Friday, November 28, 2008

Sometimes you need



And then...

A Handsome Friend to Match Your Holiday Party

Or even just...

Cozy Warm

Right there...

Sometimes you need...

All of the above.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A real first

I experienced something amazing today for the very first time. It's comparable to getting your first "real" apartment, taking your first European trip, or even getting your first kiss.

Today - for the first time since it opened in Utah over a year ago - I went to IKEA. True story. This strategically placed super stylish and affordable "we got everything you could ever want for your home" store always remained a rather frightening mystery to me. Anytime I ventured this way or that beyond or back over point of the mountain, and saw IKEA glowing blue and yellow near the 123rd south exit (no really - brilliant location - RIGHT between SLC and Provo. Whoever thought of putting it there was a pure genius and should have gotten a HEFTY raise), it's happy banners flapping in the Wasatch breeze. I admit it was daunting - seeing this happy store of furnishings I'd only ever heard of or witnessed friends drive across states for. It's like the H&M of home furnishings! However, I don't like crowds, I don't like a lot of hype, and IKEA seemed like the place for super hype and super (crazy suburban mom) crowds. I never went, never went, never went.

Until tonight! I needed to find a twin bed for the Den of Rape. Make sense right? Well - I had noticed upon driving out to T-ville many times, that the Furniture Warehouse was having a 75% off sale. Oooo! That should reduce some of those furnishings to "affordability." I don't know how I keep forgetting I'm below the poverty level. Den. Of. Rape. Hello! Wake up! NO really - sleep with one eye open. Anyway - that little trip tonight was a bust. I was at the point of considering finding one of those egg-carton funny cushy things you take camping and a solid sleeping bag to begin the Den of Rape experience. Then, Nikelle convinced me to try IKEA. Alright - it's time to finally try IKEA.

Look what I gots!!!
Listen. This bed, frame, "slats", and mattress came to a grand total of $264. I know, right? Who knew? Well apparently everyone but me did. Ahem. Never the less. I found many, many, MANY an item I would consider purchasing for Nik and I's future abode away from the Den of Rape, and the real kicker is, I could possibly REALLY get it.

So, comparable to all life's firsts, those first kisses, your first pair of heels, your first date, and your first degree...stepping into IKEA for the first time gave me butterflies and most importantly, a longing for more. So. Much. More.

(Did I say your first degree in there? Ha. Wow - education snob right here, "Why yes my FIRST degree...because I have several...mwa mwa mwa...)

Monday, November 24, 2008

When life give you sure sucks

Last Saturday Nikelle and I went apartment hunting. I've been living with my Aunty in Taylorsville since mid-October. Previous to that I was in "the Mansion" squatting and a month before that in California, being suckered into a non-existent fairy tale, and before that, I can't even remember. Provo seems like an entire other life that barely may not have really existed. Nikelle has been living at her sisters in Bountiful. We both work downtown and needless to say, even though we greatly appreciate our awesome families for letting us crash with them in our shambled, jobless at the time, completely poverty ridden lives, you can only live on families good graces for so long. I mean, even family love has SOME limits. Ha! Not to mention - we're both way to old for this crap.

So we went apartment hunting on Saturday. We've both barely found new jobs and only been getting paychecks for a little over a month now. I hit ZERO moneys back in August, and trying to build yourself up again from nothing is a rather trying pursuit. I'm going to go ahead and say that's putting it lightly - extremely lightly - we're taking "I Can't Believe it's not Butter" lightly.

We've been trying to save some money, but again, trying to build completely from the ground up takes time - a lot of time - a lot of saving - and a lot of patience. Come to find we can't afford to move out. It's too expensive for our meager budgets still. But, we can't stay where we're at anymore either. So what do we do? I will tell you what we do...

