Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Creativity Suck

I'd like to tell you how "busyness" sucks the creativity out of me. I don't know if I have a lot of creativity to suck - but when it's sucked - it's sure sucked dry. Suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked (high five to the person who knows that reference!).

So, as you can see, my blog posts have been tolerable at best. As of late, they've consisted of some random pictures and mockery here, an attempt at (what turned out to be) a lame contest (Dear Heidikins, I owe you garbage bags. Contest fail) there, and so on and so forth. And guess what? This one isn't going to do much better. I have 20 minutes before class starts, squeezed in between a very busy work day (don't we all!), a MPPASA meeting (it sounds important cause it is), and realizing I haven't eaten anything since the half turkey sandwich, chips, and Diet Coke I trackled (it's meant to say tackled but I like trackled... sounds intense!) in my car on the way out to Sunset Ridge Middle School for Utah Scholars presentations. Can I explain to you were Sunset Ridge Middle School is? Edge of the world. It's true. One more step and over you'd go. Whoosh!

So there's my excuse for blogging failure/cop outs: busy work, busy school, busyness. Giant creativity suck (side note: boy carrying helmet and sporting a sleek leather jacket and goatee just gave me a rather winning smile as he walked by my eagerly typing form... day improved! Helllooooo sir ;)), and it also seems my ADD hasn't decreased much either (Squirrel! (double high five for that reference)). I haven't been all ho hum and boringness though. No! I've done stuff! I attended some Halloween par-tays (one... cough) last weekend which were a jolly good times, watched AMC's Walking Dead (note to self: sleeplessness adds to creativity suck) and done some life planning here and there. The life planning takes up valuable brain power, right? Proof! Here's what I've planned:

1. Cruise in December (and I will continue to bring it up until the day I cruise and then the mockery will turn to photos of sandy beaches, blue waves, me in this sunhat, and Cabana boys).
2. Oh snap! I just realize I was supposed to sign up for Spring semester YESTERDAY! (move to #1 of plans)
3. Walk in Spring Convocation
4. Legitimately Graduate Summer 2011
5. Plan "Congratulations You're a Master!" trip to Italy in September
6. Research MPA jobs in London... then really any job that will take me in London
7. Er... keep my bathroom clean


And that's it really. I mean those are the "big" plans. Generally my thoughts are week to week and sometimes, day to day. Phew. Example: "work out tomorrow or live alone forever with those extra 10lbs you seem determined to cling to." It all adds to the bigger picture in one way or another. Alright, maybe that was a pathetic bit of an example. Much like this post is a pathetic excuse for a post.


Where'd that leather jacket boy go?


(checking watch)


Guess I'll sign up for Spring semester.


heidikins said...

I like your list--and I am still waiting for my garbage bags. ;)

I think you should add the Leather Jacket Guy to those priorities, however.


joN. said...

andy, you know i totally know both of those high-five references. i know them both so well i'm not even going to bother re-mentioning them. also, the word verification for this comment is 'halter.' that's weird.

jaime said...

Haha! I got both your quotes!! It appears you have an affinity for cartoons...as do I! Also, I hate you and all your trips your planning! (Ok...I don't really hate you, but I am jealous). I would love to go to Italy someday! Prague first...and Scotland...and Greece..but Italy is definitely on my list somewhere as well.

Good luck with all your list, which can I just say I'm a huge fan of lists! Hope to see more witty blogs from you during your oh so busy schedule :-)

Stacy said...

"Squirrel!" is from Up of course!

Andrea Jolene said...

Jon - I knew I could count on you! And halter is weird... might have something to do with my "utilize unique women's apparel references for word verification" request I submitted last week. Turns out they listen. Huh.

Jaime - I'm jealous of your HOTTNESS! What do you say to THAT?

Just ME the MOM said...

Graduation and a job in London - I like those kind of plans. - Good luck:)