Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Things will turn up… except when they don’t


I’ve lost my camera battery charger. I don’t know where and I don’t know how, but never the less, lost it is. I remember having it on the boat during the great Christmas Cruise of 2010. I remember putting it in a little baggy with other electronic odds and ends I wanted to keep together.  What’s more, is all those other little electronic devices, my IPod Charger, USB cable for attaching my camera to a computer, AA batteries, they’re all accounted for. Housed in the same little blue cloth bag I kept my camera battery charger – but WHERE is the CAMERA battery charger? Nowhere. That is my last memory of seeing it alive, officer, I swear to you.

It will turn up.

That’s what I thought when I first noticed it missing. It will turn up and I will once again be able to NOT take pictures of things because I keep forgetting to pack my camera around like “legit” bloggers, eager to capture moments on digital film. Usually when I lose little things like that; my red stone ring from Cambodia (which I FOUND this morning in my pants pocket! Huzah!), a semi-important piece of mail, chapstick (always chapstick), my IPod (happens), etc, they tend to eventually turn up. Ah HA! I exclaim! There you are! Turned up as I expected! I've learned to trust in the concept of "turn-up" - it's a little like karma I guess. It will come back around - just be patience little one.


My camera battery charger? Nuthin doin. End of March and my beautiful red Canon camera I bought this time last year for the Great Thailand Adventure, has been sitting there useless for months! MONTHS! And recently I’ve felt compelled to take pictures. For example: when that Dim Bulb of a girl ran her car through the Firestone window. THAT would’ve been a GREAT time for a picture. Eh? A great time! A time now NOT captured with a picture. Or perhaps the high volume of hipsters at the gallery stroll I went to last Friday. Another great photo moment – mustaches, skinny pants, and beat poetry galore! But did I have a camera? No I did not; for it is dead and useless at home without its battery.

Then I got to thinking today, I’m planning various trips this summer and I’d really like to make sure I have a working camera to capture said moments and wield them as proof of my coolness on the Facebook. What are my adventures without FB documentation? Shadows and dust. Shadows and DUST! (e-high five for whoever knows the movie!)

So, I gave in today, got on Amazon, and bought another camera battery charger. You know what’s going to happen, don’t you? The SAME thing that happened when I thought I’d lost my red IPod and waited for it to turn up for 2 MONTHS before finally purchasing another one and THEN having the red one turn up inside the “black-purse-of-black holes-that-has-pockets-to-a-parallel-universe-I-swear-to-you!” when I was rummaging for gum during intermission at La Boehme. Grrrr. So that's what will happen with this - though significanly cheaper which is nice. I will find my camera battery charger a week after ordering the new one  and then have two. One doesn’t really need two battery chargers (or maybe they do if they keep losing one - cough cough - me me). Irony: one of life’s real cruelties.

In other news...

I’m planning trips this Summer! Take a Look-see!
Trip #1 – Graduation March – May 6th. Hurah! Best trip ever.

Trip #2 – Charleston, South Carolina – 1 full week in May.

Trip #3 – Moab, Utah – Going with the Wardys (i.e. Church Group)

Trip #4 – Portland/Seattle – which WILL include the following… ahem hem… Portland, Astoria (Goonies Never Say DIE!), Forks and La Push (Forks for the ironic photo op, La Push for the beachfront Northwest style), Port Angeles (on the 4th of July – so cool), Leavenworth, and Seattle.

And that’s where I’m at! I love summer. I really do. And I’m so excited for this summer. I even revved up Holly (the Scooter) a few days ago and have been trying to locate her proof of sale/registration form (it will turn up) so when the first signs of 70+ weather and sunshine break through the grayness, Holly and I will be there, cruising around the streets of SLC! You know what would be really great for cruising around SLC on a scooter? A working camera. Sigh. 5-7 business days and I’ll have that too.


Annie said...

I recently lost my camera. My cute black Sony cybershot perfect camera that I did a lot of research on and saved up to get. The one that has pictures of me trying on wedding dresses and venues and many other things, like China and Mexico and England and Paris. I'm convinced it will turn up. Except that since it's been missing I packed up my life and moved and it didn't turn up. Sigh. Saddness. (with two D's because that's how sad it really is.) But I agree with you, I don't want to buy another one because it WILL show up!

Mrs. Walker said...

Will your tour through the Pacific Northwest be taking you through Spokane? I might recommend it, because it is quirky and cute and you might never want to leave. Also, my husband provides excellent meals. ( holy cow that sounded like an invitation to become a polygamist wife. Totally just offering you over for dinner if you are in the area.)

Michele said...

Sorry about your cord. I remember when your iPod did the disappearing act too.

Trip #4 sounds so fun! You'll love Portland. It's heaven. I can't believe you are going to Forks! That's super cool. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Andrea Jolene said...

Michele - I am taking a vampire-esque photo in Forks just for you. FOR YOU! You think they'll have some sort of memorablia there? ;)

Melisa - Spokane! Thought about it. I'll let you know!

Annie - my heart aches for you. It will turn up though I'm sure. ;)