Sunday, November 9, 2008

Better Late Then Never - That's the Ute Way

I realize this post is a liiiiittle late. Apologies. I know you were all wondering if I went to the BIG TCU vs UTAH game on Thursday night and likewise, if I went completely NUTS when they won with one minute left in the game. WELL! The answer is YES, after a boring all be it frustrating first 3 quarters and the majority of a 4th, the Utes came back (after TCU so ridiculously missed two, TWO, field goals attempted within 3 minutes of each other) to take the win 13 to 10. Rice Eccles Stadium was pure Pandemonium...and I got it all right here...


This is my good friend Miss Jane. She called me two hours before the game started and offered me her ticket. What a Saint. Naturally I bought her a hot chocolate.
Blackout game! I guess this is sort of a trend in well to do sports these days. Bring the fans together by uniting under one color (in this instance a blackout) which boosts morale, encourages fan comradery, and is an excellent marketing ploy, "It's the TCU blackout game. You had better buy this BLACK Utah Sweatshirt for $30 to wear..."
As we filed out of the stadium, it was "bum-per to bum-per" (get it? Bwahah). I being a horizontally challenged individual held up my camera to see if I could capture what lay ahead of us. This is what I got...nice dude. Nice. That guy next to you looks really happy too. Oh wait! Is that a ninja to your left? Ooo! I think it is!

Well! I know you are ALL gearing up for the BIG GAME on Nov 22nd against BYU. The Utes still have one more team to beat, SDSU, before they can finally, and with great relish, face those crazy Cougars from the South and ceremoniously CRUSH them. Now THERE'S a game to find tickets for. But...alas...$1500 on doesn't really fit my budget. However, here's a little preview of what might happen...GO UTES!

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