We move to The Den of Rape. I heard you gasp. As you SHOULD! The Den of Rape doesn't sound good at all does it? Though when I came up with it I thought it was rather clever. I now just call it "The Den" (mostly for my mother's sake). Let me explain to you why I call it that. It's funny - in a so not funny and a little scary kind of way. Our friend John has a small studio in Downtown SLC. I mean studio's are small anyway right? But this thing is teeny. Perfect for a half person - and perhaps a whole person if you are a man and don't come with a lot of "stuff." John would like to rid himself of this studio - however - his lease is not up until April. Also, John's little studio's location is a little...oh what can you call it....schmarmy. Or at least schmarmier than any place Nik and I have ever lived. As females you have to automatically discount certain areas or apartment complexes for your own good. Just by the LOOKS of 'em - or their relative location to local 7-11's. Thus, you end up always paying a little more to feel comfortable. The sorry truth is, neither Nik nor myself have "a little more..." in fact we have less than "a little" usually tipping into practically nothing. However, as our time at family's abodes runs out, but our financial means isn't quite where it needs to be to afford monthly rent AND a deposit, we are taking over John's teeny studio in schmarmy land - across from a 7-11 - for an undisclosed amount of time. You heard me right - we're BOTH moving in - to a studio. Us, two twin beds, one TV, a kitchen and a bath. The Den of Rape.

Nik and I are used to sharing a room. We've shared a room as roomies for years - and though we had a glorious stint where we each had our own room for awhile - that was a mere passing fancy. We've digressed - and not even back to "poor student" status but "living in poverty in a tiny studio with creepers" status. Really, it follows the "shambles" pattern both of our lives have morphed into. You will often hear us asking such questions as: "Why did I get a degree again?" or "What's the point of working 40 hours and still having nothing?" or even more important, "Why did I take out student loans to get an education under the guise of being able to pay them off when I was employed at my "you must have a degree" job that pays well?" Caaaaaause, we're wondering that pretty frequently right about now.

Education in valuable - and I think everyone should get a degree. Most people don't end up like us - sharing a shabby studio near 7-11's. So luckily (luckily?) we are the exception to the rule. I have decided to go back to school in August to get my MPA - Masters in Public Adminstration. And I'm doing it for the money. That's right! I know I'll enjoy it and it's something I'll be good at - but I'm not going to 1. Live like this anymore and education plus experience is the only way to increase m value and 2. Hope that I might have the incredible blessing of adding a second income to my own in the near future...cause I've somewhat given up on THAT too, for now. Another post for another time...carrying on...

What's really awesome though - is even if we found an apartment - I sold all our FANTASTIC furniture because I was GOING TO EUROPE for a year. Not only is all my furniture gone - but all my kitchen supplies, my bed, lots of clothes, everything. I've been living out of my suitcase since the end of July, and I'm about to zip them up again and move to yet another less than desirable location where I will continue to live out of my suitcase for who knows how much longer. I will admit it's rather convenient though. Zip zip and I'm off. Not exactly the romantic gypsy lifestyle I'd envisioned - but gypsy-esque none the less.

Sometimes, it takes awhile for things to really hit me. They have to ruminate for a time, slosh around and feel itself out before I can find some sort of emotional response. I also tend to keep a stiff upper lip for a long time - convincing myself that all will be well, it can't go on like this forever, and it really can't get much worse. That helps - but only for so long. It's hard to lift yourself up with your own bootstraps when you haven't even the boots. When Europe fell through, though it really sucked, I was okay at first. I thought things would work out - and I will move on. My friend Steve was able to fall right back in step - and it really encouraged me because I thought I would fall back in step too, eventually. But to be frank, things are far far FAR worse than before Europe came around - and that little risky venture has plunged me MUCH further into things it was supposed to save me from. I've never felt bitter or angry at the situation - because I believe these things happen for a reason - but I finally felt some serious anger towards Bob tonight. I'd never felt that before - but tonight - as sometimes things hit us when we're already down - I was pretty annoyed. We've not heard from him in over two months, and I know we'll never hear from him again, but I just don't think he ever understood exactly what we gave up. Literally everything. And in the end - I feel like I have negative everything, and not just the material.

Now that I've been living with these consequences for awhile - it's starting to wear on me a little more. I'm getting tired, ya know? The ONLY redeeming thing that keeps me trucking is my fantastic job. I really enjoy it. And though I'm not making an amazing amount of money, I feel good there. I feel comfortable. I feel like I'm part of something. And it's given me educational opportunities that otherwise I was unsure of. THAT - in and of itself turns some of these sucky moldy and constantly reappearing life lemons into a swallow of lemonade. A spoonful of sugar. I just sure hope the rest of those sour suckers turn themselves into juice soon. The Den of Rape is pretty far from resembling any sort of lemonade.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Busted Again! GO UTES!

