Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Post in Which I Talk About Work Things and Segregationalism if the Hands

I realize I've only been a temp for a day and a half...but I already have things to say! I also already have the ample time in which to say them. Doesn't bode well does it? Nooooope.

I also already have a creepy experience to report! It happened yesterday in the elevator. Now, I realize this is probably from some creeper horror movie like "It" because it struck a familiar "EW! Scary!" cord in my body when I saw it (as in the thing I'm about to tell you). Plus, it was "clever creepy" so I must give credit to a movie before someone's actual intelligence. It's just the way I am. I come back from lunching at Barnes and Noble here at the Gateway (the old haunt! How I miss B&N!) and punch the elevator button to await my ride. WELL! There had been sickly little balloons floating half heartily around bits of the office space during the day - I assume from someones Birthday celebration a few days prior. You need to know this because when the elevator opened - there was one orange sickly half hearted balloon sitting there, with its little limp string, all alone. Cough. "Wow that's creepy," I think to myself as I step in the dimly lit box (I hate elevators) and push my 5th floor button. I look at the little balloon floating mid-way in the air and notice a little note dangling from it's sad little string. I grab the little string and read the says, "Boo!"

Blaaaasweeeebuuhhllaaaaa!!!! Gasp! Glance up! Glance around! Look at "Boo!" Again! DAH!

Now if that didn't give me a feeling of foreboding and "demon clown lurking in the shadows" I seriously don't know what would! Another girl stepped into the Elevator on the 4th Floor and didn't even notice our creeper friend floating towards her with his tidings of creepiness. Then I thought "maybe she can't see it...gaaaaaaasp!" Ding. Released! I got out of the poorly lit elevator with its weirdo balloon as quickly as "try and act cool" strides could get me. Someone tell me - that's from a movie isn't it? Cause if it isn't then I hope I don't run into the person who went through the balloon graveyard and thought of such a creepy ploy. Shudder. Probably a weirdy themselves!

Other than the creepy elevator moment - my temp job has been - well - uneventful. There's not a lot for me to do. I answer the phone. I alphabetized a few things today. I sent out the daily "Educational Headlines" email to all the Presidents of all the colleges in the State (that's right! I'm somebody! Or at least I email the somebodys). I have a nice little space heater under my desk that may or may not work when I push the button, as well as one of those annoying "separate but equal" keyboards that have the space down the middle of the keys. Ya know...the ones that help you "type properly." It's killing my speed! Apparently I was reaching all over the place with my pointer finger! I've stumped it in the chasem that seperates my hands many times already! Talk about your right hand not knowing what your left hand doeth. There's not room for help! My hands are on their own...and lets not even talk about Y's and B's. I've not been typing properly my entire life according to this clever little sucker invention.
But, other than weirdo balloons, funny keyboards, and slight boredom, I really like it here. I mean - I like the environment and the idea of working with Higher Education appeals to me on so. many. levels. I want to be a Professor eventually and I think this could be the place to employ me until that fateful day when I go back to school. We shall see. Until then - someone research and tell me if that balloon incident is from a movie! Somehow I would feel better if it was.

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(light) Black And Decker said...

Um, no. Sorry. I don't think that was from a movie. I think you are just over creeped out and should have popped it.