Monday, May 7, 2012

A brief update...

#1 - Mormon Matchmaker - nothing. But it took them awhile to call me for the in-person interview so I'm not worried. Truth  be told - really do forget about it until someone else asks. So keep askin! Maybe one day you'll get lucky.
#2 - Peace Corps - submitting requested documents and tests such as fingerprints and urine samples. Okay, not urine samples because... ew... but fingerprints yes.
#3 - Um.... I saw the Avengers and it was good... real good.

The End.


Nasher said...

So since you are done with the mormon matchmaker, you'll be returning any dvd's you might have borrowed... right? Assuming you are actually done with them, and aren't still watching favorite episodes, such as Darmok or Inner Light.

Andrea Jolene said...

Pete - YES! I was planning on giving them to Jon tomorrow night at bookclub! Thanks for their usage! Mucho appreciated.