Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Happy Weekend! I REALLY should take more pictures...

Alright. So my last few posts have been rather "blah" and downright depressing. Really, things could be worse. I mean, it could be a WOOD floor I'd be sleeping on instead of a carpeted, slightly blanket one, right? And, I could be living out of ONE suitcase instead of TWO. So there's that to remember. And luckily still, since I have a little bit of money left for food, there's an Einstein Bagel RIGHT across the street so I don't even HAVE to drive my craptastic, sweltering, gas-gulping truck anywhere to find lunch. Not to mention - since I don't have a job and apply online endlessly - I have plenty of time to exercise. Also - the Utes have won their first two games. Holla!

Ha ha - okay that seemed ironic and even pathetic - but really, I'm cheerfully enduring and to be honest - it really COULD be worse. And what has made everything a little more bearable - was a fun weekend. So here we go - focus on the FUN!

Steven came up this weekend to visit me in my somber state. Isn't that so great? I thought so. Since Steve doesn't update his blog much (ever), and since I feel he's become a part of mine since "Ridiculous Gypsy" is on hold, here's a brief summation of what he's been doing...VERY WELL! Hurray! Okay, he's doing well. He's living at home (read he has a bed! BED! Dresser! Closet! Lucky dog...and also read "free(er) food" and "free lodgings"...very good) and playing frisbee with his friends (oh how I long for group activity) and applying for some really promising positions that seem to pay well, and going to a Singles Ward (oh jealousy. I want to go to a ward all my own...and have a calling. i really want a calling), and...waiting for his online tutoring background check to be done. He also visited me. That was pretty much the sprinkles on the cake for him I'm sure. "Psh-ay! with the free food - I'm driving 3 1/2 hours to SLC to hang out with Moaning" Nice guy that one.

The Fab Friday Night Activities:

I being a lover of the Salt Lake City area, having lived here for 4 years, felt it was high time that Steven have an authentic SLC experience. Well, as authentic as it can get in two days and one night.


We began with the official "Mansion Tour." My last year living in SLC and attending the U, I had the privilege of living in a 1891 restored Victorian Mansion (read 9,000 square feet), 5 bed, 5 1/2 bath, 4 floors, hot tub on the roof, with 5 other girls for ridiculously cheap. I've given many tours of it, explained its history and how we came to be there, time and again. It was nostalgic to give the tour one more time to Steven. He seemed to like it. I will have to find a pic of it...or GO take a pic of it when it's daylight. Yes yes. On the "To-Do" list. I really should take more pics.

We then visited Liberty Park for a little stroll. I know. We're crazy partiers! It's a very lovely area - one I go do my exercising at in fact - and I wanted him to enjoy the little bits of environment the city has to offer. I think he enjoyed it. There WAS a babbling brook. I don't see how it gets better, really. Maybe throw in some Hippies and Goose Poop. Perfect Liberty Park experience!

After that we ventured to "The Atlantic" on Main Street and 3rd South. I'd like to side-note that Steven thought I didn't know where I was going - but I so totally did. I knew the restaurant was on Main Street - I was just unsure of the cross street - but I KNEW we'd run into it. We were walking and I wasn't worried. He worries...and mocks. Mostly mocks. Anyway... The Atlantic is this fabulous Mediterranean Restaurant that I absolutely love. Greek slash Mediterranean food is my favorite - and I thought "Hey, we actually should be eating this kind of food right now in Turkey - so we might as well not miss out on what would've been the best part!" Eh? Eh... Of course I liked it - and I hope Mr. Lewis did too. He's a conisure (neither I nor spellcheck can spell that one) of rice, and he wasn't a fan of the rice that came with his Greek plate, but it seemed that everything else was to Your Highness's liking. Posh posh!

