Monday, May 11, 2009

Doing Growed Up Things the Yuppie Way

I had a pretty enjoyable weekend. Yeah! I did! Thanks for asking. Of course, I didn't take any pictures for you, but I resolve that I will do so from now on. It's funny, I usually carry my camera with me and if anything, have my phone with me, but just don't think about snapping pictures of my life happenings. It would be nice to have some photo documentation that I'm not a complete loser, am I right? So right.
Friday was a rather cultured evening. Yes twas. My friend Terilyn and got ourselves some tickets to the Utah Symphony that night a week or so prior. I know what you're thinking "You got tickets for something ELSE on the opening weekend of STAR TREK?" Sigh. I know. I know! But really – Star Trek will be in theaters for awhile and Tchaikovsky's Big 5 was only there for two days. No I don't have a particular affinity for Tchaikovsky, at least nothing to match the geeky childhood fantasies of going where no man or woman has gone before, but I do like the symphony, most all symphonies, and was GHAUSTLY overdue to see one. Note I will likely use such yuppie words as ghastly, spiffing, and absolutely marvelous dahling, as to add to the cultural "atmosphere" of this post… and make up for lack of pics. Indeed!
Before going to said "mahvelous" cultural event; we of course, felt it necessary to eat something delicious. I really like scouting out and trying new restaurants in my area (buy local!) and chose a place called Em's right on Center Street. I run by it everyday (alright – I run by it when I go running which is likely not everyday), and thought it looked rather (yuppie word warning) quaint. Yes. Quaint. Mahvelous dahling! An ideal way to describe Em's. I can include a picture of said picturesque restaurant but… the one they have online is in the dead of winter. I'd rather not be reminded of frigid temperatures on a day like this – so follow the link instead.  The food was excellent by the way – and we went all out for our cultural evening of mahvelous!  Meaning we had appetizers (salmon and crab rolls – awesome) an entrée (I had the chicken with goat cheese and pine nuts… mmmm pine nuts) and dessert (ridiculously excellent sorbet). Honestly though, it was the ambience of the place I enjoyed most. Now keep in mind, if this is somewhere you'd like to try you MUST make a reservation. It's true. You can't "drop in" all American style (not that this restaurant is any sort of European or anything), you have to call and reserve your spot. It's so they know how much food to prepare – and I really like that idea. It's like assigned seating at the movie theater - don't be a hater! It wasn't hard for me to get in on the day and time we wanted – so I assume if you CALL BEFORE THE DAY YOU WANT TO GO, you'll get in just fine. The best part of the experience is the yuppies you get to interact with. Ah yes… my people… Avenues yuppies. Spiffing! The symphony, of course, was delightful (another good yuppie word) and I felt it went by rather quickly. I think symphonies top my list of "cultural things I'll pay to see." In fact, I just mentally ordered my "cultural enjoyment" list by preference and will present it to you now:
  • 1. Musicals
  • 1.5. Ballet
  • 2. Symphony
  • 2.5. Plays (Shakespeare Festival coming up! Holla!)
  • Couple spaces
  • Couple spaces
  • Opera (Meh)
Saturday I also participated in an event that made me feel cultured but… a little out of my element. First, I did a little service project with my ward at the Food Bank. That was fun – and I'm always a fan of service projects. In fact I even got some sun on my pale little arms loading the boxes! I miss the days of my one month California tan. Sigh (far away glazed look). Ahem. That's not the "out of my element" incident though. I attended a banquet on Saturday night for work. I know, right? Yeah. A banquet with important people and catering and good location and RSVP's and assigned tables and a "little bit better than business casual please" Utah - for the love! I sat with educated people and observed their educated small talk. I say observed because my charm comes from side jokes and dry observations... and poop. Mm, don't know if I'm feeling the academics will think I'm that clever. Teenagers find me funny; I can handle teenagers, but adults? Shudder. That's probably why I chose secondary education – I'd rather talk with teenagers a lot of the time. They're pretty funny. Also, I probably looked like the 10th grade scholarship recipients being recognized that night and the "academics" were all wondering where my parents were. I was pretty nervous, and felt I was too… childish to be there. I remember thinking "wow, guess I'm really an adult, eh? That's too bad" Hm. 20 somethings, what to do with us? It's hard to be a mid-20 something at a banquet where I actually DO belong but look like I don't, let alone in the 'real' working world. Many times, I feel that folks probably don't take you seriously when you're young and spry. There's been times when I've met with parents face to face and think "they're probably wondering what they're doing discussing important matters with this little girl. Who's in charge here?" That's the rub as well – young and female trying to be taken seriously in an old man, suit filled, environment. Adds a different dynamic - adds a lot more thought processes into my work attire too. At any rate, it was a moment of reflection to say the least – BUT if anything – the food was excellent (and free – num num) and I did get a few sly jokes in there after I got used to my surroundings. One fellow I was sitting next to remarked I should "stay away from those boys…" Yes sir, I am! Gee-golly! All they do is pull my pig-tails.  Plusl I'm looking for the men now actually – though – not finding much. ;) Oh snap! Men-children. Grow up already! Start going to some banquets or something…
Anyway – that was my rather all growed up weekend. Spiffing yes? Yuppie restaurants, symphonies, and banquets with academic suits. I guess I am pretty much all growed up – doing growed up things – too bad I still look 18. (No really, I am not exaggerating! I must look 18 because Nikelle and I went to see Wolverine a weekend ago and they had a 21+ showing (no teens or babies – it was AWESOME) and the girl letting everyone in CARDED us!! "Do we really look under 21?" I asked her surprised, and she said "Yeah.. ESPECIALLY you!" Snort.) I mean... absolutely marvelous!


(light) Black And Decker said...

Awe, you cute little young-un. I just wanna, squeeze your cute little dimply cheeks!

Just a thought... said...

My daughter has that same problem ...drives her crazy! Upon returning home from her mission I took her to the mall to get her hair cut, highlighted, etc. and the "technician" asked, "So ...are you cutting class today?" Say what?!? Thought she was still in high school instead of almost 23! The worst is being away at college hanging out with friends and the guys they meet think she's tagging along with her older sister. And yes, she's very tired of hearing ...oh but you will look so young when you are in your 40's. Please, that's not helping me now!!! Yes ...we feel your pain!

Jessica said...

Ok this is random, but I just have to put in a plug for something awesome that I've known about for a long time but never took advantage of until recently. I know opera is lower on your list of enjoyment, but if you ever have some free time and about $20 extra dollars just, you know, lying around, I highly recommend that you head to a movie theater in our area that shows the metropolitan opera's performances (that they've been broadcasting in HD to theaters around the country for the last couple of years in an attempt to revive interest in the medium). I've always enjoyed opera, but any performance I've ever seen does not compare to what the Met does. Throroughly worthwhile and completely breathtaking. No one has the talent that they possess in ridiculous abundance and no oe is willing to take the risks that they do in staging and interpretation.

Just a... suggestion.

It's my new obsession.

Jessica said...

and I forgot to include a link to their page/schedule. Just in case... you know.