Thursday, January 21, 2010

My grandparents are way cooler than yours... like way cooler

No they really are. I mean yes, we all think our family is "like oh my gosh the best ever!" but really, my grandparents are cool... as in hip. As in they are "down yo!"

How are they hip? Well, firstly, they have a nicer cell phone than I do. In ye old Emery County - we all have Verizon cell phone plans because it's the ONLY provider that can reach us (can you hear me now? YES! WOW!). Not only do my grandparents have a cell phone (does yours?) but it's a NICE cell phone. Not convinced? Wait for it...

They ALSO have a gmail account and HAVE had one for quite. some. time. AND! AND! They USE it. Shore, a lot of your grandparents may have an email address (not gmail though I guarantee it) - but I bet they don't know how to use the fandangled thing! Con-sarn-it! My grandparents create, send, receive, and respond to emails. Beat that.

Oh you think you can?

Well get THIS! This clenches the 'my grandparents are way cooler than your grandparents' claim.

Today, I just accepted my Grandpa as a friend on Facebook! OH! Now THAT, my friends, is cool AND hip. Yes it is! And I'm not the first friend that has been requested to be his facebook friend. Nope. There are 4 other facebook friends AND he's already joined a "Draft Peter Corron For Governor in 2010" facebook GROUP. He's making political statements on Facebook!

THUS, not only do my grandparents have a nice cell phone they use, a gmail acount they use, but they are on facebook, they have facebook friends, AND have joined a facebook group! Now seriously, SERIOUSLY, how can your grandparents POSSIBLY be hipper than mine? Do your grandparents still even have their own hips??? Think about it.


(*Oh oh oh! They check my blog too. Yep. They can get to and check my blog... yet another hip thing to do. They also just signed up for Netflix. I haven't even signed up for Netflix!)


Shirley said...

I love this post! You dont know me.. I found your blog by accident.. but if you dont mind I think I'll steal your idea.. haha.. my parents are almost 80 and have iphones, email, and are on facebook. I have to admit, I've put them there and that makes me the constant "support" person for all of these gadgets. Ummm sometimes I wonder if it was a good idea. But such a great tribute to your grandparents! :)

Andrea Jolene said...

Shirely - steal away!

Just ME the MOM said...

Hee - too cute! A couple months ago we persuaded my 78 year old dad to get on facebook to keep up with all his grandkids . . . and he did. Then at Christmas we got him started on SKYPE by hooking up a webcam for him. He is ultra cool :) And they love seeing the grandkids:)


Andrea Jolene said...

Skype!!! That is ultra cool!