You may have heard a little celebrating, perhaps some hardy hurrahs and basically EXPLOSIVE noise issuing forth from Rice Eccles Stadium Saturday night. The Utes beat rivals BYU in a 48-24 BLOW OUT! What you may not of heard is the impromptu crowd chorus "Na na na na na na...Hey Hey Hey...Goodbye!" nor seen the entire muss section (and beyond) of Ute football fans waving a loving goodbye to the BYU fans section as they left the stadium with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter - BYU trailing by 2 touchdowns. Honestly I was surprised they'd given up so soon - considering what happened the last two years at the big game (BYU coming back to win Utah with 1 minute left in the game). Of course, those were the days of J. Beck - not the days of University of Utah voted MVP of the game Cougar QB Max Hall. With 6 interceptions - several of which resulted in touchdowns for Utah - Max Hall was an intricate part of making this a true Ute Victory. My cap goes off to him - Thank You Max Hall! And Austin Collie didn't make much of a showing either. He didn't do anything particularly terrible like his buddy Hall, but he didn't do anything spectacular either. No 4th & 18 this year Collie! B. Johnson played one of the most consistent games I've ever seen, and of course the Ute defense was in top form. BRING ON THE BCS BOWL GAME BABY! 12-0! Boo-yes!

And now - the final verse of the Blasphemous Book of Andrea Chapter 1:2-3

"And it came to pass that the mighty Utes attained the victory they had so diligently sought. And there was great rejoicing throughout the land of Salt Lake City. For the Utes knew that after defeating those proud Cougars of the South - they would become BCS Bowl eligible - and thus continue in the work for the "quest for perfection." Indeed - it came to pass that the proud Cougars had been brought low, even to the dust, by their leader, Max Hall, having fumbled and given the ball unto the Utes for steadfast scoring.

And it came to pass, the Utes had taken the quest of the Cougars for their own, and thus had moved it north, making the quest for perfection a reality for the Utes. And as the cougars returned to that bubbled valley in which they'd come, a great cry went up from their land. And there were many who hid their faces from their Crimson Clad neighbors, greatly humbled by their loss.

And so it was, the Utes gained their chosen victory, had carried a 12-0 season, and were awaiting their rightful place as a BCS Bowl contender."

For Full Game Coverage: Utah Mountain West Champs; Utes rout BYU 48-34

Sunday, November 16, 2008

This weekend I...

Went to the ballet.

My friend Terilyn and I saw "The Tempest" as a ballet. I love the ballet, and I love Shakespeare, thus I was very curious to see how the two would meld. Honestly I was skeptical given that Shakespeare is Shakespeare because of his excellent command of language, prose, theme, meaning, plot, everything literary and brilliant. It's the language of Mr. Shakes that makes him brilliant and timeless. Where as ballet - well - is rather "wordless", right? That said - it was beautifully done and I am so astounded by the beauty, discipline, and sheer movement of the dancers that I would be happy watching ballet every weekend. However, I felt if you weren't familiar with the play, The Tempest, it probably wouldn't have been as enjoyable. Shakespeare is a hard genre to translate through ballet. Like I said, it relies heavily on language, and ballet has no "language" of the spoken variety at any rate. Still, a loverly evening once Terilyn and I finally found each other.

