Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Weekend of Food and Fulfillment. Tell me how it gets better!

Food and Fulfillment. Oh how clever, right? Well I thought so - off the cuff.

This weekend involved just those things; and it begins with good eating. One of my favorite restaurants is Red Robin. I know, right? How is that different from other chain-like eateries with too loud music, bad lighting, cheesy sports posters and "vintage" celebrity faces plastered to the walls, and, well, main stream crappy food. But seriously Internet, although Red Robin may LOOK like Chili's, Applebee's (how are these different? Oh yes...Chili's Chocolate Molton Lava cake. Okay okay, Chili's redeemed), TGI Fridays, and other such generic eateries it is not. Red Robin happens to have DELICIOUS food (BLTA - Bacon Lettuce, Tomato, Turkey, Avocado on a Crescent Roll), a smattering of HUGE delicious salads, amazing burgers burgers burgers, Freckled Lemonade, and the very BEST part of Red Robin - the Steak Fries and Fry Sauce. Mmmm. While I lived in SLC - the closest Red Robin was in Sandy. SANDY! Clearly not somewhere we would consider driving regardless of my enjoyment of the place. Thus, when I moved to Provo I thought, "Well, I don't know if I'll like Provo, but I know they have a Red Robin!!! And that's enough for me..." Well my friends, now I have no more use for Provo - there is now a Red Robin on Foothill Drive in SLC. A mere 10 minutes from the Mansion and just as delicious as ever. I am most emphatically delighted to present....the Foothill Red Robin:

Nik and I ate lunch here while watching the BYU vs UCLA game. Did any of you SEE this game? I was watching for tickets on Ebay all week hoping Bob would be able to pay me and I could snag two and go. But alas, nothing doing. So we resigned to watching it at Red Robin. It was an amazing game - not because it was close - but because BYU SLAUGHTERED UCLA 59-0. Zero!! Here are some of our reactions...and food enjoyments.

"What?!?! That's like their 3rd Touchdown in 5 minutes!"

"Mmmm Fry. Mmmm Touchdown...again..."

"Spoon? I don't need no spoon! Lap lap lap..."

Sunday was the Salt Lake area's Regional Conference. Of course, lucky us living in Downtown SLC we get to meet in the Conference Center. President Monson spoke to us as well as Elder Ballard, Sister Cheryl Lant, and Elder Hinckley (son of President Hinckley). What an incredible blessing! Am I right? You know I am! Living in SLC definitely has some awesome being the church headquarters and all of that. I've always felt incredibly blessed to live here (or have lived here once). Believe me I know how very lucky I am. It was a beautiful fall day - the temperature was perfect - so naturally Nikelle and I had to take some memorable pics. These are the best we could come up with - we both being ridiculously NOT photogenic in the remotest sense. Don't try and butter us up! (or do...we need it).

"I like church!" Me inside the Conference Center. Holla! Yes I Holla'd.

Nik and the Salt Lake Temple. It just works, doesn't it?

Me and the Temple. Still works. Right? RIGHT!?!??! Check out the dudes to the side. Sup!? You're on a strange person's blog. Dreams come true.

Ah the fountain picture. Aren't we a cute couple? (Butter up required here)

Easy now...easy...don't fall.

Not bad. Cricket chirp. Not good...but, not bad.

TA DA!!! And that's the show!!

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heidikins said...

Is that the Paris dress?!? Whatever it is, you look amazing!!