Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life. Complete.

It's official. I now have absolutely no reason to travel beyond a 5 block radius for anything. School, work, shopping, theater, eating of delicious things, and now... and NOW!!!

(pronounced Tar-jay)

Life is good. So very good. No more driving to Centerville or Fort Union for me. No no! Instead, I will leisurely drive to the bran spanking new DOWNTOWN located Target for all my Targeting needs. What joy. 

And here is my mom being harassed by a zombie. I felt this was a necessary picture to show the world. I mean, when else do you exclaim, "And the red eye in that picture is AWESOME!" Exactly. 

My mom and I went to Thriller last weekend - one of my all time favorite Halloweening things to do. I've gone every year for 3 years now and plan on going over and over again in the future. It just t'ain't Halloween without some dancing Zombies. Right? Well, dancing harassing zombies. That makes it a little more special.

Here's to another 2 weeks of Halloweening Shenanigans! You best believe there's more to come... (Ooooooo....)


jaime said...

I love the new Target and I love Thriller! Love, love, love!!!

Becca said...

Seriously! I went with Ms DeBroux the other day and I was so excited I almost asked her to take a cheesey picture of me out in front of the building! By the way, I would still LOVE to go to the temple with you sometime. My next week is looking a little more open than this week. Call/text/facebook me if you've got some free time then.

Marisa Jean said...

What's amazing is that since I've moved five minutes from Target, my spending there has actually decreased. Granted I still spend quality alone time parading through the isles on a regular basis, but still, it's been rather odd!