Story: I left my phone at my Aunts in Taylorsville that night. DAH! Seriously. What in the world does one DO without one's PHONE? We were supposed to meet at the Gateway - but hadn't solidified the "where." I mean oh hey - "I'll just call you when I get there.." is a common solution to indecision. Well durn-it all to heck (aka damn it all to hell to the...non-Utahn/hick?), I forgot my bleepin phone! I had to quickly strategize. I went into Haagan Daaz and drowned my annoyance in Mint Chocolate Chip - just kidding - I asked to use their phone FROM which I called my mother, who gave me my Aunts cell, who gave me my Uncles' cell, who was 5 minutes from the house and would find my phone and look up Terilyn's phone number. Meanwhile, Terilyn had come to the Gateway, called me 4 times, texted, went to her office to see if I'd emailed her about a hang up and she hadn't seen it, and was contemplating phoning the police to drag the river for my body. Luckily, I got her phone number and called before the police could start their search. We grabbed a cookie (since dinner was swallowed up in "I can't believe I left my @$%&! phone at the HOUSE!) and made it to the ballet just fine. Phew. Nice adventure. I've now decided to create a mini-phone list on a little card and keep it in my wallet. Think of being strandad in some forsaken desert where there happens to be a small shanty with a land line and you can't call anyone because you left your #$%^@! cell phone at home. Yeah. Technology isn't so convinient NOW is it? Not so reliable in a pinch NOW! So I'm making a hard copy. A back up.

I also...

Saw James Bond Quantum of Solace with my friend Crowther. See sidebar for review...(subliminal message: Daniel Craig is sexy)


Crowther and I went to Lumpys (a Sports Bar in SLC - that's right - I went to a Sports Bar. I should've taken a picture because I know many of you can't imagine me hanging out in a sports bar with the "bar-people"), and watched the UTES crush San Diego State. It was a fun experience sitting with folks and cheering on the Utes. And of course, for some reason bar food is always delicious. I had me 5 rounds of Diet Coke. I know right? How irresponsible of me. At least I was WIDE awake on the drive home - all jittery and what not. A little "too much" to drink during my first experience at a Sports Bar. And there was no way I could sleep it off...bwahah..ha...cough.

And that's what I did. Happy Happy Weekends that fly by too fast and now Monday is upon us. I wish it were a Holiday of some sort. Can I tell you? I LOVE Monday holidays. I think they're better than Christmas. They make Sunday evening so much more enjoyable and when you get to work on Tuesday, what ho?, only 4 days left. But, tomorrow is not a holiday, and I'm coming down from a Diet Coke binge, so this Sunday is a little rough. Churched it of course - and now I think I'm overdue for a Sunday nap. Now's the time to "sleep it off"..ha ha...ha...okay, still not funny. (Shuffle away in shame...)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

LDS Church a Scapegoat for Angry Gay-Activists

I'm sure you've all heard what's been going on in LA as a "backlash" to the passing of Prop 8 and the LDS Churches involvement in that campaign. Rallies are being held and protesters have gathered outside the Los Angeles Temple, condemning the Churches powerful involvement in the passage of Prop 8. Clearly, these groups did not think that one church, or rather MANY churches of Christian sympathies, would be able to rally together and voice their opinions on such a deeply controversial matter, and then essentially "win." Well – SURPRISE! Religion is not dead. And now that the opposition realizes there are some people (religious denominations aside) who still believe that marriage should only be entered into by a man and a woman, they're now resorting to what I see very much as hate crimes. Vandalism (2 LDS churches being vandalized in Colorado), degrading religious epithets, mockery, in some cases violence, and the specifically singling out of one religion, the LDS religion, as a target for their hate and disdain is not something the Church hasn't fallen prey to before. It's been prosecuted for its beliefs in the past and as the world hastens to sink into an abyss of loose morals and crumbling ideals, I fear that it will face even greater persecutions yet to come.

That said, apparently those that opposed Proposition 8 can justify their uncivil and despicable actions on the grounds of "freedom" and "choice" yet, when the Church very civilly and with all due respect to the opposition makes their voice heard and campaigns for their beliefs, suddenly the Church is the bigots. The CHURCH persecutes. The Church shouldn't be involved. And why not? Suddenly only "freedom and agency", especially that to express belief and then take action, is only limited to the few…Apparently it only applies to those who are opposed to Prop 8.

