Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A "workation" in sunny St. Geezy!

This week, (okay by now it's "last week." Can I tell you I wrote up this post last Saturday and am just now finding the time to add the appropriate pics and spell-check run through? Yes, I'm one of those "like, I'm so busy people..." but just this week I'm sure. I promise to return to lameness soon), I spent 3 days on a mini-workation. For my job I travel around to different school districts in the area and give presentations in Junior Highs; specifically 8th graders. I tell them to take the right classes, so they can go to college, and eventually get a good job. That's some of what I do... in a nutshell. Washington District is one such place I have the opportunity to work with and that means, I get to go to St. George every now and again. Perk!... ish.

When I first started my job and took these St. George trips - it was in the winter. Boo! I mean, okay it's not as frigid as upstate and I GUESS you could count that as a perk. But honestly, having to look out at the lovely pool and hot tub area, in St. George, during winter months is almost cruel and unusual punishment. People come to St. George for the out of doors! The sun! The brilliant red rock! Plus, I usually go alone and that can get, well, pretty dull.

This time, however, not only did I get to go in the heat of July, but my roomie came with me. It made the drive more pleasant (I've taken to flying down there if I'm alone - oh merciful flying!) not to mention it wasn't as dull when I'd done with my work day and was ready to enjoy a little "stay-cation" in St. Geezy. Mmm hmmm. Nothing like a mid-week mixture of work and play, am I right? I can check my email from the pool in the blistering 106 degree sun just as easily from an air conditioned hotel room. I was finally able to take advantage of some of the privilege that comes with "work travel" even to such localities as St. George. But don't worry, being the upstanding moral person that I am (that's right! How dare you doubt...) I did most definitely do my work as well. I mean, that was the point of the trip in the first place. Psh.

Here is my work face for proof (aka, waiting for people to arrive face):
Here is my play face:
The difference? Natural lighting and general bad-assedness assumed by bug sunglasses and sassily cocked head. What what!

After my meetings, work, and emails were done, and after hours baking in the sun, we went on the shopping spree of shopping sprees to such places as Ross, TJ Max, and Target. What? Have you BEEN to the TJ Max in St. George? That's what I THOUGHT! It's fairly AWESOME. And huge. I've never seen a bigger or better TJ Max to compare. Though, I still maintain that Orem boasts the best Ross in the state. Just sayin. I got some office-wares, some house-wares, and some body-wares (known as 3 shirts and a purse). Also, I MUST tell you, the below is one of my house-wares and I'm very proud of it. Let me tell you the tale...
I had been house-sitting for one of my bosses last week and in his home he had these large beautiful pendulum clocks. There were two if I recall correctly and they just gave a look of modern class and sophistication. I liked 'em real good. So I'm perusing the Ross in St. Geezy and what do I stumble upon? WELL! A clock much of the same make and style as said larger clocks I had admired while house-sitting, but it was the smaller wall hanging version. Now look at the clock - it doesn't look cheap right? I mean it's a fine piece of house-ware! Pause. Get a figure in your head. What do you think something like that would regularly cost. No really... think. I bet like $40 minimum right? Well you are RIGHT! It DID cost that but what did I pay? $11.99. Gasp!

Deal of the month!


Needless to say - it doesn't hurt to "get away" once in awhile, even if it has to be with some work mixed in and even if it's just to find some sun and shopping in your own state. Though St. George is a great place to vaca... I don't I'd ever want to live there. It's SO hot! I think SLC weather is just fine and dandy... yes even the winters. I like moderate temperatures and come to find there's a HUGE difference between 95 and 105. Sheesh. Though, I could live in Cedar City quite easily. I've never been able to picture myself as living outside the SLC area too far if I am too be a Utah-lifer. But Cedar City I could definitely do. I almost went to school there and every time I drive through I remember how much I'd liked it even as a wet-nosed college hopeful. Thems were the days.

And look who missed her mommy. Awwww, poor ickle Lila. She jumped in my bag all by herself! I really think she was stressed I'd been go so much lately, what with the house-sitting and St. Geezy stay. She actually pooped right in front of the TV. Crapped her pants! Poor... evil red-eyed cat from hell. Er, what? OH! And as promised, here's my car. Ta da! She is called Stella and as you can see, Stella is a little dusty from the rain/not rain/wind that comes through SLC once in awhile - but she's been awesome and I lurve her and OH... I'm so happy to feel the gentle breeze of air-conditioning whisping through my hair as I go to the grocery store, make a stop at the bank, and run any other general errands where I'd otherwise sweat like a spring pig headed to the smoky slaughterhouse... in St. Geezy. Now, there's an image.


(light) Black And Decker said...

Yay new car!

Marisa Jean said...

Yay for good deals and sweet stores!

I could live in Cedar, too--but I don't think you could pay me to live in the armpit of hell...uh... I mean...St. George.