Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend – Hanging with a bunch a’ monkeys!

What’s better than a 3 day weekend? I ask you? And I’m not talking about weekends where you decide you just can’t take it anymore and call in sick on Friday because one more day just seems like utter torture even if it IS dress-down day. I’m talking about Monday holidays! Mmmm. Yeeeeah. Those kind of 3 day weekends. Monday holidays are perhaps my favorite holidays ever. EVER! It’s not just having Monday off (which shortens the work week to 4 days automatically), but it increases Sunday’s enjoyment as well! You don’t have to “ready yourself” for the work week on Sunday evening and ruin your “day of rest” with thoughts of the upcoming week. No! Not on Holiday Mondays! Go ahead – stay up watching 3 hours of Jon and Kate Plus 8 marathon weekend. Why don’t you just read 3-4 more chapters of your book? You can sleep in! Better yet – pop in a movie – a nice long one – go really crazy and chuck in Lord of the Rings the Return of the King.. at 9:00pm.. on Sunday NIGHT! It doesn’t matter! YOU don’t have to WORK tomorrow! Sigh… let us bask in the Monday holiday glow… just for a moment.

Okay stop basking… lets talk activities.

FRIDAY! Crappy date and crappy movie. I don’t count that as part of my 3 day weekend – but thought I’d warn you that 1. Angels and Demons is less than “meh” and secondly, I’m going to start saying no to some first dates. Yeah. I think I will. It seems harsh and I know all ya’ll are out there like, “Oh you can give them a chance.” And yes – I will most always say yes to a first date regardless of interest level (or complete and utter lack thereof) so long as they’re somewhat “normal” seeming, just “to see” how goes. But really – honestly – there are some you can probably just say no too. Lets be honest. Dudes - you don't ask out anyone you'd rather not ever go out with - I think it's fair for girls to say no sometimes if they really don't want to go. Right? And I might just have to start saying no more often after being oogled and ogled Friday night by a little pervy. Shudder. Listen dudes, unless you look like a greek GOD puh-lease don’t try and “touch” a girl you barely know on a first date. At LEAST not in the first 5 minutes. Seriously. It’s gross. And I really don’t know who you think you are when you do that either. It makes it very apparent what you want – and it has nothing to do with the neck up. Secondly, ogling her like a the cover of a Playboy magazine your wanting to flip open is definitely, DEFINITELY, unacceptable in every realm of dating and furthermore, the fact that she’s tucking her hands in her armpits, under her legs, and sitting with her back mostly to you all up in some middle aged woman’s grill sitting next to her t the movie just so you’ll FREKAING STOP TRYING TO TOUCH HER AND LEAN INTO HER FACE TO ASK YOUR LOUD QUESTIONS… is a decent hint that whatever “I should give it a chance” idea she may have once entertained is completely and utterly dashed. Yeeeeeah… it was the “porn-stare” dude. Please refrain from porn-stare. Shudder.

Lets move on to Saturday…

Hmmm… took Nik to the airport, hair appointment (it’s okay), general deep cleaning of the apt, some running involved, 3 shirts for $20 at Express (holla!), Target trip, sushi, aaaaand Redbox movie Taken (pretty excellent). Well I had a good day! I like those days where your consistently active – but doing leisurely things. Or doing things you’d like to get done during the week (apt cleaning) but never have time to. What made it even better is that it was okay that my Saturday was completely absorbed in errands and cleaning because I had a second Saturday on the horizon! MONDAY! Bliss bliss bliss…bask bask bask...

But first,

Sunday…BLISSFUL Sunday evening not worrying about working on Monday because it’s a holiday! Holy day improved by Holiday (ba dum chi!).That’s all that needs to be mentioned. I read some good reads, watched some good Jon and Kate Plus 8, baked cupcakes (they were gross. HA! Frosting was good… pictured below… but the cupcakes themselves… nooooo good). I really do enjoy my Sundays. They’re so so… restful. And this particular Sunday was particularly restful. Why? WELL!!!

Monday is Memorial Day! Monday… is a holiday. And on Monday I went to the Zoo. Hogle Zoo. How exciting! I’ve not been to the Zoo in a good long while… years in fact… and was very excited to go! A group of us got together and went with the rest of Salt Lake City to enjoy some wildlife observations on this most glorious Monday holiday. Apparently a lot of people were brilliant like myself and thought “Oh I know… the ZOO!” as well. It was packed - but still a lot of fun.

Look how I’m trying to be a monkey… ahem

Justin wins the monkey look alike contest. Good for you man. Cough.

A real monkey!

Are you... peacocking?!?

Terilyn! Quick! Run! There’s a pink Fly perched on your shoulder trying to give a “cool backwards” peace sign! No no no… it’s just me everyone! I wear fly sunglasses now. Sure wish someone would’ve told me they made my face look like a poop eating insect before I bought them. Mumble, grumble. Bzzzz
Speak up! I can’t hear you! He he he – get it? He has big ears. It’s like irony… or a lame joke… or something.

Classic Hogle Zoo Pic. Drinking from the gapping lions mouth. Do you like how far down I have to lean to get some water? Got myself a nice squat pic going on here.

And finally – the pacing Cheetah. Can I explain how this cat was seriously eyeing all the chubby babies perched on their Dad’s shoulders? I’m serious. After he was down pacing hungrily for awhile… he took a step back and I swear on all that is good and awesome about Monday holidays, gauged whether he could get enough of a running start to jump the fence and snag one of those plump wiggling balls of yum for his meal. I could seriously see it in his face “hmmm… dude I’m thinking I could totally make that…”

After the zoo extravaganza, Terilyn and I had ourselves some deliciously American traditional burger, fries, and a shake, and then went and saw Terminator Salvation. I thought it was pretty awesome myself. Better than Wolverine... not the calibur of Star Trek... but still awesome. All in all I found it a rather delightful weekend - a delightful 3 day weekend! Which as you know are the best weekends to have.


KaWheelers said...

Hey Andrea!! Quick question for you... Ben and I are moving to a new place and they don't allow cats. We still have Lila and she is still as adorable as ever. I thought that before I take her anywhere, I should ask you if you want her back. She's definitely a cat now. Not a kitty but she still is as cute as ever!

Anyway -- let me know! Thanks!!

Trina Wheeler

Andrea Jolene said...

Gasp! I want! But I must speak with my roomie about it. I will let you know!