The proponents of 8 as well as the opposition both have rights to campaign for their beliefs, specifically, of what marriage is and what it should be. If those who opposed Proposition 8 had won that battle, do you think the Church would've rallied its members to vandalize cars, target homosexual couples with degrading slurs and stand outside THEIR homes with signs condemning them? No. They would not. They have not. And they will not. What's even more interesting is the involvement of many religious groups rallying for Prop 8, and only the LDS Church being targeted. Only the LDS Church is being threatened. Suddenly, any and all other proponents of 8 have become invisible to the media as well as to those who protest the passage of Prop 8. If I may quote an article from the LA Times:

""I am appalled at the level of Mormon-bashing that went on during the Proposition 8 campaign and continues to this day," he [Jeff Flint, strategist for Yes on 8] said. "If this activity were directed against any other church, if someone put up a website that targeted Jews or Catholics in a similar fashion for the mere act of participating in a political campaign, it would be widely and rightfully condemned."

Members and leaders of the Catholic Church and other Christian churches were also heavily involved in the campaign to pass Proposition 8. The Knights of Columbus, which is tied to the Catholic Church, gave $1 million, and several evangelical groups gave millions more. But they have not come under the same kind of attack."

The Church supported the passage of this proposition, encouraged its passage, but it's the PEOPLE who voted. The people of California as a whole voted FOR the passage of Proposition 8 and I guarantee that the Mormon population in California ALONE did NOT hold enough votes within its membership to make that happen. Other citizens, others who believe that marriage should only be instigated between a man and a woman, made their voices heard too. One such significant group were Latino's and African Americans from a variety of backgrounds - religious and otherwise It's ridiculous that the Church has been so specifically targeted by these groups:

"Lorri L. Jean, chief executive of the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center, which organized the rally outside the temple, announced the launch of a new website,, which will raise money to fight for same-sex marriage rights in California.

For every $5 donated, Jean said, a postcard will be sent to the president of the Mormon church condemning "the reprehensible role the Church of Latter-day Saints leadership played in denying all Californians equal rights under the law.""

Wow, great game plan. And to what end Ms. Jean? I'd like to know. Do you think that President Monson didn't KNOW that there would be these kinds of reactions? Didn't you think he KNEW exactly what would happen when he and the brethren decided to become involved in such a campaign? And your big plan is to send him POSTCARDS? And to what end? Do you think (clearly not) as a leader of a large religious group he's not dealt with "hate" mail or at the very least mailed protests against church principles or beliefs before? Do you think you've thought of something new? Do you think that will change the stance of the Church on this matter? Because I can tell you – it won't.

The point is – the ONLY reason these people (defined as those who are rallying against the LDS Churches right to support what they believe) are protesting is because they were blindsided. They thought they would win and they didn't – so now they need a scapegoat, they need a target for their hate and frustration – and they've chosen the LDS Church. Even in Salt Lake City – those who didn't even have a chance to VOTE for or against a proposition in CALIFORNIA – gathered at the headquarters and at the SLC Temple of the Church to protest such involvement. I recall seeing a sign saying "Keep discrimination INSIDE the Church." It seems like there is a deeper personal bitterness there that is only fed by the disdain someone has gained against a specific religion. Joseph Smith once prophesied that you can't be "on the fence" about the Church. Either you're in or you're not. And those that have left just seem to not be able to leave it alone. They can't just walk away – they have to destroy it. They have to hate it.

Of course protesters have the right to do that. It's not the freedom to protest I'm sickened by. That's America and that's their right. That's every one's right. However, what people forget is just as they can exercise THEIR rights to vote and believe what they want, others have that exact same right. And someone – somewhere – when votes are cast and ballads are counted – loses. It's inevitable. The real judge of character and belief is how you REACT to that situation.

I ask again – if Prop 8 hadn't passed – even with the involvement of not only the LDS Church but ALL the religious affiliates who were involved – what would the reaction have been. More specifically, since the opposition has made this so specific, what would the LDS Churches reaction have been? Would they continue to support any proposition that protected the sanctity of marriage to be between a man and a woman only? Yes, because that's what they believe. Would they have gone to the headquarters of gay-rights activists and verbally stoned them? No. Would they continue to give donations to a cause they believe is for the moral good? Yes. Would they specifically target gay couples on the streets and hurl degrading comments and words of disgust at them? No. Would they encourage that behavior? Would the vandalize? Would they create "black lists" of names of those who supported the passage of Prop 8 and plaster it on the Internet? A thousand times NO! They never will. That's the difference now between the LDS Churches principles and those who've elected to specifically target people of the LDS Faith because they stood up for what THEY believed. Class.

