Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What is She Up to Now?

The “she” is me. Sometimes, I refer to myself in the third person. Andrea finds this endearing sometimes… but other times she thinks it’s just plan craziness. This has now become one of those times for her that it's more crazy than endearing; but she can’t stop. Why can’t she stop? Andrea! STOP!

Oh. SO! As you know (mainly because it’s all I talked/whined/gloated about for 2 years) I finished my Master’s program in August. What joy! What rapture! Thus, being an inquiring sort of Internet people, I’m sure you’ve been wondering, what is she doing now? I’ve thought about that too. Two full months school free, what HAVE I been doing with my oodles and oodles of free time? Naturally, this requires a list. I have produced said list for you below.

What I’ve been Doing Since I don’t have to Worry about *&%$^! School Anymore!
1.       Realizing I don’t really have oodles and oodles of free time – then wondering how I even fit school into my life. Then realizing I'm just compensating for not having school by still starting essay's and then leaving them half finished or showing up in classrooms confused as to where I am and what I'm doing. I've just now started getting over dreams of deadlines missed and tests not taken... and showing up without shoes or socks on. It's been a slow detox.

2.       Crafting. I participated in a craft night! I know what you’re thinking, “but Andrea, you don’t craft!” Well guess what Debby Downers!! Turns out I DO when I have the time and energy and mostly time. I’ve also noticed that school has cultivated patience within me. Something required if you are to craft. My crafty Halloween banner is supposed to look something like this:

Most of the way through I got pissed off it was taking so long and kinda haphazardly just glued the rest of the duck-forsaken banner together without trimming the edges. Screw the edges! Roxy, if you're listening, I have a new found respect for your craft... pun intended. I promise to trim the edges soon though and show you a real picture of MY banner! The anticipation!

3.       Watching the X-Files start to finish. Progress? Season 4, Episode 22. Mulder and Scully have progressed both in their quest to debunk government conspiracy to cover up the existence of extra-terrestrial life, AND in their “relationship”-  meaning the sexual tension is blissfully TANGIBLE. Little story line for the ladies ;) AND! Scully is looking much hotter this season than in seasons past. I guess they finally realized that large, shoulder-padded suits don’t really flatter 5 foot 2 inch petite frames. Go figure.

                                 Scully the Football Player                      Scully the Hottie                      

Also, the last episode I watched made me want to date a man over 6 feet so we could hug like this. I being ALSO 5'2 (ish) and am shoulder pad intolerant.

Wait! Here's another one. You see the chin placement upon the head? This is what I'd like. I don't mean to weird you out, but I like hearing "their" ("the mans") heartbeat. And the 5'2 vs. 6'2 woman man ratio is perfect for this... Stop being weirded out! Geez.
 So if you know any over 6 feet Mulder looking types – go ahead and send them my way. 

4.       Having a Zooey. Turns out, having a Zooey is like having a kid. Not only do you have to feed and water it, but you have to clean up its poop and pay attention to it as well.  And like a baby, I feel guilty when I’m not paying attention to it and wonder if my neglect will cause her to get into the wrong crowd or start smoking pot. Or both! Sigh. At least she’s in a two parent household – and a very progressive two parent household at that. Alex, Me, and our fuzzy baby. Now that's going to be one ridiculously awesome Christmas Card.

(Disclaimer: Alex, I didn't make you the fat one I made you the taller one... I swear)

5.        Leisure reading. I say, Leisure Reading! I’ve joined a book club and am reading novels that have nothing to do with anything but enjoying the ride. Some novels I have read since August: 

a.       Miss Peregrines School for Peculiar Children
b.      Have a Little Faith 
c.     Book of a Thousand Days 

6.       Enjoying such things as movies and social activities without the nagging feeling in the back of my head that I have something I SHOULD be doing. That’s really been the greatest relief of my life.  I get to fully enjoy the activities I want to do rather than knowing I should “probably” be doing “this other thing for *&%! school.” 

7.       Cooking and baking and eating it. 

8.       Exercising more. It’s actually true! Cause I think, “well, I don’t have anything else to do – so I might as well exercise my tubby self!” Which works out nicely because along with a Master’s degree, I also gained 8lbs. School makes you fat kids. They don’t tell you that when you start. It's all about "opportunity" and getting a "good job" and shaping your "character." Well, you'll get a little tubby too. So consider THAT when you submit those college applications!

9.       Contemplating things I could do with my time and then researching those things: taking a Spanish class, taking a sewing class, and volunteering a couple nights a week somewhere. The fact I have the brain room and energy to consider these worthwhile goals is an accomplishment in itself. Who knows? Perhaps one day I will actually DO one of them! Maybe when my X-Files nostalgia wears off. 

(not likely)

10.   And finally, the 10th thing I’ve been doing now that I don’t have &*$! school is NOTHING! Absolutely 100% nothing. Mwaahahahahah ha ha HAW! And that’s been the best thing I’ve done in 2 full years. My advice to you? Make nothing your friend again and feel good about it – because you never know when nothing will suddenly not be there. Fickle little fellow.


Jaime Van Hoose Steele said...

I was thinking "Andrea thinks Alex is the fat one", then I read your disclaimer. Good thing you put that in there!! Also, I really am excited for more craft nights!

Andrea Jolene said...

Me too! And did you notice the candy corn banner? How cute is THAT?!? Candy CORN!

Gina said...

I STILL have dreams about missing some deadline at school, or it being the end of the semester and realizing I haven't attended class the whole time, so how am I supposed to take the final! Just saying, it might be awhile.

Kathy said...

Seriously ...I've been out of college for decades and I still have recurring dreams where I suddenly realize I've forgotten to go to a particular class for most of a semester and am woefully behind on all of my assignments! Just saying may never go away!!! P.S. Your candy corn banner is adorable :)

Andrea Jolene said...

Ha! Just wait until I crush all of your Halloween banner expectations with a picture of the one I ACTUALLY made!

Nasher said...

If I had known you like those kinds of hugs I would have given you lots of those. Next time for sure. But don't worry, I won't get all handsy like Fox Mulder.

Andrea Jolene said...

Mmmmmm... handsy Fox Mulder.

Marisa Jean said...

Cute banner! Me like.