Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Hiccup in the Adventure

I'm back in Utah! Bwah!?!?! Yes I know. What happened to the European Adventure of unbelievable dreams and amazingness? Well it's still on! So no worries my friends (critics, skeptics, non-believers!). Steven and I are still going to be the "Traveling Gypsies Times Two" so never you fear! And never you yell at me for not posting for a week - yeah it's been one of those weeks - but now I can play some catch up.

Catch up #1: Heinz. Duh.

Catch up #2: After the bee sting incident we started to think about our situation. It's moments like bee stings where you really start to revlatuate your life. We hadn't started teaching yet because of this snag and that other snag which is uninteresting (aka slightly frustrating) and frankly not something I want to recount. Okay, maybe a small snag summation: It took us several weeks to work out the..."kinks" with BYU IS to finally get some assessment tests sent out for the boys to take. Praise the Lord they've taken them, the applications are in, the transcripts are sent, and now we await diagnosis, analysis, processing, and...funding. Love me a good waiting game. Once these things fall into place, we can order the the necessary classes and be on our merrily teaching way. ABC...123. Point being: our revelatuating led us to think we weren't being productive...we were land locked within a 5 mile feet hurt from daily walking...and the stress was starting to be taken out on each other which didn't bode well for a future in the future year. Geez.

Catch up #3: Why are we back in Utah? Well as Steven might ask: "Why not?" I being less insufferable will go further than his conventional (though always thought-provoking and clearly something to consider) "answer" and give you the scoop. We are back in Utah awaiting a few of Bob's deals to come through, for the BYU IS waiting game to come to and end so we can start planning/ordering classes and curriculum, and some European accomodations to be solidified, so's we can pack up for our journey across the pond. Steve,being the logical, rational, financially stable, one on the trip, made just such the executive decision to return to Utah just this last Sunday. I felt slightly blind-sided at first and little..."WHAT THE!?!??!", but then he followed with a hurried (to blockade my clear upsetness) all-be-it "Yeah okay that makes sense" explanation: "Well there's no point in hanging out not being productive here while we wait on these things....spending money...when we could go back to Utah, be a little more productive (and by this he means he can work on his BYU online classes and new snazzy online tutoring job he discovered most cleverly via the Internet), and NOT spend money. Emphasis on the NOT. Don't you hate that it always boils down to money? Oh the curse and blessing of it!

Catch up #4: So after I decided Steve the Somber and more Serious was probably right about that (and because I couldn't stay without him anyway - nor did I want to), we purchased one way tickets to Las Vegas on Sunday night for the coming Tuesday morning. Steve did "allow" (psh - allow - ahem, yes actually allow) me to suggest Tuesday morning as the better alternative vs THE. VERY. NEXT. DAY. so we could gather our bearings and mostly - because the tickets were ridiculously cheaper. I knew "cheaper" would convince my frugal comrade. Plus, we had some areas of sentimental value I wanted to visit for the last time in Corte Madera before taking off: The Teacake Bake Shop (go look at it - I want!), playing Frisbee at San Celement Lycee de Francais, walking to "Our Mall" (which I'm sure one of us has pictures of somewhere...Steven! Speaking of pics - SOMEONE should at LEAST post about Stinson Beach...sheesh), playing some rousing card games (see here for details of my great day) and Skip-Bo, things of this nature.

Catch up #5: We left Bob and the boys on Tuesday morning. Honestly, I was nervous thinking about what I would do at home for an undefined number of weeks - my hometown being located in the the Middle of SouthEastern Utah NOWHERE - with my time and energy. I guess I wouldn't be spending money right? So that's good. Plus, Steven being one who is most hard working and productive really needed to find himself some stability, routine, and cheap eating. I think we both teared when we ate at a small Cafe here in Huntington and the prices were better than reasonable...they were practically GIVING food away compared to what we were used to in San Fran. I stayed with Steven's fam (holla to his mom! She came and picked us up in Vegas AND fed us In-and-Out...mmmm) Tuesday night. We got to play a rousing game of Ultimate Frisbee with some of his old buddies which I really enjoyed (did I make you proud Steven? He's been coaching me for awhile now...), and feel the comforts of being in Utah again. There's really no where else like it. Plus, this option makes Steve happier, so you really can't argue with an improved happiness for someone.

Catch up #6: I'm home. Steve drove me from Cedar City to Emery County where I've now been on the computer thinking of options, plans, ideas, books I could read, non-money-requiring activities I could do to pass the time until we go to Europe. It's a waiting game...something I'm not good at...but clearly something I have to learn to accept. Patience is the worst virtue EVER! Who even made it a virtue anyway? Psh. But it's one we all have to learn I suppose. The point is...I'm back in Utah...a little hiccup before the I will try and make the most of and be completely grateful for (or see reason for?). After all - I won't be able to see this great state of mine for an entire year - and I should try and appreciate it now.

Stay tuned Travel Fans, Friends, and Fam...because the adventure will start again...and I don't want anyone to miss a moment just because of this pesky little hiccup. Oh, and if anyone needs anything done, weeded, washing, mowed, scrubbed, baked...please...throw me a bone.


heidikins said...

Love ya girl, I hope I can see you before your adventure comes calling.


(light) Black And Decker said...

I need you to come play volleyball.

meg said...

What?! I am sad you are stuck back in Utah- but I guess it is temporary... so whatev. Miss your face and I love all the updates!

Just a thought... said...

That's got to be frustrating! I'd love to have you come help me out around the house with a few chores like -wanna teach my 17 year old to drive? He's scaring me!!!But is after all in Texas. You would hate the heat and humidity and there may be a hurricane coming next week!

Mom Richards