Monday, February 28, 2011

Shall I compare thee to a Summer's Day?

Well I can't. Know why?!?! KNOW WHY!??! Because it's still frak-a-zee-ing Winter and I've had it.

Listen, I don't mind snow generally. I don't mind snow in December or January specifically. I don't mind a crisp in the air if it carries the scent of leaves, baked goods, nutmeg, ciders, and pink pumpkin scented wall plug-ins. I enjoy some comfort food smothered in gravys and various soups the warm your immortal soul and being inside toasty warm as the wind whistles outside. At least, I don't mind all of that until about mid-January. Then I'm DONE! And basically, all those really good things about cold weather are done about that time as well. After Christmas, we all just face a veritable frosty hell. Honestly, I don't know why people think hell is all fire and brimstone. That sounds pretty nice right about now. I think Hell is a frozen glacial desolation where Christmas never comes. Kind of like Narnia before Aslan; always Winter, never Christmas. Shudder. Eh? Eh...

I'd also like to point out that February is generally crap. Mostly the last part of February into mid-March is basically crap. There are no good movies, Christmas is long gone, you've just suffered through yet another Single Awareness Day, and all the comfort food is beginning to look exceptionally squishy around your belly and butt with swimsuit season looming around the corner (bittersweet, no?). You're generally sick of sweaters and leggings and gloves and dry white flaky crappy skin and chapped lips and nose colds and bracing yourself for the biting chill right before you cross the threshold to the outside world. It's exhausting. And I for one, would like Summer to come right along if you please. I'd like it to come right along RIGHT NOW!

In this lament of cold crappy weather, I'd like to bring some sunshine into both of our souls (mine and my one reader - hello reader!) by creating a list. Things just got a bit brighter already, right? Who doesn't love themselves a good list?! I can't think of anyone... and if there is someone they're probably messy, disorganized, and actually like the winter. Loser.

A List of Things I Love About Summer and Why I Wish It Were Here RIGHT NOW!!
1. Sunshine, Sweet glorious Sunshine - a given
2. Outdoor sports - particularly the Frisbee and being able to run outside. How I long to not run on a boring old treadmill anymore. And grass! I like grass.
3. Scooter Rides - I got into the habit of taking an hour Scooter ride on Ms. Holly every Sunday around the Aves. It really made my day and I miss the warm breeze, sniffing the smells of Aves residents cooking up suppers of Vegan pasta salads and Tofu burgers, and guys checking out the cool chick on the wicked awesome turquoise scoot. Don't worry boys - I'll be back.
4. Concerts in the Park - nothing like standing shoulder to shoulder with sweaty drunks listening to the smooth sounds of hipster music in the Park. Nuthin.
5. Farmer's Market - oh oh oh how I LOVE the Downtown Farmer's Market. The fresh produce, the wheat pancakes, that delicious corn Salsa, the hummus, and jams. And the people watching! Oh the people watching. No where else will you see so many dogs that look like their humans... or humans that look like their dogs. Whatever.
6. Camping - I love camping. Lets go do some CAMPIN!
7. Hiking - I love hiking. Oh. And then after a really rigorous hike cleaning up and attending a... ... ...
8. BBQ!! Oh man I want to go to a BBQ every single weekend this summer. I want to go to a BBQ right now! Too bad it would totally suck right now. Psh.
9. Dresses and Skirts - I'm not as much a shorts person as I'm all about the dresses and skirts. I feel more feminine in the summer and heaven knows, this world needs a little more femininity. Right? Or at least shavin legs.
10. Freckles - I sprout them in abundance during the summer and generally feel I look much cuter a little more freckled. Freckles speak to my girlish innocence and fun-loving spirit.


Dear Internet, I could go on. Alas, I will stop here and bask in the warm glow that is my fluorescent computer screen while trying to gather heat from my under-desk space heater - imagining it is the sunshine and warmth I so long for. I can't even recall the taste of strawberries, the touch of grass, the sound of water... oh wait (Movie Allusion! E-high five to whomever can guess!). What are your greatest long lost memories of Summer? Does it still exist in your mind? Tell me about it. Tell me of your Summers that once WERE!! Let us take this journey together... and perhaps at the end... we will find hope. Hope of another Summer like the ones of long ago. Summer's lease hath all too short a date...


Sumiko said...

Motorcycles...mine is languishing in the garage, looking sad because there is no throaty roar emitting from the tailpipes. It just about breaks my heart. I'd settle for spring!

Annie said...

I miss my sunroof. My glorious big sunroof. I'd like to open it up and feel the fresh air without the bite of winter or the hacking cough that comes with the overcast inversion skies.

naomi said...

Frodo, to Sam, while in Mordor.

Andrea Jolene said...

Naomi - an E-high five for the movie, and E-high five for the characters, the E-high five for the place. That's 15 points worth of E-high fives. I salute you!

Sumiko - my Scooter is languishing as well.

Annie - We all turn into Gollum over the winter... hacking, bleary eyed, and pale. GOLLUM! GOLLUM!

Just a thought... said...

I don't mean to sound like I'm gloating but Spring has already arrived in South Texas. Today I was out doing what I love ...planting geraniums in my back yard, picking and steaming fresh asperagus and brocolli from my garden, and takng my dog on a long, glorious stroll around the lakes in my neighborhood park. Don't feel badly or left out because by the time Spring finally arrives in your valley, we will be melting from the heat and humidity and begging for sweet mercy here!

Michele said...

Oh my heck you made me want Summer to come so bad! BBQ's, Farmer's Market, even freckles... cause they do mean summer is here.

Dear Summer, please come soon. We miss you!

jaime said...

Andrea, I can't really see eye to eye with you here. I LOVE snow! I think it's so beautiful and love the way it coats the trees after a storm. I also love to go boarding, I love to wear scarves and sweaters, I love leggings and boots, especially my moon boots!
Now before you start hating, here are things I'm super looking forward to in the spring: taking walks on Broadway antiquing, sitting out on Temple Square on my lunch critiquing the brides and seeing the beautiful flowers, Sunday night games of fugitive, and motorcycle rides up the canyon with my cute boy.

Andrea Jolene said...

Hey Jaime - I love all those winter things from about Oct-mid-January. Then SCREW IT! ;) That is all. Ha.

Marisa Jean said...

BBQ...dresses...not having to wear socks with every freaking pair of shoes...whimper. Will summer ever arrive? Or is this a sign of the times? If so, just shoot me know.