Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let the Right Job Find You

I'm employed! YES! I've left the world of giants, pirates, and crazys (it was hard, but necessary. I discovered there were also a few trolls and a witch that worked there as well - that's about all I could take). I have found meaning again, purpose, a decent WAGE! If any of you out there in Internet land recall my "blind date of destiny" awhile back, then you're caught up. If not - see here.

The job panned out. I got back from Christmas break and met with Ralph, the fellow I promised I had talent to, and he put me to work. I've been doing it for a week now and thoroughly enjoy it. The company is called CP80 (cp80.org go now!) and the cause is the Anti-Pornography Crusade! Through marketing, education, and legislation, CP80 is ridding the world of one Internet slum, one pornographers playground, one pedophiles fantasy, one piece of legislation, one idea, and one ad at a time. It's genius and I'm so excited to be a part of it - to be a part of something worthwhile. I am "the writer." Ohhhhhh don't you just LOVE that. Hi, I'm "The Writer"...."Oh! The Writer!"..."Yes yes..(nodding humbly) I am The Writer." Currently I've been working on turning pieces of state legislation into "layman's" terms for The Boss to present to...well, the layman along with State Senators and governing bodies. I've learned a lot just in the one week I've been working for CP80, and am on board full force. I get to do research papers (yes, I realize I worded that as if researching was a privilege - for your information - it IS a privilege for me. Like Alphabetizing the fiction section at Barnes and Noble...sigh, the good old days). I also write up their hand outs, edit manifesto's and white pages, as well as utilizing my French by looking up filthy words so we can "eradicate" them from home computer searches kids might use to bypass parental controls. That part has been a little....trying for my sensitive mind, but I see it as business and try not to be too shocked. I mean lets face it, I honestly have no idea what some of the terms mean, I just have to translate it into French.

Needless to say, I'm happy to be employed, and even more so, I'm happy to be employed in so great a cause. Now, I expect you, my faithful reader(s?) to educate yourself on what YOU can do to stop the Porndemic sweeping our nation and ravaging the minds of our children, degrading the good names of our businesses, and destroying homes and families. It's that serious! And you can help stop it!

Visit CP80.org


Deborah said...

Congratulations on the job with CP80. I am based in Australia and trying to get a similar initiative to CP80 introduced in this country. The CP80 Internet Zoning Initiative is a very worthy cause and all my dealings with the organisation have been very positive.

Hester said...

Deborah! Thanks for your comment and your support! I'm glad to see that CP80's initiatives are grasping global attention - after all, pornography is a global epidemic.

heidikins.com said...

Huzzah for Crusades!!