Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A real first

I experienced something amazing today for the very first time. It's comparable to getting your first "real" apartment, taking your first European trip, or even getting your first kiss.

Today - for the first time since it opened in Utah over a year ago - I went to IKEA. True story. This strategically placed super stylish and affordable "we got everything you could ever want for your home" store always remained a rather frightening mystery to me. Anytime I ventured this way or that beyond or back over point of the mountain, and saw IKEA glowing blue and yellow near the 123rd south exit (no really - brilliant location - RIGHT between SLC and Provo. Whoever thought of putting it there was a pure genius and should have gotten a HEFTY raise), it's happy banners flapping in the Wasatch breeze. I admit it was daunting - seeing this happy store of furnishings I'd only ever heard of or witnessed friends drive across states for. It's like the H&M of home furnishings! However, I don't like crowds, I don't like a lot of hype, and IKEA seemed like the place for super hype and super (crazy suburban mom) crowds. I never went, never went, never went.

Until tonight! I needed to find a twin bed for the Den of Rape. Make sense right? Well - I had noticed upon driving out to T-ville many times, that the Furniture Warehouse was having a 75% off sale. Oooo! That should reduce some of those furnishings to "affordability." I don't know how I keep forgetting I'm below the poverty level. Den. Of. Rape. Hello! Wake up! NO really - sleep with one eye open. Anyway - that little trip tonight was a bust. I was at the point of considering finding one of those egg-carton funny cushy things you take camping and a solid sleeping bag to begin the Den of Rape experience. Then, Nikelle convinced me to try IKEA. Alright - it's time to finally try IKEA.

Look what I gots!!!
Listen. This bed, frame, "slats", and mattress came to a grand total of $264. I know, right? Who knew? Well apparently everyone but me did. Ahem. Never the less. I found many, many, MANY an item I would consider purchasing for Nik and I's future abode away from the Den of Rape, and the real kicker is, I could possibly REALLY get it.

So, comparable to all life's firsts, those first kisses, your first pair of heels, your first date, and your first degree...stepping into IKEA for the first time gave me butterflies and most importantly, a longing for more. So. Much. More.

(Did I say your first degree in there? Ha. Wow - education snob right here, "Why yes my FIRST degree...because I have several...mwa mwa mwa...)


Jessica said...

Aw, *tear* Thanks for sharing this really special experience with us!

Crazy Walker said...

Congrats on the bed purchase! Isn't Ikea awesome? I love to go peruse the kitchen section and pick up little $3 gadgets.

Marisa Jean said...

It took me an HOUR to find my way out of the upstairs of IKEA the first and only time I went there. The size scared me enough that I never returned.

(light) Black And Decker said...

It's very...square.

Roni said...

I have to say I'm quite shocked this was your first IKEA experience. It just seems like such an Andrea place. Their furniture has such fabulous lines, on budgets people like us can more or less afford! If only they had clothes, too...though you might have to stitch them together yourself.

- Mika (remember me? Hope this isn't stalking.)

Anonymous said...

Make sure to look at Ikea's odds and ends section (to the right of the checkouts on the bottom floor). I always find random cheap stuff there like a wood end table for $5, or a twin mattress for $40.

Andrea Jolene said...

Jessica - more special experiences to come!

Jorie - $5 end table? SOLD!

Gina - Your mom's square.

Roni - totally stalkerish. WELCOME ABOARD! I miss your sarcasm.