless Providence has other plans. The interview was mainly an expansion of what was addressed in the Skype interview they conducted nigh a month ago except this time it was in front of a white screen with two big bright lights, a camera, and interviewer. It was at this point I thanked my J-O-B for affording me the opportunity to have some experience with delivering a line on camera. I knew where to look (and where not to look), to start my answer with the question, but not in a Jr. High restate the question sort of way, and was able to interact with the interviewer pretty naturally for the most part. Plus, I like being the center of attention AND I once had dreams of becoming the next Katie Couric so you better believe I live my life for the few moments where I get the chance to act out what my life might have been had a pursued Broadcast Journalism instead of education. No regrets, though. No regrets.

There were a few questions that stood out… such as:

  • So, do you think something is wrong with you and that’s why you’re still single?

a.       Answer – Absolutely not. I feel there is likely something wrong with the entire male populace rather than a single individual that is me. I'm a gem!
b.      Real answer – Of course I’ve wondered that. Any woman my age in Utah and not married (or dating) wonders if there’s something wrong with her. If she’s doing something wrong or needs to tweak or adjust her technique somehow that just might make all the difference in her dating life. Yes! And realistically, I must acknowledge that the common denominator in all of my dating experiences is, in fact, me. Thus, I must take some personal responsibility in the endeavor. However, I feel over the years those tweaks and adjustments I’ve made are bringing me ever closer to that ultimate dating goal…to stop dating forever... and I foresee only improvements henceforth. (I didn’t say henceforth – which I now regret. Nothing says “stick up your butt” like using a word like, Henceforth!)
  •          Tell me about yourself

a. Answer - Well, lets put it this way, if I were a vegetable, I'd be a potato. Mull that metaphor over for awhile.     
b.    Real  Answer – Can I use my prop? (see Star Trek Encyclopedia)
c.      Response – Yes?
d.       Real answer with prop in hand – I am this that and the other. I am also stuff and things… bleh blah… BUT! What’s really surprising about me is how big of a nerd I truly am. I have here a Star Trek Encyclopedia to illustrate such nerdiness (raise prop in front of camera) in case you brush my of self-proclaimed geekdom as something “all girls say to appear cute.” Clearly,  my nerdery runs deep. Real deep. Let’s go ahead and add Xena: Warrior Princess, The X-Files (Scully is my home girl – yes I said it), and the Walking Dead to that mix and you’ve got yourself a bonified nerd. Don’t believe me still? NCC 1701-D. That’s the Star Trek the Next Generation Enterprise classification number. BAM. Re-pre-sent!

  •          You told me once you think you don’t date a lot because guys are scared of you. Explain that.

a.       Answer – Screw you LOSER! (crazy eyes, flared nostrils) He he... was that scary? (maniacal laughter).
b.      Real Answer – Well Matt (his name wasn’t Matt… remember… I’m reenacting my possible alternative life that would’ve involved Matt Lauer somehow), I would say they are more intimidated than scared. And this actually isn’t a designation that I’ve put on myself, but mostly from what other people have told me. I can be intimidating – all 5’2 of me. Why am I intimidating? I’m not sure. It could be the education, it could be that I’m reasonably self-assured, it COULD be that I don’t…how do I say this… shy away from “smart” conversations. Example. Second date… guy said something about tax equity, and I responded knowledgeably (as well as respectfully disagreeing with what he’d said and providing reasons why I thought so.... I’m a discusser… not arguer) and I never heard from him again. Here’s why I’m okay being a little intimidating; because I know that the guy who likes me is confident in himself and doesn’t need an overly submissive type of person to make him feel superior. He doesn't need to feel he can "control" me to feel manly. He can feel manly because he likes himself. I feel it weeds out the ones I wouldn’t be happy with anyway. So, though I am very realistically aware that amiability is more attractive than a venom squirt to the eye, I feel I can amiably express my thoughts and a confident guy will appreciate it. Eh? Eh?...
... .... ....
  •          Tell me what you think about love. Love is…

a.       Answer – Love is your mom. Haw. Haw. Your. MOM!
b.      Real answer – Love is companionship. It’s anything from having someone help you carry in the groceries – which ironically is when I wish for companionship the most, 6 bags per arm – to sharing the joys and the sorrows of my everyday. It’s someone to share in this "life" experience; a partner, and a comrade. It’s someone to lean on and someone who you want to lean on you when they need too. It’s taking two whole and complete people and making them two halves of a new whole.  That’s love to me. Love is facing the storms and rainbows hand in hand.
c.       Response – That’ s adorable
d.      Reaction – Well, if there’s one thing that could be said of me it’s “I’m adorable.”

So there’s a quick rundown of a 45 minutes interview. I felt pretty good coming out of it and again, have little expectations either way. I like this “no expectations” thing because I’ve yet to be disappointed but most definitely pleasantly surprised.

