Monday, September 22, 2008

Finally - my life seems to have purpose again.

I got a temp job. That's right! I'm pretty dang diny diggity excited about it. Unemployment does not suit me well at all. I'd say I turn into a weeping monster of pent up social needs. What does that mean exactly? WELL! I'm a very social person who hasn't been able to interact with anyone all day every day for the last 3 weeks - not to mention I've not had work in the last 2 months. So, there's that. THEN! Since I only hang out with myself or books all day - when I find someone to talk to or someone calls (might I extend apologies to those well-meaning friends right now..cough..Steve) - I talk and talk and talk. All my thoughts are spewed merciless on some poor sucker who really probably just called to see if I was still alive. BARELY! Having no money, no direction, and very few prospects has been internally and emotionally destructive for me I can tell you that. Not anymore though! NOPE!

My Utemp agency has found me a job with the Office of the Commissioner in the Utah System of Higher Education right Downtown. I start tomorrow! I stay until November 1st which is FINE with me. THAT will give me first and foremost, time to continue to look for jobs I really want. Secondly - it will also give Bob time to work out his odds and ends for Europe (which is still very possible). Third - it will give me some monetary support that is desperately needed, and lastly it will cure me of the Pent Up Monster Weepies! I'm a PRESSURE COOKER here - and it will be good to interact with people again. I really enjoy working with people, playing team sports, being involved in the community, sigh...I'm thinking politics would suit me just right. Too bad I have no desire to become corrupted. I could start a new wave of non-corrupt politicians. see the crazy dreams that come to an idle mind? Non-corrupt politicians. Bwahahah! The very thought!

So wish me luck Internet friends! Life has improved! (And my giddy attitude may or may not also have something to do with a plaid brown pencil skirt and deep v-beck beige sweater from Banana Republic topped with classic round toed brown heels from Aldo. What? I need some busines casual! They were on saaaaaaale).

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Jacob Jensen said...


I am glad to hear that something has come through for you. I can't imagine a better place to work than downtown Salt Lake City (I sure do miss that place). And what luck... you are working in the office of Higher Education - that seems to suit you.

I am still pulling for your Europe trip to work out. My fingers are crossed for you.

Take care!