Monday, February 7, 2011


For a class assignment, a classmate and I had to interview an undergraduate about her "college experience." It was an interesting opportunity to reflect - now being old and graduated from all things "undergrad" and having to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between my life, schooling, and outlooks now to what they were "then". There were such dreams! Such hopes! I was so young once! Full of life! Now I'm just an old bag dwindling away at a career and graduate school trying to fill my life with meaningless drivel until I DIE!

Just kidding.

It's not meaningless and only sometimes drivel. I'm also not an old bag - but a "seasoned" 20 something on the up and up! Look out world! Soon, you will refer to me as Master Cox!

But this post isn't about life or goals or futures or even cats. Naw... this post is about discovering little hidden gems that were once tucked away and forgotten until a school assignment or  perhaps a desire to wear that army green jacket you keep forgetting about strikes you and what ho? you find a tube of Beeswax Chapstick in your pocket! It's times like these when you remember that karma works the other way too! The good way. Or on the other hand, causes you to  reflect on the fact that finding chapstick in your pocket being the highlight of your day is perhaps an indicator to shake things up a bit. I'm always losing chapstick though so finding a random usable tube (i.e. non-melted, non-washing machined) is cause for celebration in my world.


I recorded the above referred to interview on my IPod. Yes, my Ipod does that. Fancy pants. Then, while trying to extricate said video from my Ipod, I found this long forgotten video covered in e-dust just awaitin e-discovery. I present to you a walk down memory lane.

Lets watch:

That's the streets of Vietnam! I'd like it noted that after this happy bicycle ride to find an ATM, we were merely an HOUR away from what would become the most torturously long and soul sucking 6 hours of our lives. Shudder. From the happiness on our faces and joy in our voices you'd never know we were about to experience such mind-numbing horror. I know there's a metaphor in there somewhere about "just when you think you've got it made, you're stuffed into the backseat of an overcrowded van in Vietnam with a puking woman in front of you, porn playing on the screen above your head, a stinky European armpit in your face, and 6 hours of bumping, winding, hellish roads to try and muscle through all the while WILLING your Ipod to maintain battery life as your only tool of maintaining your sanity; "Please Lord let it play... please let it play." A very common life metaphor I'd say - and one we all must learn. I also recall getting fiendishly sick a day after that. I blame the puking woman, the porn, the van, and a large Banana smoothie consumed at the shadiest Cambodian restaurant ever constructed, the day before. So listen up. If you've got a hankering for a Banana smoothie in Cambodia, RESIST! Avoiding water apparently means avoiding ice. Turns out they use ice in smoothies. Ice and kamakazi intestinal parasites. Gives it a little kick.

Well, that's all I wanted to show you. This little gem of a video I found while trying to pull a student interview from my Ipod. I'd say that's the "e" equivalent of finding $10 in your pocket! and a tube of Beeswax chapstick. Mmm... or maybe just the chapstick. Mostly the chapstick. Ahem.


Just ME the MOM said...

Love it when that happens :) Although I'm feeling a little sick myself at the thought of the parasites being serving along with the Banana smoothies - yuck! ;)


Craig Barlow B. said...

The other day I cleaned my apartment and I found some old essays and a one-act play I wrote. I read one of the essays and the one-act play, and it made me think that despite my law studies I might still be smart and funny, like I was then.

Andrea Jolene said...

Yes - don't let law school take away your god-given talents. Cause it will try and do that. French took away my ability to spell... and I've been a "spellcheck" junky every since.