Friday, January 1, 2010

The post every self-respecting blogger will include: Review and Resolutions

It's January 1st again. 2010! What a great year, am I right? And I feel it's going to be a really great year - and not because it couldn't get any worse like last year. Ha! I feel it a win when you are looking forward to a new year and not solely because the last one was such total crap. Sometimes I feel like my years meld together - but this one was rather distinct with a few new happenings to add to the "2009 Year in Review" itinerary.

So lets see... only a few honorable mentions I think. Yes.

First, I failed at the majority of my resolutions for 2009 - aaaaaand they were pretty boring resolutions at that. Well-meaning as most resolutions are - but I think this year instead of making 10 encompassing 'life-change' resolutions, I'm going to focus on specific events that can start and end in 2010. Make sense? Shore it does.

Last year I resolved to practice the piano more - which I did - until I moved downtown again in a small little apt 2 miles from work with no readily available piano forte. So. Worth. It. Though. I can't imagine living anywhere else in SLC than Downtown Aves or Sugarhouse. So I'm very happy to live downtown SLC again after being away for a year and a half. It's like coming home. All this home needs is a little piano - and believe me - I've been keeping an eye out.

I ALSO resolved to go somewhere I'd never been. WELL! That kinda happened in 2009. I went a few small places like St. George, San Diego, aaaaaaand, Cedar City (ha), but I'd been to all those places before. I'd never been to Coronado in San Diego, however, and that was EASILY my favorite part of my San Diego Labor Day weekend. So that counts for sure. How-ev-er, I did spend 2009 planning my big trip to Thailand April-May 2010; right inbetween semesters. So, though it didn't happen in 2009, it was 2009 and that lofty resolution that made me plan it out. And now, I'm going. 100%. Awesome.

Lastly, the other mentionable resolution from last year was to get a new kitty. Well, I didn't get a 'new' kitty but rather more exciting, got 'old' kitty back. I gave Lila away when I left for California to start a journey around the globe that didn't happen. I was sad to have left her, but mercifully got her back this year. Little Lila is pretty happy I think, as she lounges around like she owns the place. I'm going to label that resolution as accomplished. She was much more grown up after all when I received her back so it was like she was new again. Good kitty.

Also notable in 2009, I settled more happily into my job and feel like I have a better handle on my program and what it needs to be successful, I turned 26 (aka 'the other side' of 25), attended almost all Ute home games, played some excellent Ultimate Frisbee all summer, went on Nik and I's annual "Death Hike" (aka Lake Blanche), saw Henry V at the Shakespeare Festival, bought my very first car - Stella, AND, perhaps the most important happening, started Grad school at the U. Phew. Not too bad. Not too bad at all.

Now, enough of the reflection, time to resolve... or resolute... (?)

Lets make this bulleted and simple. Quick and dirty! I've thought about these to some extent - and though mostly petty - I think more realistic (and fun) than some of my past resolutions. And here we go...

1. Thailand in the Spring (as an over-lap of the 2009 resolution) as well as Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. Ticket to be purchased in January! Yeeeeeeeeeesssssss.

2. I'm not cutting my hair until this time next year. Is this a resolution? Dunno. But I think it will be fun to try anyway. Now listen, there are a few caveats to this 'resolution' as in when my hair grows, it poofs, and thus, it WILL need a good thinning out every 2 months or so. THAT, I reserve the right to do unless I want to start my career as a bushy haired cat-woman earlier than I had planned. When I shower myself for today - I will post a pic of "here is my hair January 2010" and round it out with "here is my hair January 2011" next year. Oh the anticipation! And why not have a useless but fun resolution for once? EH!??!!

3. I'd like to learn to sew things. This requires I get a sewing machine and some time during school. The sewing machine I can handle... it's the TIME that will be tricky. But I want to make the effort as I feel I could sew-up the dresses I visualize in my mind but can never find in the stores. So... though this sounds a rather loose resolution - I'm gonna make it anyway. Sew stuff. Check.

4. Next, run a half marathon this year. I'm thinking the SLC half in April. I run for exercise and have always thought most people simply crazy who attempt anything beyond 3 miles - but after running the Wasatch Back Relay and feeling the sheer exhilaration that comes with pushing yourself to accomplish the impossible, I want to try a half marathon and see how I fair. I also was introduced to a website that arranges full-fledged Marathons throughout the world and I found one in KENYA Africa for 2011. Seriously, where better to run a first marathon than Kenya? Doesn't it just seem to fit? So the half for this year is to see how I handle long long long, distance running before I attempt the all mighty Marathon. Yipes.

5. As another whimsical travel goal - I hope to be writing my 2011 resolutions from Sydney Australia. Apparently, they have the BEST fireworks show in the Woooooorld. This was confirmed to me through several media clips throughout the day yesterday highlighting the sheer awesomeness of celebrating New Years in Australia. At that moment I resolved to go to Australia for New Years (and possibly Christmas as well) next year. And I'm pretty determined as I've already recuited two suckers to go with me. And they'll go if they know what's good for them!

6. Alright - here's my last one. And don't make fun of me cause I'm SERIOUS! So judge if ya want ;) cause I would, but this year I'm getting married. Yep. I've officially decided that this year is the year. I feel I've experienced a good amount of single living and enjoyed it thoroughly; so now I'm ready for the next level. So I'm gonna get married (or engaged) within 2010. I hear if you write these things down they have a greater chance of actually happening. Well, I'm going to go ahead and NOT count some of last years failed resolutions into the odds of 'if you write it, it will happen' scenario but instead, make this rather lofty aspiration a real written down goal and sending it 'out there' for the Universe to grant. You never know! And WHEN it actually happens, I guarantee it will change New Years resolutions forever.

There you have it. I've fulfilled my obligatory blogger responsibility by posting my 2009 reflections and 2010 resolutions. If you're any sort of blogger, you'll do the same ;) Oh and as for the pics from my crazy New Years Eve, ha ha ha, oh man, I will have to tell you all about it soon. There's pictures involved so as soon as I've received those - I can tell you about the jammin dance party my friends and I crashed at the U where it turned out the median age of attendees was... oh... 40. Ohhhhh yeeeeees. So. Many. Stories. Wow.

Happy New Year!


JustMEtheMOM said...

Love your resolutions! Both last year and this: can I just follow in your footsteps - hee hee:)

Best wishes!


Andrea Jolene said...

Ha! Shore! I will let you know when we buy those tickets to Australia!

Becca said...

I TOTALLY believe in your writing down the getting married thing. Not to sound condescending or anything, but once I told myself, "Ok, I'm ready, this is GOING to happen and I'm going to help make it happen," it happened. So I'm sending positive vibes your way. Ya-Ya!

Marisa Jean said...

I really believe that positive vibes bring positive results.

Good luck on your traveling resolutions--may I add that you might want to get those in BEFORE the engagement/marriage part because something about marriage always puts a damper on those goals when I make them. I have yet to get to Ireland even though I've vowed I'd get there for three years in a row.

And by the way, I think you had a really successful 2009 year. I'm impressed.

Andrea Jolene said...

Marisa - oh he'll be coming or staying home alone. Yes yes.

heidikins said...

I fully support all of your resulotions. Huzzah, chica!


Anonymous said...

Nice post & nice blog. I love both.