Thursday, February 16, 2012

Taking the Plunge... then the bike... then the run

Well I did it! I said I would and I did. So that in an of itself is cause to celebrate. So in addition to the applause for my follow-through, I signed up for the San Rafael Sprint Triathlon. Below I have illustrated the process I went through to finally commit to this goal. You may have to use your imagination a little bit and for that I apologize. I know we're not used to having to employ our own creative devices to stories that could easily be turned into a big screen, special-effected, blockbuster. Thus, I ask you to bear with me.

Or cat with me...

For I am the cat in this scenario.

That's a pretty decent representation of the face I made. Slightly freaked out though pleased with myself.

Then as it inevitably does, reality started to set in this week. I run. I mean, I run for exercise and have done some small races and one big race (Wasatch Back Relay) and generally feel more than comfortable facing a 5k as part of the Sprint Triathlon. In fact, I even glanced at the Olympic Triathlon simply because I run a 5K every time I go to the gym. I wanted to push myself and a 10K seemed more to the task. Then, of course, there's the biking which I also feel very equipped to handle. I've biked significant distances and don't feel the biking, with a little greasing of the old joints and a new road bike vs. my heavy mountain bike, would be a big barrier for me. I could easily truck out 15 miles. Again, considering the Olympic distance of 30 miles, I thought hmmmm - I bet I could do that - even with the promise of a 10k promptly following - I bet I could do it. Perhaps I should push myself and just plunge into the full out Olympic Triathlon! I HAVE SUPER POWERS! I COMMAND THE UNIVERSE! BOW TO ME ELEMENTS!!!

It's the swim, folks. It's the swim that crushed my delusions of grandure. Naturally I took swimming lessons for several years, but now as I look back... they were more like "not drowning" lessons and I'm happy to say, I've not ever drowned! I think that flawless record can speak for itself. Well... I THOUGHT it could speak for itself. The sprint distance is a 1/2 mile swim. As I measure distances purely in football fields and track laps, I thought, "Oh yeah, I could swim two laps around a track. Hell! I could swim freaking 4 track laps!" So this week my roomie, an avid Triathlon participant, introduced me to swimming... as in not the opposite of drowning. 

The below illustration indicates my experience... after swimming.... oh... 200 yards (like... barely 1 lap... with vast breaks in between... in a calm, serene pool).

THUS, I exercised my common sense and signed up for the Sprint Triathlon after being significantly humbled by my swimming experience. I will tell you, I look like a legitimate swimmer with my TYR swim suit, goggles, and cap. Next on the list, fins. For the love of all that is holy FINS! I went again last night... and lets just say... its a good thing the Triathlon is in July. There are 3 lanes at my gym swim hole and naturally, there was some punk-ass hot shot swimmer next to me lapping me like he was Michael Phelps swimming for his 10th gold medal! Loser. But I will do it! So help me, the swim will not  hold me back from being a Sprint Triathlete come July! I am also very happy that this Triathlon is in my hometown because you best believe I will be going down there in June and practicing in THEE official lake. It's all about connections.


Jaime Van Hoose Steele said...

Yay!! Congrats on doing your first tri!! Let me just tell's gonna be hard, but afterward you will feel awesome!! The Steeles do a yearly tri up in Logan. It's done in a pool...I'm too scared to venture into open water yet, so you've already one upped me there.

Good luck pal!!

The Sevy's said...

Good for you!!! Your ambition is inspiring! Good Luck