Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What would make you stay? Well, an act of God mainly

So after announcing my Peace Corps intentions, there were many an encouraging accolade deposited into my various Inbox's, Facebook posts, and other various forms of communicado devices. Those variations of "You go girl!" and "Rock it like a rockstar" really strengthened my resolve to serve and increased my appreciation for all the good people I'm surrounded with. Thank you for supporting my dreams! Even if they are a little...impractical.

That said, I have had one or two (or lots) of people subsequently ask... "So, is there anything that would make you not go?"

The translation of this question is "What if you find someone to marry?"

And of course the answer would be "Well then I'd marry them... der."

But truly folks, save your "well anything could happens" for someone else because I AM going and I don't see it as very likely that after 28 years.... 12 of which I've been dating eligible... and a ridiculous amount of uncanny bad dating luck later... that THIS year will be the year I find some Atticus Finch/Agent Mulder/Indiana Jones/Elder Oaks combination that keeps me from volunteering in the Pacific Islands for 27 months. Yes, that's the combination it would take. So... if you know anyone... ;) But truly, if that happened it would be because God wanted it to... and also prove that he has a sense of humor because really? You wait until THIS year when I'm doing THIS amazing thing to throw a man-wrench in the system? Psh.


Chris Hemsworth divorcing (sad), converting to Mormonism, and finding me as his one true love and proposing before June 2013; I can positively say if THAT happened, then sure, I'd probably consider sticking around. 

"Anything" could happen... but it would have to start happening, like, yesterday. 

(P.S. I will be posting the rest of NYC and DC soon as well as some very deep thoughts I've had about Chick Flicks and the X-Files... good stuff a-comin)


Jaime Van Hoose Steele said...

I seriously want to touch Chris Hemsworth...all over! The End.

Sumiko said...

I think it's awesome that you're going. Heck, maybe some Chris Hemsworth/Atticus Finch/Agent Mulder/Indiana Jones/Elder Oaks-esque guy is living in the Pacific Islands and you're going to meet him over there!
Either way...wicked cool.