Monday, April 16, 2012

Find Me a Find, Catch me a Catch…

Turns out none of you give a damn… darn… about my taking the biggest step towards accomplishing my three year long “run a half marathon” resolution. That’s fine. Just dandy. Thanks a whole heap.

Alright, I’m sure you “care” in the loosest sense of the term – as in “sure I care… I just don’t really CARE as in care, ya know?” or “I care… just not as much as I care about the depletion of the ozone or a cure for testicular cancer,” OR, “I care…but I care more about how your Mormon Matchmaker interview went on Friday so quit posting sub-par narcissistic posts about goals we’ve long expected you to fail and get to it!” Fair enough. Fair. E. Nuff.

First, here’s my outfit (gold sandals not seen – thus trust that they are adorable). My favorite part of this picture is my toothy T-Rex grin. Grrrrrr!

Dress - Target $25, Belt - borrowed from Jaime for the price of sweet sweet loving (way worth it), Cuff - Forever 21 $8, Earrings - Anthro $40 (any excuse! I BORROWED a BELT), Shoes, Piperlime - $17)

Note that I am first and foremost, not an avid picture taker for no other reason than laziness and second, most definitely not a “take a picture of myself in a mirror” picture taker; particularly if it starts taking longer than 8 minutes. That’s my threshold – if it takes longer than 8 minutes is it worth it? Ask yourself this question and see the efficiency in your life skyrocket.

SECOND, the interview went very well I’d say. In fact, I have long boasted that if I can get in for an interview (to anything) it’s likely I will get whatever it is I interview for unless Providence has other plans. The interview was mainly an expansion of what was addressed in the Skype interview they conducted nigh a month ago except this time it was in front of a white screen with two big bright lights, a camera, and interviewer. It was at this point I thanked my J-O-B for affording me the opportunity to have some experience with delivering a line on camera. I knew where to look (and where not to look), to start my answer with the question, but not in a Jr. High restate the question sort of way, and was able to interact with the interviewer pretty naturally for the most part. Plus, I like being the center of attention AND I once had dreams of becoming the next Katie Couric so you better believe I live my life for the few moments where I get the chance to act out what my life might have been had a pursued Broadcast Journalism instead of education. No regrets, though. No regrets.

There were a few questions that stood out… such as:

  • So, do you think something is wrong with you and that’s why you’re still single?

a.       Answer – Absolutely not. I feel there is likely something wrong with the entire male populace rather than a single individual that is me. I'm a gem!
b.      Real answer – Of course I’ve wondered that. Any woman my age in Utah and not married (or dating) wonders if there’s something wrong with her. If she’s doing something wrong or needs to tweak or adjust her technique somehow that just might make all the difference in her dating life. Yes! And realistically, I must acknowledge that the common denominator in all of my dating experiences is, in fact, me. Thus, I must take some personal responsibility in the endeavor. However, I feel over the years those tweaks and adjustments I’ve made are bringing me ever closer to that ultimate dating goal…to stop dating forever... and I foresee only improvements henceforth. (I didn’t say henceforth – which I now regret. Nothing says “stick up your butt” like using a word like, Henceforth!)
  •          Tell me about yourself

a. Answer - Well, lets put it this way, if I were a vegetable, I'd be a potato. Mull that metaphor over for awhile.     
b.    Real  Answer – Can I use my prop? (see Star Trek Encyclopedia)
c.      Response – Yes?
d.       Real answer with prop in hand – I am this that and the other. I am also stuff and things… bleh blah… BUT! What’s really surprising about me is how big of a nerd I truly am. I have here a Star Trek Encyclopedia to illustrate such nerdiness (raise prop in front of camera) in case you brush my of self-proclaimed geekdom as something “all girls say to appear cute.” Clearly,  my nerdery runs deep. Real deep. Let’s go ahead and add Xena: Warrior Princess, The X-Files (Scully is my home girl – yes I said it), and the Walking Dead to that mix and you’ve got yourself a bonified nerd. Don’t believe me still? NCC 1701-D. That’s the Star Trek the Next Generation Enterprise classification number. BAM. Re-pre-sent!