Thousands in SLC protest LDS stance on Same-Sex Marriage

Gay activists rally outside Mormon Temple in NY

Prop 8 Protesters Target Mormon Temple

Gays Bashing Mormons Over Prop 8 Nationwide

White Poweder Sent to Mormon Temples in Utah and LA

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Well it's have to give them that.

THIS Bakery appeared one day on 4th West across from the Gateway. It really did. It wasn't there one day and then POOF, suddenly there it was! Like magic. Creepy magic.

I don't recall any time in the last little bit when traffic was diverted this way or that to avoid construction. I can't think of any moment while driving to the Gateway for work or pleasure where I glanced across the street, perhaps observing some "sign hangers" or "window painters" and thought "well I wonder what they're putting there." Nope, it was a total inside job. And then overnight - there's the sign: (M)Adam and (St)eve's An erotic bakery. Intrigued? OF COURSE YOU ARE! Don't pretend. And lets be honest - they really covered all the bases here! This erotic bakery if for ALL affiliations, relationships, and.."whatever." They've expanded their market!

Now - feel free to copy this pic and send it to all the Adam's, Eve's and Steve's you know. Make sure to add some clever remark like "Oh! I didn't know you'd finally decided to follow your dreams Adam..." or "Hey Steve! Remember when you said "all erotic bakeries are so narrow minded", well have I got a place for you!"

Better Late Then Never - That's the Ute Way

I realize this post is a liiiiittle late. Apologies. I know you were all wondering if I went to the BIG TCU vs UTAH game on Thursday night and likewise, if I went completely NUTS when they won with one minute left in the game. WELL! The answer is YES, after a boring all be it frustrating first 3 quarters and the majority of a 4th, the Utes came back (after TCU so ridiculously missed two, TWO, field goals attempted within 3 minutes of each other) to take the win 13 to 10. Rice Eccles Stadium was pure Pandemonium...and I got it all right here...


This is my good friend Miss Jane. She called me two hours before the game started and offered me her ticket. What a Saint. Naturally I bought her a hot chocolate.
Blackout game! I guess this is sort of a trend in well to do sports these days. Bring the fans together by uniting under one color (in this instance a blackout) which boosts morale, encourages fan comradery, and is an excellent marketing ploy, "It's the TCU blackout game. You had better buy this BLACK Utah Sweatshirt for $30 to wear..."
As we filed out of the stadium, it was "bum-per to bum-per" (get it? Bwahah). I being a horizontally challenged individual held up my camera to see if I could capture what lay ahead of us. This is what I got...nice dude. Nice. That guy next to you looks really happy too. Oh wait! Is that a ninja to your left? Ooo! I think it is!

Well! I know you are ALL gearing up for the BIG GAME on Nov 22nd against BYU. The Utes still have one more team to beat, SDSU, before they can finally, and with great relish, face those crazy Cougars from the South and ceremoniously CRUSH them. Now THERE'S a game to find tickets for. But...alas...$1500 on doesn't really fit my budget. However, here's a little preview of what might happen...GO UTES!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

American 20-Somethings Curb Generational Apathy - Barack the Vote

Yesterday I was proud to be an American.
I've always been proud to be an American. But yesterday, my pride didn't stem from who won and who lost, no, I was proud to be a part of the grocery store lines, the Starbucks crowd, the work place lunchrooms, all participating in discussion, opinion, and even passionate debate about our countries future. I've not been around long enough to remember if there was ever an election that created so much excitement, so much activism or patriotism, fostered so much of a desire to make our voices heard, as I've seen in this Presidential Election 2008. I am old enough, however, to remember the political apathy of my generation. The 20 somethings who, without time, means, even permanent addresses seemed the most passionate, the most out-spoken, but when it came to the polls, the most under represented. However, yesterday, everywhere I went I noticed red "I Voted" stickers on the people's chests of my generation. While sipping my warming beverage at Starbucks I heard a middle aged gentleman ask the 20-something with an Apple computer "what's happening? Where's the results? What do you think?" I listened to strangers in a grocery store line discuss their ideals, their candidate preferences, and literally find commonality in being Americans exercising their political rights. I heard young teenagers and even 10 and 11 year olds, pipe in on their parents conversations, and let them know who they would vote for if they could. I was truly proud to be an American yesterday. To share the experience with the entire country - and entire country that actually seems to care about something.

