Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Me

I'm STUGGLING this winter! Sheesh! Though life is peachy-keen and I'm pretty content with my life happenings, I'm so not digging this winter season. Nope. Not in the least. And it goes well beyond the cold and darkness. Rather, I morph into some atrocious being that can only gloomily slump around the icy streets choking on inversion and glaring blearily out windows in hopes of catching one ray of life-renewing sunlight. ALAS! Let the pictures illustrate...

My skin in the winter... scaly, crackily, sunken, basically transparent, and falling off.

My winter-lungs. I tell you - I wake up at night coughing because I have this dry icky tickle in my throat because of nasty smoggy inversion settling over SLC for MONTHS on end! It's true. I may soon buy a humidifier just so I can sleep through the night. Imagine, smokers do this to themselves... on purpose.

My winter hair - dry, frizzy, limp, and out of control. I feel like I have a head full of strung-out straw.

Thus, my friends, you put all of those miseries together, and I basically morph into the below during the winter: pale, sickly, limp stringy hairs, slightly angry, and coughing up pollution. If you looked like this, you just might develop a split personality too! Winter me vs. Summer me... and winter me is far from attractive or pleasant in any respect.

It's not very nice is it precious? No, not very nice at all... GOLLUM! GOLLUM!


Crazy Walker said...

It was inversion-y the whole time we were in SLC. We flew in and I was like, what IS this stuff? Oh yeah, it's the Lord calling to repentance all of those LDS coffee drinkers and R rated movie watchers.

I have the same issue. It gets dark, and I mean PITCH DARK at 5 PM here. Exercise has helped some. But until about April I am literally the Wicked Witch of the West.

That inversion is awful, I tell ya. And it's weird that it's such a SLC thing.

heidikins said...

This is exactly 5 different kinds of disturbing...just sayin'


Andrea Jolene said...

(dumping coffe down the drain, canceling Netflix rental of all 3 Terminators)... Ahem

Melisa said...

Just move to Spokane, Andrea. They have great coffee, cheap movies, and there's no inversion. :D

Marisa Jean said...

Imagine adding pregnancy to all those things and you've got my "pretty" little face, which is worse than that picture...sigh.