Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little bit of everything...

Sometimes I want to be a musician - something chill and classic. I play the piano, and I've seen my days in school choirs, but I don't think it's something I "do". It's more like something I've "touched" in passing. An average talent to add to the other average things I do...averagely.

Sometimes I want to be an artist. Any sort really. I've thought about just picking up paints and an easel and seeing what comes of it. As an English Major you learn to doodle. All English Majors should get a minor in Art just for the doodling and drawing that goes on during "literary discussions". Sure I contributed and listened, read and wrote, but while listening and thinking I drew people in my classes and clothes I wanted to wear. I have a page of notes, and then a page of classmate's faces and/or dresses. I remember working for a couple weeks on a Snowboarding chick. I don't know if my doodles are any good - no wait I do know - they weren't. They're cartoon-esque, and I'm sure the shapes and shades are all sorts of non-professional and dull - but I liked it - and durn-it I improved! I'd like to try my hand at photography or some sort of design. I think I'd be okay - and I'd like to try it and see.

I'd like to work in Fashion...or at least learn to sew something. I know, right? Most chicks dig it. But I really dig it. The only "marketed to chicks" magazines I peruse and even purchase are Vogue or other such "fashionista" catalogues. I'm always imagining ensembles in my head and then trying to go out and find them (one day I'll go out and buy there's a dream!). I'd like to try and put them together in a "not clearly home-made" kind of way. And besides, knowing how to sew a button or create a quilt isn't such a bad skill to have...not in my culture. In fact I feel less LDS because I don't do it! The shame!

I want to be able to cook...and I mean REALLY cook. I want to be able to run marathons and become a healthy granola sort. I want to be really good at decorating my house. I want to join the Peace Corps (pre "only pot smoking hippies and weirdys with no life direction" of course) and find ways to improve (read save) humanity. I want to be politically involved and rally for good causes. I want to be a traveling gypsy/writer. I'd like to take a dance class and see if I still have something that resembles "moves." I want to be a gardener.

The thing is - I want to try a lot of everything and then be good at it. I'm inspired to be a musician when I sit down with someone and they play their songs and sing their lyrics. I want to do that too! I'm inspired when I see fine art or beauty captured in a film or photo (as seen here...this was my little inspiration today and I think I want to do that too! The catch is - of all the things I want to do - I've only scratched the surface of any of them. It's like - if I have to choose one to focus on - then I give up all the rest. Sylvia Plath knows what I'm talking about. All those tantalizing figs on the fig tree, ripe for my picking, and if I don't choose one, maybe it will be to late to get any of them. I should at LEAST get one. So what do I do? I don't focus on any of them and continue to have aspirations. It also helps if I had the finances to pick one of these interests and pursue it - a really good camera, art supplies, a piano/guitar with accompanying lessons, food money, cookbooks, a house with a yard...sigh. It seems like real life, what with its bills and deadlines and restrictions, makes us choose just one, and even then we're lucky. It' s like if I didn't start painting when I was 4 I can't very well start now and be good at it. I've touched on all those things I want to do - but I've not immersed myself in any of them. Given it the old college try! And I'd like to give it the college try - except my college try funds all went to - er - well College! I wouldn't mind doing a little bit of all of it - but at the risk of not being really proficient at any of it. I guess that's what you'd call "well-rounded" - but does being average at everything still stand out? Does it still make you unique or is everyone pretty well-rounded - having a smattering of interests in a broad range of talents and not really pursuing one in particular. I know someone who is pretty much good at everything he does. I actually find that pretty inspirational rather than intimidating and I'd like to be like him. What's wrong with aspiring to be a Superman? Or I'll just buy a guitar...or a camera...or a sewing machine...I already have the Kitchenaide...I should get started.

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Claire said...

I love this post so much. I feel you! And I'm definitely quoting you on English majors getting art minors in doodling.