Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Slumber Party? Is that Kosher?

Dear Internet, I don't date. No no no, it's not really by choice (although sometimes it HAS to be - you understand) I just don't get asked. Okay okay, I don't get asked a lot. Okay, I don't get asked a lot by anyone I have remote interest in. Te he. Which is fine. Really, dating is rather stressful and I don't really recommend it. There are those girls out there who think "ah well, at least it's a free meal" when their date they've been trying to avoid at church for weeks so he won't find a way to corner you with ink splats on his shirt, a stunningly strait side part, and monotone voice finally asks you to "mini-golf" and dinner.  It's not worth it to me. (Well that particular guy hasn't asked yet - that's because I'm a good "date distancer" for the most part.) But, it HAS happened - and really, in the spirit of "give 'em a chance" I go. But I don't really have fun. THEY think it's fun. I can talk to pretty much anyone and when they leave thinking "wow that was good conversation" I think "wow, I'm so exhausted from carrying the entire night I want to faint!" No good. So really, you have to look at it logically, of all the bad, boring, non-interesting dates and daters you've experienced, how many were interesting, worth your time (and their money), and fun? Exactly! Still not worth it sometimes (and by sometimes I mean usually)! I'm 24 and I can think of 2 dates where I had an incredible time 1. Snowshoeing (so fun!), hot chocolate from melted snow, and sledding  2. Art Ball at a Museum (which I asked and paid for - but was still a lot of fun - and I got to wear a pretty dress). And the others weren't ALL bad - they just didn't "stand out" really. Still waiting to be impressed...;)

So am I making a point? Yes. I'm not going on a date on Friday. I'm going on a "hang out." Cough. I KNOW! Worse. BUT, lemme explain. Last Saturday I hung out with this same group (which consisted of a dating couple and a single boy and me). We went to a movie, and then played the Wii at the male half of the couples house. Aside from the Wii being one of the greatest inventions of the 21st Century helping the night along, I had a BLAST hanging with "the couple" and "boy." Seriously! The set up was "pseudo-date-ish" and 100% comfortable, fun, and kinda left me thinking "wow, I've really not had that much fun with someone in a really long time." I don't know if I can count a contrived pseudo-date-hang-out as a "date", but for the sake of the sorely empty "good date" list compared to the "bad, boring date" list, I'm going to defy conventional date definitions and add it. Now there's 3!! 

Tomorrow, is round 2 "group-hang-out-pseudo-date" with the same  folks. Activity? Well, I have wanted to see Amelie (popular french film) for AGES - but being a non-rated R movie viewer, I am in need of a "clean flicks" version or at least a "clean flicker" who knows what to skip to keep the movie clean for little conservative me. Well, afore mention single boy who is fun not only owns said film, but knows those parts to skip and is willing to do so this Friday night. FUN! The plan continues to evolve, however. Not only will the "French Night" (stop sniggering) consist of THE French Movie, but French Food a la "The Paris" in SLC, a Mansion Tour (courtesy of former roomies still living in said Mansion), perhaps some Wii playing at said boys parent's house in the Aves (a dash of Japanese and hippie I guess), and...a sleep over and breakfast (I even bought a ring for the occasion (not really but it works) - it's called the Oh La La ring, clearly - I'd show you but I don't have my camera nor is it listed online; weird). I know right? I won't watch R-rated movies but I'll sleep over at a pseudo-date-hang-outs boys house. Well never fear, (like you really were - so I guess this is more for me) there is many a spare room (spar-Oom..Chronicles of Narnia? The fawn...I..nevermind), and as mentioned "the couple" will likely be there too, thus another female companion. However, the circumstances (nor company) not being solidified yet; it may actually turn out to be me and the boy with whom I'm not "really" going on a date with. Ha. Or we may not even go at all; there's always that wrench in the plan to consider. The slumber party bit is Kosher for a first non-date-hang-out...don't you think? And can only spell F-U-N...for the most part. At least he doesn't have a side part ;) Now...what to WEAR! Post to follow!


Crowther said...

OH my what would the prophet say ... JK enjoy the psuedo dating experience.

heidikins said...

So? How did it go?


Ben said...

wait, side parts are bad?

Hester said...

Ha- only dorky ones. There are distinguished "Hip" ones. Since you are totally hip - then don't worry about it.