What now?

Well, they may or may not call me anymore from a week to six months. Given the outline of the show, apparently they will select a couple of folks for the pilot episode on through the first season and see how it goes. I could be called to participate first or somewhere towards the last or not at all. We shall see.

Oh… and

Lifetime.  It’s no TLC but meh, TV is TV, right? Right. So set that DVR!

I said I'd do it and I did

You may recall over the last 2-3 years I've made a resolution to run a half marathon and naturally, have never done it.


I guess I'm doing it.

In Park City on August 18th.

I finally got sick of failing.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match…

Remember the outfit for the “event-that-must-not-be-named” I alluded to in my last post? WELL! First, and most importantly, the outfit has been chosen and I am quite pleased. I thank you for all of your opinions via bloggery, face-bookery, and textery. It’s been most helpful and naturally, the reason why I choose fashionistas to be a part of my circle of friends. You have served your purpose well.  Pics to be posted once I actually don the finished product later today. I know you're, like, soooo interested.

Second, I’m sure you’d like to know what the “event-that-must-not-be-named” actually is. You should know that typing that phrase with dashes is rather tedious and next, I am going to make this as annoying as possible by beginning at the beginning before I just tell you what the event is already! Hurray! I also hesitated mentioning this at all because I wasn't sure if I "could." But it's not been alluded to otherwise so meh, why not. 

I was born at 11:03pm on October 12th, 1983 to Cheryl and Bru...oh wait... not that beginning. 

Several months ago, a good friend whom we shall call Holly because that is, in fact, her name, sent me a little clipping (e-clipping? Erp) from the Salt Lake Tribune with the subheading “Coming soon to a TV near you: aMormon Matchmaker reality show” exclaiming I would be her hero if I attempted to be part of these shenanigans. After a moment’s deliberation, I figured becoming someone’s hero by merely submitting answers to a few questions for a reality show I didn’t know anything about was well worth it! Hero-hood here I come! So submit I did and have since enjoyed 3 months of being a hero. It's a good feeling. If you ever have the chance to "earn" titles you don't deserve by doing things that require little effort and no foreseeable consequences or sacrifice, I suggest you do it. 

 The submission only required answering three questions “in brief” which included “Give a brief dating history” and “describe your perfect mate in 3-5 sentences.” Naturally, me being me and thinking I’m clever and funny, answered these questions in such a way that would convey such effortless cleverness.

Described your perfect mate in 3-5 sentences: For the perfect man, combine the following: Indiana Jones, Maximus (Gladiator), and Atticus Finch with a dash of Agent Mulder; make him Mormon and you’ve created my perfect mate. An academic but can flick a whip (don’t get weird – it just means he’s manly you kinky bunch!), loyal, humble, and a fighter; scrupulous, a good father, hard worker, and patient; and finally, passionate and focused... and tallish. Mm hmm. 

 Eh? Eh? Well it’s my perfect not your perfect mate so back yo'self on up. And truly – I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about “my perfect mate.” Perhaps that has something to do with creating unrealistic expectations... OR the fear of gross disappointment. If you always have “perfect” in the back of your naturally flawed mortal brain, you’re setting yourself up for some monster disappointments and life long dissatisfaction. Turns out, people aren’t perfect. However, I don’t think you should settle either.  Strike a balance. Must haves… would be nice… and deal-breakers.  As I’ve gotten older, those things I like in a potential "mate" have changed… so perfect in a mortal mind is fluid as well. Thus making it even more unrealistic to try and nail down. 

I digress.

I submitted my answers and continued with my day to day living.

About a week later, I received a phone call from the casting agency for the Mormon Matchmaker reality show wanting to set up a Skype interview. With me! I must say I was surprised and most definitely curious. Mostly I wondered how slim the pickins really were to select the “Indiana Jones” girl. Am I right? We set up a Skype interview for a week hence and when the day came, I chatted with one of their folks for probably about 45 minutes. Most of the questions they asked were elaboration on the previous three I’d already submitted with some additions like “Would you ever date a divorced someone” (yes of course) or, “how important is religion in your dating” (gonna go ahead and say that is the #1 won’t compromise sort of thing... acknowledging that fate could have other plans but that’s my plan now). He also asked things like “I’m not Mormon, tell me why you want to marry another Mormon” which I responded by basically bearing testimony of temple marriage and eternal families and how that’s the only option for happiness for me because that’s how I want to live, raise my children, and share in that journey with the most important person in the world for me (Gee... tell me how your really feel). Needless to say, I was beginning to realize that if this was something I had the opportunity to participate in, I would be representing  an entire group of people and anything I did or did not do would be attached to 14 million other Latter-Day Saints. Too bad Glen Beck has never made this connection. Juuuuuust kidding… ish. And of course, I don’t think that little old me on a reality show I don’t even know I’m on yet would affect someone’s perspective of Mormons; particularly considering brighter spotlights shone on more substantial figures like Mr. Romney. But it might affect SOMEONE’s perception and that makes me a little nervous. Rep-re-sent! I should stop intermittently swearing... dammit. 