Well what SLC Friday night would be complete without a ride on Trax TO the Gateway? NONE! So we rode Trax to the Gateway. Steven again didn't trust me to know what stop to get off of. It's REALLY a no-brainer, but as we rounded 4th west and headed South, Steven looked at me and said "Well I"m getting off in two stops! That's the Gateway I bet!" Just then I saw the brightly lit sign reading THE GATEWAY flicker in the dusky night out the window behind his head. I had to stifle a guffaw at the irony of it; "Okay Steven, you get off in two stops. I'm going to go ahead and get off right here." Who knows directions now? EH!?!?! So we wondered around the Gateway where Ken Steven found MANY a tantalizing shirt at cough...mumble..American Eagle...AND The Gap. Oooo. The Gap outfit was really REALLY really great. Picture this: mens dark khaki's, white collared button up dress shirt with thin dark green and light green pin strip, WITH a LOVELY kelly green v-neck cotton sweater over it. Mmm. You love it don't you? It was pretty awesome. Don't worry, he bought it. Oh wait...I "MADE" him buy it. It's MY fault. :) I really should take more pics.

After our Trax/Gateway Adventure, we journeyed to his Aunties where he would be staying, who just so happens to live RIGHT down the street from my Mansion, and checked out the amazing view of the city they have from their condo. We got to visit with them for awhile - amazing people - and then I went home. I think it was a success! When there's a smashingly good outfit involved it's always a success.... and smashingly good food. And smashingly good COMPANY (read ME!).

Super Saturday Activities:

Saturday morning we got up (no we were gone by 9'er) and ate at another beloved and tasty restaurant on my list of "must try" SLC eateries: Eggs in the City. Again, I knew "about" where it was; and had confidence we'd run into it. Steven proceeded to mock me and my supposed "directional impairment" but we MADE it didn't we Steven? YES! We did. And we ate. Ate real good. Since time was short on this our Saturday morning in SLC - we took a drive up to the UofU Institute where I spent the great majority of my college years. It was awesome to show Steven all those places that made up so much of my college life. It always makes one appreciate things more when one goes back. It makes me realize how grateful I have to be for the moments in my life I'm experiencing right now, rather than wishing them away for what I THINK will make me happier in the future. It's best just to be happy now...then you're happy always...and have no regrets. I had no regrets (mostly) about my experiences at the UofU, and although the trip around campus was nostalgic, I felt I'd spent the time there I needed to and had moved on.

I then took him for a cruise around the Aves - so he could get a taste of the variety and just picturesque-ness of the entire area. We made a final "must" stop at Hatch Family Chocolates where Steven picked out some goodies for his parents (and one for me!). He had to get back to Provo so his parents could have their car back and so they could head back to Cedar City. It seemed like a short weekend - but it was a lot of fun for me. It was really nice to be distracted from all the stresses and issues we are both trying to iron out with Bob and the trip and finances and the general direction of our lives. I felt really lost before this weekend, and finally having some fun and enjoying myself in the town I really grew to love helped a lot.

I still don't have a lot of options or much direction as of yet. It's a waiting game, and I'm hanging on a prayer and a hope. Luckily, I know that's all you need. Things will work out. I've already learned a lot from this experience - and it's been one to very much build up my faith and help me fully rely on the Lords plan for me...for both me and help us make sense of it, to learn from it, to grow and refine who we are and what we really believe, and to push forward cheerfully, with faith, hoping with surety for a better world if we can just keep on believing.

So - although things may seem dismal, they could always be worse.

"The bad days will come, faith will always triumph, and our Heavenly promises will always be kept." That quote is from Elder Jeffery R. Holland's CES Fireside I listened to tonight.

It helps to know that - and it really helps to have had Steven come up and hang out for the weekend. :) Thank you, thank you! I owe ya BIG! You come up next time and we'll go to the Fashion Place Mall? EH? Oooo! And we HAVE to eat at The Pie! Maybe a Ute game! Volleyball AND Football! How does THAT tickle your fancy? Or maybe you should show me what Cedar gots? Didn't you mention a volleyball game coming up or something? Shakespeare Festival? There's an idea...we really should take more pics...

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Just a thought... said...

Yes are right it could be worse. You could be out here with us in Houston! Check out Hurricane Ike. It fills the entire gulf! We will be sheltering some evacuated missionaries for a few days. I look at that as a good thing. Nothing like an extra pair of hands to help us get ready for the strong winds. At least it won't flood. So at least there's that. I may be helping with communications at the local hospital. The idea is if their communication network crashes in the storm all of us Ham radio operators can keep the lines of communications open. I'm still a rookie so wish me luck!