Sunday, November 16, 2008

This weekend I...

Went to the ballet.

My friend Terilyn and I saw "The Tempest" as a ballet. I love the ballet, and I love Shakespeare, thus I was very curious to see how the two would meld. Honestly I was skeptical given that Shakespeare is Shakespeare because of his excellent command of language, prose, theme, meaning, plot, everything literary and brilliant. It's the language of Mr. Shakes that makes him brilliant and timeless. Where as ballet - well - is rather "wordless", right? That said - it was beautifully done and I am so astounded by the beauty, discipline, and sheer movement of the dancers that I would be happy watching ballet every weekend. However, I felt if you weren't familiar with the play, The Tempest, it probably wouldn't have been as enjoyable. Shakespeare is a hard genre to translate through ballet. Like I said, it relies heavily on language, and ballet has no "language" of the spoken variety at any rate. Still, a loverly evening once Terilyn and I finally found each other.

Story: I left my phone at my Aunts in Taylorsville that night. DAH! Seriously. What in the world does one DO without one's PHONE? We were supposed to meet at the Gateway - but hadn't solidified the "where." I mean oh hey - "I'll just call you when I get there.." is a common solution to indecision. Well durn-it all to heck (aka damn it all to hell to the...non-Utahn/hick?), I forgot my bleepin phone! I had to quickly strategize. I went into Haagan Daaz and drowned my annoyance in Mint Chocolate Chip - just kidding - I asked to use their phone FROM which I called my mother, who gave me my Aunts cell, who gave me my Uncles' cell, who was 5 minutes from the house and would find my phone and look up Terilyn's phone number. Meanwhile, Terilyn had come to the Gateway, called me 4 times, texted, went to her office to see if I'd emailed her about a hang up and she hadn't seen it, and was contemplating phoning the police to drag the river for my body. Luckily, I got her phone number and called before the police could start their search. We grabbed a cookie (since dinner was swallowed up in "I can't believe I left my @$%&! phone at the HOUSE!) and made it to the ballet just fine. Phew. Nice adventure. I've now decided to create a mini-phone list on a little card and keep it in my wallet. Think of being strandad in some forsaken desert where there happens to be a small shanty with a land line and you can't call anyone because you left your #$%^@! cell phone at home. Yeah. Technology isn't so convinient NOW is it? Not so reliable in a pinch NOW! So I'm making a hard copy. A back up.

I also...

Saw James Bond Quantum of Solace with my friend Crowther. See sidebar for review...(subliminal message: Daniel Craig is sexy)


Crowther and I went to Lumpys (a Sports Bar in SLC - that's right - I went to a Sports Bar. I should've taken a picture because I know many of you can't imagine me hanging out in a sports bar with the "bar-people"), and watched the UTES crush San Diego State. It was a fun experience sitting with folks and cheering on the Utes. And of course, for some reason bar food is always delicious. I had me 5 rounds of Diet Coke. I know right? How irresponsible of me. At least I was WIDE awake on the drive home - all jittery and what not. A little "too much" to drink during my first experience at a Sports Bar. And there was no way I could sleep it off...bwahah..ha...cough.

And that's what I did. Happy Happy Weekends that fly by too fast and now Monday is upon us. I wish it were a Holiday of some sort. Can I tell you? I LOVE Monday holidays. I think they're better than Christmas. They make Sunday evening so much more enjoyable and when you get to work on Tuesday, what ho?, only 4 days left. But, tomorrow is not a holiday, and I'm coming down from a Diet Coke binge, so this Sunday is a little rough. Churched it of course - and now I think I'm overdue for a Sunday nap. Now's the time to "sleep it off"..ha ha...ha...okay, still not funny. (Shuffle away in shame...)

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Marisa Jean said...

LOVED the Tempest. You have inspired me to read the story now. It'll be done, oh, next year this time. But hey, at least it's a goal, right?