After the Skype interview ended, I was thanked and told I may or may not hear from them in 1-4 weeks. Show-biz. Always on their timetable.  Thus, day to day living resumed much as it always had; with no expectation either way.

As luck would have it though – I received an email request for an in person interview right here in downtown SLC. Naturally, SLC also happens to be the location for filming said show so let’s not pretend that my current living arrangements in SLC don’t make me an appealing candidate. I mean I’m RIGHT here.

That in-person interview is today.

Thus you see the need to pick an outfit that is representative of MOI.


Once again, not really. Ha! Which is probably what’s gotten me to this point in the first place. I will say, however, I’m very curious. All I know is this is a reality show featuring Mormons and a matchmaker’s attempt to help us find eternal love. Sounds about right as Reality TV goes, but as for logistics; i.e. will it be one girl set up with many guys or one guy and many girls (Bachelor flash! NO!)  or many girls and many guys? Shrug. Dunno. I’ve been promised these logistics will all be discussed today.  I am naturally a little weary of the whole thing as well. Particularly when I think of disasters (addictive disasters I admit it) like the Bachelor and the… er.. “type” of girl they clearly choose for such entertainment. It is, after all, still about entertainment! I’m just not that girl. Perhaps I’m the Ace in the hole! The quirky one who everyone feels kind of bad for but hopes upon hope that she’ll find a nerd just like her in the end!  Or perhaps they’ll make me the goody two shoes that everyone “aw… how sweet's (pat pat head head)” at her blatant naivety to things of the world. I also wonder if such a venue is somewhere I actually want to find someone to marry. If there’s one thing you can count on – it’s not to count on everyone being themselves in front of a camera. I’ll sure try my darnedest, but if any research has told us anything about social experiences and attempting to make unbiased observations of groups of people’s mating rituals, it’s that you can never be sure if what you are getting is authentic or always tainted but the subjects knowledge of being under constant observation. "Act natural..." er... the first way to make me not act natural is to tell me to act natural. No one actively thinks about acting natural.... when they do it comes off as unnatural. Oh irony! I already know I’m going to be more aware of ME when it comes to representing my faith on a greater medium than my day to day interactions; so who knows how authentic I'll be. Or maybe this is a way to get me to step up a little bit more and represent a little bit better. To become the me I should be becoming anyway. 

I also think to much. So there's that.

All I DO know is that I have a really great outfit that represents my style and a Star Trek Encyclopedia and/or the complete 7 seasons of Star Trek the Next Generation on DVD (thanks, Jon and Pete!) as my prop(s) of choice. Already this is looking like a win-win scenario. Right?!?! Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trying... but not too hard. An Outfit for an Occasion to be Announced Later

I have an occasion on Friday, and I need to look decent. By decent I mean put together but not contrived. You feel me, don't you? The setting - casual. The people - needing to be charmed. The person - me who likes dresses.

So here's an option.

Something(s) owned
Found at Target, $25.00

Piperlime Sale, $17, 1 year ago

Something(s) bought
Imagine a gold buckle vs the all white, $12.99, Target

Anthropologie layered gold earrings, $38... yep, more than the dress but whatever, it's Anthro

Originally I wanted a bright wide belt, but have yet to find said item. The white... I think the white could work. The particular belt at Target has gold clasps I believe, which would bring it all together nicely. Though, a bold color still may be required. I've yet to purchase the belt or earrings... and I"m going to say the earrings are being purchased, but the belt could be switched out. Discuss.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Seek learning by study and also by faith

Anyone who knows me knows my greatest passion is education. And not just education as a general concept, but equitable access to education for everyone no matter their race, socio-economic status, creed, religion, gender, culture, age, sexuality, nationality, etc., etc. Particularly I am a big advocate for equitable access of education for women. I believe that if the world properly educated its women, it would eradicate poverty, abuse, war, hunger, and disease. Educated women will help build lasting and strong families, produce children who have confidence, sound judgement, and tender hearts who will grow up to be wise and just leaders. For me, the answer is education, and most particularly, the education of women.

Below is a beautiful address given by one Mary N. Cook, First Counselor in the Young Women Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Growing up and holding to a faith that not only respects and revers it's female members; but also encourages them to aspire to be the best women they can through education, both secular and spiritual, while emphasizing the integral role of educated mothers in the home, only strengthens my testimony of this good work and inspires me to continue my own pursuit of learning, "by study and also by faith." To me, there is no greater place I will utilize the education I have obtained then to one day teach my own children in my own home.