Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trying... but not too hard. An Outfit for an Occasion to be Announced Later

I have an occasion on Friday, and I need to look decent. By decent I mean put together but not contrived. You feel me, don't you? The setting - casual. The people - needing to be charmed. The person - me who likes dresses.

So here's an option.

Something(s) owned
Found at Target, $25.00

Piperlime Sale, $17, 1 year ago

Something(s) bought
Imagine a gold buckle vs the all white, $12.99, Target

Anthropologie layered gold earrings, $38... yep, more than the dress but whatever, it's Anthro

Originally I wanted a bright wide belt, but have yet to find said item. The white... I think the white could work. The particular belt at Target has gold clasps I believe, which would bring it all together nicely. Though, a bold color still may be required. I've yet to purchase the belt or earrings... and I"m going to say the earrings are being purchased, but the belt could be switched out. Discuss.


Sumiko said...

Cute but not trying too hard - you nailed it. And definitely the earrings. Always get more earrings! You can never have too many.

Marisa Jean said...

You've got me curious. My guess is meeting someone's parents.

You look good no matter what you wear. I love the earrings!

ROXY MARJ said...

What IS this shindig that you are going to my friend!!?? :-[) Andrea, I would personally forgo the belt since the dress has a cinched tie already...that is my personal opinion though and would not make or break this look. :)

On another note...don't hate me, but I went to see "salmon fishing" with Jesse the day it came out... and I would TOTALLY go again with you but honestly, that movie was *meh* :/ I was actually a little bummed when it was over...BUT...would you wanna go see Mirror Mirror together? I haven't seen it yet, and I can't imagine Jesse is dying to see that one. :) lol

Andrea Jolene said...

ha - it's not meeting anyone's parents. I will reveal the shin-dig soon enough. Go ahead an keep your expectations low.