Tuesday, January 4, 2011

To Resolute

I know you're all anxiously waiting for days (googling spelling of Spanish numbers... hold please...) cinco and seis of the cruise, and they will be along shortly. But! Today! I've finally accepted it's 2011 and you know what that means!

Time to Resolute!
1. to firmly resolved or determined; set in purpose or opinion


1. the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc
2. the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose

Much like drugs, drinking, and pre-marital sex, everyone's doing it! Resolving that is. So who am I to NOT jump on the old bandwagon and resolute as well? Nobody that's who! Bah! Bah! (that's a sheep noise... er... yes). First though, it behooves me (big girl word!) to examine what I failed to accomplish in 2010 to know what goals to set up for failure in 2011. Keeps me unmotivated you see... and steeped in tradition. I've always failed - so why succeed now? I'm cross-stitching that mantra on something.

Here's a brief recap of some of the more drastic failures of 2010:

1. I resoluted...resolved to go to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. And guess what? I totally did. So we'll count that as a success rather than a fail. Though the "Cambodian intestinal bacteria of DEATH" and I still have unresolved matters! Stupid bacteria.

2. I said I'd be writing my resolutions from Australia the "next year" which is this year. Currently I am in SLC trying to ignore the bite of freezing weather and NOT talk about my New Years which consisted of Wal Mart and a crippled cat named Ludo. Okay okay... it was fun because fun to me is NOT staying up all night. Which is what I did.... or didn't do, rather. I really don't see how staying up all night is appealing to anyone. "Hey guys! Lets stay up all night!!" Ick... why? How does that sound fun and awesome? Sleep is good. No sleep is bad. So that's a fail on the Australia bit, BUT, I went on a Cruise for Christmas which means I'm still awesome. So I get awesome points and therefore - that fail evens out to a shrug and an eye roll. Even Stevens.

3. Run a half marathon. Basically didn't do that. Sooo... yeah.

4. Learn to sew things. Didn't do that either. Well, I did sew a button back on a dress once this year. OH! And my brother Seth, when I told him I didn't sew things, exclaimed "Really? For some reason I thought you sewed!" Aw. I like it when people think I'm more skilled then I am. What a sucker. So sewing a button and someone THINKING I'm a sewer evens out to not a fail or success... but the shrug and eye roll again. I'm feeling more and more encouraged!

5. Another mentionable is/was/could be my goal to get married. Well, I did! Surprise! Oh... oh no I didn't. Nope. Big OLD HUGE F.A.I.L there! FAIL FAIL FAIL! LIFE FAIL! But my BROTHER did and I'm going to go ahead and give me some points for that too. Why not? Whhhhhy not!!! Him getting married seemed like a small success for me too. I mean, I raised three brothers and without my sisterly guidance, they'd probably be drugged out losers (no offense to you drugged out losers... ) and therefore married only to their addictions. Seth was, because of me, not married to addictions and therefore, married Emily... who is also NOT a drugged out loser. Woo! Success! This year I'm making no such marriage goal because I'm more or less indifferent and far too busy for such things. Maybe I'll make a dating goal "go on one." Ta dah!

Alright, enough looking back! Let's press forward! You've gotta put your behind in the past ;) (an e-high five for whomever knows that movie reference)

I've formulated the following resolutions as being no less than 99% sure to be a success. That's how firmly and determinedly resolved I am to accomplish these actions.

1. Graduate - Summer 2011. You will then refer to me as Master Cox.
2. Travel - anything that takes me outside the state of Utah... or inside the state really so's long as I haven't been there before - like the Harmons on Highland Drive or... Enterprise, Utah.
3. Eat less, exercise more. There's that sheep again! Back on your bandwagon sheep!
4. Make more money - legally
5. Turn 28
6. Alright... run a half marathon. Let's give it another go. Why not?
7. Go to movies sometimes
8. Wear skirts
9. Chew gum
10. Go on one date in 2011. Now if that one fails I really will be a pathetic loser. I sure hope I'm not setting myself up for failure. Gulp.

Okay!! And that should do it. You see how I like to keep things simple and strait forward. I feel like a success already. How about you? What were your biggest failures of 2010 and how are you going to resolve to do the same or a little worse this year? Tell me and I'll send you a t-shirt that says 'Watered Down Resolutions are the Key to 98% Success!" Naw, I won't... but maybe you could make one and wear it. There's a goal!


jaime said...

First, the movie quote is Lion King. I know all things Disney!

Second, I only did so-so on my 2010 things to do list as well.
1-Marry in temple = FAIL! Scott never proposed, so I blame him.
2-Make a quilt = FAIL! Though I still really want to!
3-Have no debt = SUCCEED! And dang proud of it!
4-Go to a day spa = FAIL! I will someday...oh yes, I will day spa someday!
5-Travel. Go either to Scotland, Hawaii, Caribbean, Peru, Europe, Japan, Australia. = SUCCEED! I made it to little ol' Hawaii last September. Maybe next year I will actually leave the US!?!

Good luck on your list this year pal! I have faith in you!!

Andrea Jolene said...

Remember how we were going to go out of the country TOGETHER? Mainly Australia? Let us rekindle that hope... and find an excuse to hang out soon.

David Hulet said...

I can help with 2.
Maybe 3. Let's chat.
4, not really.
5 sounds REALLY, excruciatingly difficult. Prolly will be a repeat next year like 6. *nods*
I can help with 7 also. What did you DO before ME?!
8. I support this as long as they are hot, sexy, non-sausage-like skirts. I can help.
9. Ew.
10. I maybe can help with this one. I think I know some straight dude somewhere who isn't taken... I'll get back to you.

My resolute:

1. I resolve to HELP YOU achieve Resolution Supremacy!


Just a thought... said...

It sounds like you had a great last year and this one will be even better. Good luck with your new resolutions, all worthy goals. Which reminds me ...I'd better get going on that list of mine! Now if your travels take you through Houston this year let me know, we would be happy to offer you and your traveling buddies a place to stay. You could at least save on hotel costs. Maybe that could make up for any unplanned huricanes that might be staying here at the same time! Also keep in mind if you start to panic with achieving #10 my son will be leaving the army this summer and has enrolled at the U for fall semester! I'm sure he could be tapped to help you out!

Nasher said...

I think you meant seamstress and not sewer. No one should ever, and I mean EVER, consider you to be a sewer.

Movie reference: Lion King

I also resolved to watch more movies this year. I would be happy to take you to one (list of movies I would like to see: Tron, HP 7, Narnia Down Treader, and True Grit - please nothing 3d). And I am totally willing to pay and take you to a restaurant before or after, thus helping you fulfill item 10. I promise no funny business and to be a perfect gentleman.

Andrea Jolene said...

Nash - well I don't see how I can possibly pass up that deal - particularly the perfect gentleman part! I also don't care for the 3D and HAVE seen all those movies - except Tron! Woo! Already off to a great start ;)

Andrea Jolene said...

Just a thought - thanks for the offer! Maybe I just added Houston to the list because of your generous offer! And as to the date portion - why not? ;) Your son has already chosen the best school in the state - might as well add a date too!

Marisa Jean said...

Hello--I can totally help you sew something, Master Cox. In fact, you could make yourself a skirt to wear on a date. See! I can help you knock of two to three things. Glad I could help. ;)

Andrea Jolene said...

Marisa - I like where your heads at!

Michele said...

You are seriously so funny! "Back on your bandwagon sheep", HA! I think those are all great resolutions that you could totally accomplish. I want to run a half marathon too - so I'll be on the lookout for some good ones.

By the way, your trip looked and sounded amazing... minus the chilly weather. And I love that you posted pics of all your towel critters. :)