That said, BARACK OBAMA won the Presidential Election. That's right - you heard it here first. Naw, you didn't, but I thought it was of SOME historical significance to at least MENTION it here. Regardless of how you feel abut Obama (that's right I say re-gard-less), last night was an historic event, the first African-American to be elected President of the United States. Something that will be taught in history classes, analyzed and critisized forever.

This man has his work cut out for him, and I for one am anxious to see if he keeps his promises, if he does in fact promote the hope and change he has so eloquently sold to the desperate and eager American public. Will Barack Obama become the leader we need in such economic times? What will he do with two wars raging now in Iraq and Afghanistan? Where do you even START a job like this? Many say it's a huge "clean-up" project. Though he received a winning 51% of the popular vote, there's a whopping 47% he still has to prove HE is the best man for the job. Charisma can get you elected, but it can't solve economic crisis. We'll see if there's some guts behind that grin, and some real initiative behind those idealistic principles.
Lets see what you got, Barack. It better be good. It better be REAL good.
See Barack's Acceptance Speech here:

Monday, November 3, 2008

Why starting a new job makes you fat

I work at Utah System of Higher Education. I started out as a lowly "temp", and then got hired on "fo real", Full Time. I'm really excited to say the least. Though somehow I keep missing the "teacher" boat, what with my degree in English Teaching and French, I still get to work with education in some respect and THAT always makes me happy - or at least feel useful. My office is located at the Gateway - which is "Barnes and Noble neighbor" AWESOME - and I also get to work with some really enjoyable people. I think the "people" in your workplace really make or break a job, don't you? You may not like some aspects of your "work" - but if the people are great then it all evens out.


I've also come to find that there are all sorts of cakes, celebrations, luncheons, jars and jars of candy, holidays, and everything possible you can attach cookies, cupcakes, tootsie rolls (which I ate my weight in the other day) dips, chips, sandwiches, candies candies candies, red vines, soda's, punch, diet cokes, and any other sort of disgusting terrible sugar laiden death you can think of; Every. Single. Day. I'm pretty sure I've gained 5.3lbs (I'm sure because I weighed myself yesterday) just since I started working here. Don't believe me? Let me tell you about my eating habits today shall I?

  • Breakfast - Running late so got Pop Tarts (frosted) and Diet Coke from the vending machine.
  • Lunch - had to go to a training at UVU - thus we stopped at WENDYS on the way back and I got a small fry, chicken nuggets, and passed on the Frosty. At least I had the where with all (read: lactose intolerance)to pass on the Frosty.
  • Being in the Office for only 3 hours: consumed Laffy Taffy someone had sitting out for "all" to eat...and ate a cupcake LITERALLY the SIZE OF MY HEAD for "October" Birthdays. Yes - I could've avoided that cupcake BUT it was for October Birthdays - which I have - and thus felt I should eat only "half a head" of chocolaty frosting goodness the office had so nicely provided to show my appreciation. Though I should consider, I'm 25 now - and my metabolic rate is seriously not what it used to be.

and that's just the beginning...

Thus, I am going to start an intra-office health crash! That's right! With the Holidays upon us and potlucks abounding, it's time to focus on the fresh, green, crunchy, and non-sugar coated. My friends, when the pot-luck list goes around I will sign up for the veggie tray, when some co-worker brings tons of left-overs from this that and the other - I will not eat a smidge of it! No, not a smidge! I will avoid the strategically placed candy jars and bowls loitering shrewdly on desk tops and around cubical corners. Yes! I am going to ban office-sugar from my diet. I am going to get up and eat a sensible breakfast! I am going to limit, learily avoid, and lightly decline all the goodies, salties, calories..ies...that are inevitably going to fill up the office as the Holidays march forth.

Starting a new job always makes you fat - and I'm going to break that cycle. They DO have a gym here in the building and I'm planning on taking FULL advantage of it - as soon as I digest this mountainous cupcake of jiggly doom....mmmm....jiggly doom.