Sunday, November 23, 2008

Busted Again! GO UTES!

You may have heard a little celebrating, perhaps some hardy hurrahs and basically EXPLOSIVE noise issuing forth from Rice Eccles Stadium Saturday night. The Utes beat rivals BYU in a 48-24 BLOW OUT! What you may not of heard is the impromptu crowd chorus "Na na na na na na...Hey Hey Hey...Goodbye!" nor seen the entire muss section (and beyond) of Ute football fans waving a loving goodbye to the BYU fans section as they left the stadium with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter - BYU trailing by 2 touchdowns. Honestly I was surprised they'd given up so soon - considering what happened the last two years at the big game (BYU coming back to win Utah with 1 minute left in the game). Of course, those were the days of J. Beck - not the days of University of Utah voted MVP of the game Cougar QB Max Hall. With 6 interceptions - several of which resulted in touchdowns for Utah - Max Hall was an intricate part of making this a true Ute Victory. My cap goes off to him - Thank You Max Hall! And Austin Collie didn't make much of a showing either. He didn't do anything particularly terrible like his buddy Hall, but he didn't do anything spectacular either. No 4th & 18 this year Collie! B. Johnson played one of the most consistent games I've ever seen, and of course the Ute defense was in top form. BRING ON THE BCS BOWL GAME BABY! 12-0! Boo-yes!

And now - the final verse of the Blasphemous Book of Andrea Chapter 1:2-3

"And it came to pass that the mighty Utes attained the victory they had so diligently sought. And there was great rejoicing throughout the land of Salt Lake City. For the Utes knew that after defeating those proud Cougars of the South - they would become BCS Bowl eligible - and thus continue in the work for the "quest for perfection." Indeed - it came to pass that the proud Cougars had been brought low, even to the dust, by their leader, Max Hall, having fumbled and given the ball unto the Utes for steadfast scoring.

And it came to pass, the Utes had taken the quest of the Cougars for their own, and thus had moved it north, making the quest for perfection a reality for the Utes. And as the cougars returned to that bubbled valley in which they'd come, a great cry went up from their land. And there were many who hid their faces from their Crimson Clad neighbors, greatly humbled by their loss.

And so it was, the Utes gained their chosen victory, had carried a 12-0 season, and were awaiting their rightful place as a BCS Bowl contender."

For Full Game Coverage: Utah Mountain West Champs; Utes rout BYU 48-34


heidikins said...

Go Utes!!

That's right, that's my school being Awesome.


Jacob Jensen said...

I LOVE it!!!

I am truly jealous that you were at the stadium for this historic game. I would have loved to join you!

BCS bound... I can't wait!

Just a thought... said...

My husband and I watched the game on the mountain network and let's just say wasn't pretty! Yup my boys won, but my husband -true blue all the way through- was not happy about it. Thank goodness the BYU basketball team won their game later that night or he'd have been a bear to live with!