Monday, September 29, 2008

To take my mind off only kind worked

Greetings Internet! I hope the weekend was excellent for all of you out there with lives, direction, houses, a little bit of money, jobs, and friends. Yes, that is my hope. My weekend you ask? Well - it went something like this.

I've been living out of my suitcases in SLC, 4 weeks tomorrow. Really? Huh. It feels like much longer actually. Everyone around me has been commenting on how they "just can't believe it's almost October!" I CAN believe it and furthermore, it's about ruddy time! In the immortal words (sarcasm inserted here) of Greenday "Wake me up when September ends!" And even more noteworthy, Hoops and YoYo refer to September as "take a nap month" - it's a like a warm up for the Holidays (see full hilarity here)! September's got nothing. Ha. And it's been a loooooong eventful but not eventful month (you know what I mean). Emotionally charged is more to the point. Although, September means my Birthday is in about 2 weeks as well. Funny how a month ago my Birthday included a Greek yacht or Turkish Bath. I still have visions of my silky blue dress in Paris...and I guess it's still possible (just not entirely plausible). That said - I needed to find some distractions this weekend. I decided to go hang in Provo - see the old roomies - and catch a BYU Volleyball game.
And here are the roomies: Natalie and Emily. No you are not seeing double (or ARE you?) - they are twins - but you are seeing "blurry." Sorry about that. I did take a pic with all 3 of us - buuuuut I couldn't bring myself to post that pic of me - dreadful! The twins just moved into a new condo and so we started the weekend in Provo with some interior decorating and furniture arrangement. If that doesn't say good times I don't know what does. We ate at the beloved Cafe Rio and went to Ross. Ross was torture because "no-money" me and "great deals on good stuff" is a sad, sad combination. Disheartening even. Provo also brought back memories of the life I left - the life I had just gotten used to in Happy Valley - along with its activities (read volleyball), old friends, jobs, living quarters, Lila the Kitty, running trails, and just general stability. It gave me a longing inside to have all that goodness back again. It felt like I just got started there when it was time for me to leave.
But leave I did and leave I'd do again - because that's what I was supposed to do. If anything I've learned to appreciate more the good experiences, fine people, direction and "stability" that's always been my privilege to enjoy. Something that brought me joy was attending the BYU vs Air Force women's volleyball game. I love playing and watching this sport and found it nice to focus on cheering on the Cougar girls (that's right - I cheered for Cougars - hey! They weren't playing the U - so it's okay) as they dominated Air Force. The matches were close - but the BYU ladies won the game in 3 rallies. It was awesome to watch some SAWEET volleyball play.

It was also nice to go to a full 3 hour block on Sunday. I've not been to a 3 hour block since I left California because of a series of circumstances (read: Regional Conference, baby blessings, baby blessings...), so I was pretty ecstatic to go to a Singles Ward for all the meetings. There was many a good word spoken...
I also had the opportunity this weekend to listen to the General Relief Society Broadcast. It always gets me excited for General Conference coming up next weekend. I do love being in SLC for Conference - even if I don't get to actually attend a session at the Conference Center. There's something electric in the air when all of the Saints meet to listen to the Prophet and Apostles. Pretty. Super.
So - although it wasn't a super winning weekend of complete awesomeness - it was nice to get out and DO something with old friends in Provo. I missed Provo - who knew? No no - I missed my budding life that happened to be placed in Provo...don't nobody miss Provo! ;) I miss what I had there - which one day I will have again - and it doesn't take Provo or SLC to find it. It's just a matter of immersing yourself in the situation around you and appreciating it for what it is. Provo did take my mind of some things - but reminded me of others. Reminders are sometimes painful - but always good - and always a learning experience.

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