Monday, April 2, 2012

Seek learning by study and also by faith

Anyone who knows me knows my greatest passion is education. And not just education as a general concept, but equitable access to education for everyone no matter their race, socio-economic status, creed, religion, gender, culture, age, sexuality, nationality, etc., etc. Particularly I am a big advocate for equitable access of education for women. I believe that if the world properly educated its women, it would eradicate poverty, abuse, war, hunger, and disease. Educated women will help build lasting and strong families, produce children who have confidence, sound judgement, and tender hearts who will grow up to be wise and just leaders. For me, the answer is education, and most particularly, the education of women.

Below is a beautiful address given by one Mary N. Cook, First Counselor in the Young Women Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Growing up and holding to a faith that not only respects and revers it's female members; but also encourages them to aspire to be the best women they can through education, both secular and spiritual, while emphasizing the integral role of educated mothers in the home, only strengthens my testimony of this good work and inspires me to continue my own pursuit of learning, "by study and also by faith." To me, there is no greater place I will utilize the education I have obtained then to one day teach my own children in my own home.

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