Thursday, November 26, 2009

A little reminder from last year... Holy War

One of the biggest college rivalries meets this Saturday at 3:00 in Provo, Utah. It's the Holy War between the University of Utah and BYU. Best. Game. Of. The. Year. Always intense. Always unpredictable. I felt only Hitler could remind us thoroughly of what happened last year... and will likely happen again this year.

All I can say is lets hope our UTAH MVP from last year shows up this year! We couldn't have won without the one and only Max Hall. Go Utes! And Go Max Hall! :) Crimson will be there to catch your passes every single time.


Mike & Emily West said...'s on, girl...IT. IS. ON!!!

Marisa Jean said...

Just a little reminder that you'll be sporting a BYU shirt this week because your precious Utes lost the war. Whoot Whoot!!!!

Andrea Jolene said...

The horror! The horror! ;) So long as it only says BYU and not "I'm a classless Max Hall hater" I will take my consequences with honor. ;)