Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cruise-Wear: help needed

Remember how I'm going on a cruise over Christmas while the rest of you will shiver-YER-timbers somewhere not as pleasant, warm, and tropical? Remember? Oh well, let me remind you.


Me (I'm positive I will look just like that! Ahem... mostly...):

So that said, I'd like to call on all you cruise veterans as to what in the world one packs for a cruise in the Mexican Riviera. After last weeks Carnival Cruise a-drifting events, I plan on packing some extra Luna bars and novels just in case. But other than that, I'm a little stumped as I know it won't be tropically unbearably hot, perhaps even a little nippy on the boat and off, but at the same time, don't nobody want to be caught in lovely weather with only long pants, a sensible long-sleeved cotton tee, and jacket. How much sun should I pack for? How much "nip" should I pack for? And more importantly folks- how much "fashion and glam" should I pack for? Don't cruises get a little uppity when the dinner bell tolls? Far be it for me to show up "island-frump" style and be the focus of disdainful glances and shaking heads as my breezy cotton Batman Crimefighter tee and linen shorts clashes like a tsunami on the shore with everyone elses black cocktail frocks and pashima scarves. Right? The horror! The horror! I can't think of anything worse than being "under-dressed dahling, really..." Oh first world conundrums. I've seen my grandma pack for a cruise before - and she looks sharp! She always lays out some fancy things, always classy things, and very few "casual" things. But she's just generally a classy lady so there's SOME bias.

So go ahead,  explain to me the gamut of Cruise wear one must never be without - and/or more importantly - what one musn't ever consider if they are to show their faces on a cruise again. The fancy, the casual, the weather required, and all the inbetweens.

I WOULD like you to know I bought this sunhat:
 and this waterproof watch (it's described as unisex... I don't judge) for the adventure.

 But as to the rest? Inexorably stump-ed. Help!


Crazy Walker said...

We went on the Carnival cruise from San Diego to Catalina Island then onto Ensenada and back to San Diego. We went in May, and it was in the 60's most of the time. I'd pack light cardigans/sweater/jacket type things. As for dressy dressy, I'd wear a pretty nice dress, semi-formal. Not everyone goes all out (it does depend on the cruise, or how long it is, where it's going, etc.). For our 5 day'er it was very laid back. One piece of advice, get your photo taken at all of the different places (they'll have a billion EVERYWHERE) and just buy one There will be plenty of people who would love to take your photo at your table with your friends & such. I felt like I was back in high school having my photo taken like that, but it was a lot of fun.

I honestly just read a LOT. It was too cold to swim, or even really be around outside much. It was soothing just to be on the ship and read. However, it was nice just to not have to be a mom for a while. lol. I'm betting you'd like to be a bit more adventurous!

Sumiko said...

So, this may not be terribly helpful, as the only cruise I've been on was to Alaska. Not exactly tropical...but we packed for 60 degree weather, and it was high 70s and 80s the ENTIRE TIME. So my advice is: layers. Love the layers. Lightweight tank tops & tees, light long sleeves, and cardigans. And since you're going somewhere warm, sundresses might be a good option because they are comfy but still dressy enough for evening, most of the time.
Linen is great if you don't mind wrinkles (or paying for dry cleaning on board the ship), because it looks fancy. Nice looking cardigans (maybe something with a little sparkle) and slacks are good for the casual dining days. If there's a formal day, I say take advantage of it and bring a full on dress! I wore a floor-length champagne gown on the formal dining nights, because I'm that kind of weirdo.
Oh yeah, and bring swimsuits. Multiples.
No matter how casual you go, it's almost guaranteed that someone will be even more underdressed than you. At least that was my experience.

jaime said...

Well I've never been to that location in the winter, but I've been in the Fall and the weather was still so warm that I wore dresses everyday and just brought along a small sweater for emergencies. So here's what I think you should bring:

*Comfy shoes for walking
*Sweater that goes with lots of outfits (or light jacket...I really don't know how cold it will be)
*Dresses (cause those look like you tried when really they are super easy, and you can eat without feeling fat!)
*Nice dress for the posh evening dinners
*Chapstick, liquid blush, & mascara (all the makeup needed when going tropical)
*Leave in conditioner spray. Helps your hair to not get so damaged from the salt water or chlorine. Just spray it in when you get out of the water and it keeps it looking somewhat decent and manageable.

Plus the basics: Ipod, shades, hat (which you already have), book, lotion, spf, camera, bathing suits, & money for shopping! :-)

Don't forget to eat all the soft serve ice cream you can! They have it available 24/7!!

:-) Have fun!

Andrea Jolene said...

Other than all of you being GENIUSES! I also believe you are subliminaly telling me to puruse JCREW's sale rack for discounted tissue tees and cardys. If I must, I must.

SO helpful all! I still think the trick will be the dress. Sundresses and skirts I have a plenty - but I love the idea of one real beauty of a dress! A quest!!

Nasher said...

I always figured you for as a 2-piece kind of girl. :P

Craig Barlow B. said...

I've never been on a cruise, but I'm pretty sure a wardrobe of frocks and smocks are pretty much the going fare.