Thursday, January 13, 2011

Screen Saver Shame

Yesterday I trained some very important people on the program I run - asking them to give of their own time as volunteers in local schools. I like to train with power points and thus, I take my laptop with me to provide such an interactive experience to potential volunteers. Makes sense.I plug my laptop into their projector system and it's splashed in gigantic color at the front of the room so all can be sure to see it.

And here's the screen saver I have been currently sporting on said laptop.

Yes, it's intended to be ironic. Come on! Of COURSE it's intended to be ironic! But did these potential volunteers know that? No. They just thought it was my selected screen saver. And suddenly, a window to my personal world was unfortunately opened though not in the way I intended such a screen saver to convey my personality. Instead, these individuals, not really knowing anything about me, because of this screen saver now think I'm destined to be a crazy single cat lady carrying home-made hippie hobo bags and sporting Teevas with wool socks. Their eyes glazed over envisioning a small apartment with horrible green carpet, smells of stale cooked onions and humus, with crocheted blankets strewn over the brown turned grayish beige couch and "antique" rocking chair with a missing arm, all surrounded by bad lighting, bits of fur floating aimlessly through the air, and two or three cats lounging about on the furniture watching intruders with disdain. I watched them all look directly at that screen saver, to my bar left hand ring finger, and shake their head in pity: "Poor girl... she's already given up."

So I changed my screensaver to this.
 A wise decision I feel.


heidikins said...




jaime said...

Yummm! Yes, a very wise choice! Or you could create another fun awkward moment and have World of Warcraft as your screen saver. Just think of the scenarios people will create in their heads about you then!? Haha!

David Hulet said...

Nom nom nom, LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Danny Craig.

And I may or may not have rewatched that particular scene, which may or may not have been in slow-motion, 100 times. >.>

Andrea Jolene said...

Jaime - girl, you're on to something! That would be hilarious. Or maybe a Walking Dead Zombie? Eh?!?!