Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pretty Princess Par-tay and accompanying Epiphany.

For those of you who are wondering, it WAS my Birthday yesterday. A rather auspicious occasion I would say. I did say! Just now. I, SAY! (said Britishly....). Consuming ADD medication... and continue.

27 years. That's how long I've walked the earth. Much like dinosaurs used to walk the earth for a time. What do dinosaurs have to do with anything? Well, they don't I guess.  I just find the phrase "walked the earth" generally applies to things of epic proportions like dinosaurs and... woolly mammoths. "When dinosaurs walked the earth... insert incredible fact about gigantic flesh eating plant life and non-global warming effected weather patterns (then insert agenda)..." You follow me? No? Well, onward then.

ALSO! Halloween is my favorite holiday. It happens to land during my favorite month: October. Also housed in October you will find such pleasant things as my Birthday, Columbus day, my Birthday, UEA weekend, "huntin" season for you "huntin'ers", Canada's Thanksgiving, the go-ahead to sport burnt red tops and dust off the sweater tights, General Conference, mucho football games, and my Birthday. So I says to myself I says SELF! If you claim that October is your favorite month and subsequently, Halloween is your favorite holiday, then why have we (my self and my brain talking to myself = we... precious) not thought to combine the two? Why indeed!!! Picture this: themed party. Eh? Eh?!?!?!

This year for my Birthday and in celebration of October and All Hallows Eve, I had a Pretty Pretty Princess Party. It's not weird because it's October (dress ups expected), and it's awesome because my friends and I are ALSO awesome. Logically, it shouldn't be any other way. Too think I've been irrationally celebrating my birthday all these years. Alas!

It went something like this:

A gathering of Princessy Proportions for a fine and dandy meal at Biaggi's. Here here!

 An excellent display of snobbery, I'd say.

 Presents! Me likey presents. Pretty Princess Presents!

 Sounds like a puppy. Is it a puppy? It sounds like a puppy.

 As all princesses would, we had the Royal Dance of the Gateway Water Fountain. What Form! What Grace!

 Now thems be some sassy ladies.

And this is my fuzz, YooHoo. I brought fuzz along to ironically ride around in my pretty purple Prada bag to mock wannabe princesses and their fuzzy rat-dogs. This represents my fuzzy rat-dog. A stuffed, crowned, creepy eyed bush squirrel that makes an enchanting "ringa dinga ding!" noise when you squeeze him. Ever tried to squeeze a rat-dog? Not. Recommended.

A tradition is clearly emerging, wouldn't you agree? Pretty Princesses this year, next year, Superheros! Or a Witch convention (save the wise-cracks), or Ironic T-shirt Party! The sky's the limit.

On a serious note - I did have a little reflection on my past 27 years. And I feel... good. I've done a handful of commendable things and most importantly, most relieving, I don't feel I've wasted too much of my life with things of no worth. Sure, there's been a boy here or there that definitely wasn't worth the time or a mountain that ended up not being worth climbing and merely taking the route around its base, but in retrospect, those things were always worth the lesson. Seeing the progression that comes from the rough patches is rather rewarding - and in every way encouraging. I'm right where I need to be, when I need to be, and doing what needs to be done. There's some comfort in that. There's a lot of comfort in that.

Cheers 27!

Oh, and Heidikins won the trash bags because the rest of you yacks didn't even TRY for it. Was it because of the bags or the pressure? Alright, different (not better) prize and less pressure. Contest #2 will be epic! Think: bush squirrels.


heidikins said...

The Party of Awesome!


Adam and MiKail said...

Happy Birthday, Andrea! I'm glad you had a wonderful day! I have to agree - October is a pretty awesome month - I'm glad Claire will have an October birthday (most likely).

I had to laugh at your "precious" comment. To this day, I still hear you saying that in my mind from time to time from our Snow College days. Good memories... :)

Andrea Jolene said...

Ah yes... the Snow College years. And I LOVE the name Claire. Adorable!

Michele said...

Oh, what a fun, fun B-day party! You look so cute in your pink and Hello Kitty. I am so impressed with your entire ensamble. I wished I could have come. It looked like my kind of party.

Craig Barlow B. said...

I hope you had a terrific birthday.

My life has been spotted with tons of mountains I didn't climb. That's why I've only ever climbed King's Peak. Because I thought, "I can't climb all those mountains."