Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where do I go from here?

Greetings Internet Posse.

So, I mentioned the adventure hiccup. Well, it seems the hiccup may take up permanent residence in the adventure and become the "solution." We're not going back.

Yes I know you are disappointed. I am too. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for so many things. We were supposed to gain experiences and have adventures that people only dream about. We were going to gain some financial stability that may have taken years and years of payments (read student loans and PH.D programs) to finally be free from. An opportunity to save money rather than scrape by. An opportunity to do some real good for some people who could really use what we had to offer. The perfect timing for the perfect opportunity that was to open up an entirely new, financially comfortable for once in my entire life, world.

It was the opportunity of a lifetime; one I guess we weren't meant to have. Sometimes, things do seem too good too be true. I've always been one to believe that you should hope for it all, and hold out for the best, and it will come around. I've never wanted to settle for "satisfactory" - I wanted the best. I never thought anyone should be satisfied with a reality they felt mediocre about, but take those risks that might lead them to what they've always dreamed about. Maybe what I was supposed to learn from this is when things seem too good too be true, they probably are. I've been a "glass half full" person my entire life, or rather, I've been sporting the rose colored glasses for far too long. I am rather gullible, taking things at face value and believing that people have the best intentions. I tend to diminish difficult circumstances in my life with a wave of my hand and an easy comment " could be much will be fine." Sometimes I just ignore it, put my head down, and plow through. This opportunity has turned almost into a cruel joke. Ha ha. Except I don't really feel like laughing. It's hard to laugh when it's hard to see the purpose, the "why", to some of life's bumps in the road. The comfort though, I believe, is there is purpose.

I'm jobless, seemingly a real gypsies life on the good graces of a few friends, car-less, purposeless...and feeling a little lost and a lot scared. I can't say I've not learned a lot - because I have. I guess the lessons that change us the most are the hardest ones to learn. There may be a lot of refining going on...and a lot of faith being practiced...but all the same, I wish it would've worked out how I'd I had hoped it would. Yet, I think something will work out as it should - and in retrospect I can snap my fingers and say "Ah ha! I'm here today, exactly where I'm happiest to be, and it was because of that one really hard confusing experience." The rose colored glasses soften the blow ;) and if anyone out there knows anyone in SLC with a job for a sad little 25 year old with an English degree...don't hesitate!


Mrs. Jones said...

I'm sorry that things did not work out. What happened! I wanna hear!

Just a thought... said...

Your picture was LOL but your situation is not. I've never met you but my heart goes out to you (and Steve). To think of all that you both gave up to begin the adventure of a life time ...only to find out it was all smoke and mirrors? That's just wrong!

I admit I am the type of person who always wants things to be fair. Before you say it, I know, I know life isn't always fair ... blah, blah, blah! But I still have this need to identify the culprits responsible for the injustices of the world and hold them accountable. This guy should be made to step up and be accountable for your losses. Namely: giving up your previous job to work for him, along with your home, loss of income and financial stability. Not to mention all of your expenses in preparing for, getting there, and living there without compensation.

What was he thinking? How could he falsely represent himself and the job he was offering to you like he did? It's just ...not right! I wonder if he's done this before to someone else? I wish I had a good lawyer I could recommend. It really should be looked into though that's just my opinion. (I'm starting to sound like a frustrated mom and indeed I am!)

As far as job suggestions ...the schools in Texas are always looking for great teachers. They even have a special program in place where you can teach while getting your Texas teaching certificate. Check out the Fort Bend ISD web site for more information.

Housing prices are very reasonable here, probably the best in the country right now. We do have a lot of traffic but most of the expansions to our existing highways and freeways are nearing completion and the traffic is much more tolerable than when we first arrived 10 years ago. As I mentioned in a previous blog the heat and humidity take some getting used to but life really is sweet in Sugar Land, TX. We're from Utah and we love it here.

We are far enough from the coast that the hurricanes aren't much of a threat for us. We are not in a flood zone, tidal surge or evacuation zone. If you are interested I will include my email and you can ask for more info.

If you want to come and check things out let me know and we'll be happy to let you stay with us during your visit. I wish you the best as you pick yourself up and dust yourself off. With family and friends you can count on I know you will be just fine.

boliveto2 said...

Hey I hate to hear the depressing news hang in there this is life and I agree some things are just to good to be true. But you are one to never give up on your dreams

Andrea Jolene said...

Thanks all for your encouragement! It makes a big difference! We will be compensated for the time and money lost - but it's still hard to pick up your life after giving it all up. Things will work out though - and we're checking all our options. I appreciate all the offers and support! Holla!

(light) Black And Decker said...

I think you need to explain why exactly it flopped. That really stinks, and I'm sad you can't come back to work here. You could make babies with us! But I know an all time cure...volleyball tomorrow morning at 9:30 at Kiwanis!

Jacob Jensen said...


I am sorry that your adventure did not come to fruition. When I read your description of your travels, I thought, "That sounds just like Andrea... something she would absolutely love!" I can only imagine the heartache at losing the opportunity.

I hope you find something soon to take your mind off the disappointment. If not, I am sure you could find something here in St. Louis! Hey, it may not be Paris or Venice or Rome, but we could at least take a tour of the Budweiser plant.

I wish you all the best!

Andrea Jolene said...

The Budweiser plant?!?!? SOLD! I don't need to know anything else. Thanks for your words! I will keep St Louis in mind for sure. Ha.

heidikins said...

Ah honey, we need to catch up. I feel a Cafe Rio date is in order. :o)