  •          You told me once you think you don’t date a lot because guys are scared of you. Explain that.

a.       Answer – Screw you LOSER! (crazy eyes, flared nostrils) He he... was that scary? (maniacal laughter).
b.      Real Answer – Well Matt (his name wasn’t Matt… remember… I’m reenacting my possible alternative life that would’ve involved Matt Lauer somehow), I would say they are more intimidated than scared. And this actually isn’t a designation that I’ve put on myself, but mostly from what other people have told me. I can be intimidating – all 5’2 of me. Why am I intimidating? I’m not sure. It could be the education, it could be that I’m reasonably self-assured, it COULD be that I don’t…how do I say this… shy away from “smart” conversations. Example. Second date… guy said something about tax equity, and I responded knowledgeably (as well as respectfully disagreeing with what he’d said and providing reasons why I thought so.... I’m a discusser… not arguer) and I never heard from him again. Here’s why I’m okay being a little intimidating; because I know that the guy who likes me is confident in himself and doesn’t need an overly submissive type of person to make him feel superior. He doesn't need to feel he can "control" me to feel manly. He can feel manly because he likes himself. I feel it weeds out the ones I wouldn’t be happy with anyway. So, though I am very realistically aware that amiability is more attractive than a venom squirt to the eye, I feel I can amiably express my thoughts and a confident guy will appreciate it. Eh? Eh?...
... .... ....
  •          Tell me what you think about love. Love is…

a.       Answer – Love is your mom. Haw. Haw. Your. MOM!
b.      Real answer – Love is companionship. It’s anything from having someone help you carry in the groceries – which ironically is when I wish for companionship the most, 6 bags per arm – to sharing the joys and the sorrows of my everyday. It’s someone to share in this "life" experience; a partner, and a comrade. It’s someone to lean on and someone who you want to lean on you when they need too. It’s taking two whole and complete people and making them two halves of a new whole.  That’s love to me. Love is facing the storms and rainbows hand in hand.
c.       Response – That’ s adorable
d.      Reaction – Well, if there’s one thing that could be said of me it’s “I’m adorable.”

So there’s a quick rundown of a 45 minutes interview. I felt pretty good coming out of it and again, have little expectations either way. I like this “no expectations” thing because I’ve yet to be disappointed but most definitely pleasantly surprised.

What now?

Well, they may or may not call me anymore from a week to six months. Given the outline of the show, apparently they will select a couple of folks for the pilot episode on through the first season and see how it goes. I could be called to participate first or somewhere towards the last or not at all. We shall see.

Oh… and

Lifetime.  It’s no TLC but meh, TV is TV, right? Right. So set that DVR!


Just a thought... said...

Just so you know I'm most definitely proud of you for taking on the whole half marathon life goal challenge. But in the back of my head the comment made to our class by one of my college professors (who zealously ran marathons for sport) continues to percolate. He said in a nutshell for and running marathons is so physically demanding that it pretty much destroys your body inside and out, but it's so addictive that I just can’t help myself! But you go girl!!! I'm sure that you won't take it to the ultimate extreme that he did. Is he still alive you might venture to ask? I have no earthly idea, but if he is he'd be as old as dirt by now!

I'm much more intrigued by your Mormon reality dating show extravaganza! And from the looks of things you knocked it out of the park! Woo hoo ...can't wait to hear how it all plays out. Good luck with all of your exciting adventures. 8)

Andrea Jolene said...

I've actually heard (and witnessed) the toll it takes on ones body. I can't say I'll make a habit of it - but would like to attempt a few "halfs" in my lifetime! And I have no desire to run a full blown marathon. That sounds like a piece of hell! ;)

Scott Sackett said...

Alright, Cox that was pretty awesome... I'm not going to lie, anyone that count tout the Next Generation action with such an "in your face" attitude gets my vote (seriously you should run for office)...

Marisa Jean said...

Six months wait?!? Now that's just mean. I'm so intrigued by this entire process and show. Can't wait to hear more. And if you don't get selected, it's probably because te casting crew was amazed by your hot-ass outfit and were looking for more of a sweet spirit. :)

Andrea Jolene said...

Ha! When you're right you're right! and you're right.

Andrea Jolene said...

I like where your heads at! I can see my name on the ballots now!

Jaime Van Hoose Steele said...

I super hope you get picked to be on there first you adorable little munchkin!

Ps- A marathon...meh.