Thursday, December 27, 2007

The First 5 Years Interest Free!! What

Alright. So I should grab my camera in the morning and take a picture of the billboard I noticed whilst driving to the temp job this morning - just to prove it exists. I literally did a double take. You know how one is in the morning - not keen on noticing anything in particular details, so when something rather amusing or strange happens - there's usually a double take involved. An additional "wake up" call (ya know other than the shower (sometimes) the breakfast (sometimes) the cold chill (always, lately) or the caffeine (Diet Coke)). The Billboard responsible for my abrupt wake up on the freeway pictured a sparkling diamond engagement ring, the center stone being bigger than the entire hand it would've been placed on, and sporting the name of one of thousands (I swear it's gotta be thousands) of Jewelry retailers in the area, while exclaiming excitedly "No Interest for 5 Years!" WHAT?!?! Brake, swerve, honk - same to you buddy!!! No interest for 5 years?!?! On an ENGAGEMENT RING? Who in their ruddy right mind would 1. BUY such a ring that it would take MORE than 5 years to pay for and furthermore - that having no interest for the first 5 would be an appealing selling point?? Secondly, does this poor bloke realize that if whomever he is presenting this completely frivolous and lets face it, seeping in GAUDY, debt slathered ring, must be a real piece of work requiring such a financial commitment from her fellow. I mean, isn't he ASKING you to marry him proof of commitment enough? Why live in a shanty so you can have your treasure chest displayed blindingly on your left hand just to compare with other catty snags? A little advice to those boys out there - if you are considering going into such considerable debt for an engagement ring that a promise like "the first 5 years interest free" is the deal of the century, you need to either a. take some deep breaths and put matters into perspective (she's marrying YOU, not the diamond) OR b. dump that gold diggin broad! No female who doesn't carry the last name Lopez, should expect her guy to go into such deep debt for a silly thing like an engagement ring. I mean, put a down payment on a HOUSE if you have money to spend - but the RING? Lets be sensible ladies - I mean really. I want an engagement ring too. And I want a diamond in it for sure - BUT, I want my husband more and I want to be as debt free as possible when we get married. I mean, isn't the number one cause for Divorce in the world financial difficulties? Why start out a marriage on such a wrong foot, I ask you! The first 5 years interest free? Why can't they offer that deal on something really worth while like student loans or a mortgage?

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