Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This is why I like Barack.

Politically I could be described as a moderate conservative. A lot of my beliefs in government, policy, freedoms and rights, tend to fall closer to the Republican side of things rather than the Democratic side of things. Voting always turns more to the "moral vote" for me rather than a "policy vote." That is to say: gay marriage, abortion, the seperation of church and state, things of that nature. In fact, I guess my opinions on the afore mentioned issuses are what keep my leanings faced more right than left. However, as much as I may disagree with Democrats on a few "moral" points, there are things I agree with them on as well. Immigration and education tend to be two big ones worth mentioning where I tend to waiver more left than right. Once in awhile you'll see me defending a liberal health care plan or wishing we, too, were out of Iraq. I think most Americans are like me. Smack in the middle - perhaps with some leanings this way or that which ultimately decide our vote in the end. However, all that aside - I want to tell you why this moderate conservative with some left leanings likes Barack Obama and furthermore, will have my vote for President should he defeat Hillary out of the Democratic Nomination (please bless) and of course, if my man Mitt doesn't make it either. Grandpa, I know you are proud I'm finally voting for a Demo.

  • He's a true American: Barack knows the people. He wasn't born to priviledge like many politicians, and he's seen the humble as well as the proud. He has captured the American vision by rising up and working hard.
  • He Represents! It's no secret Barack is half African American. I think it's time America had an African American President; if anything, to really prove that America is learning from it's past, and pressing forward with hope.
  • He tells the truth. I know, I know. He's a politician and lawyer before that - so amazingly, the fact I trust the man I think says something real about his character. When he talks about hope in America - about not a "black America or a white America - but a United States of America" I know he believes it.
  • No Alternative Agendas. One word "oil." I think Barack is running for America, not for big business (can we say Clintons and Wal-Mart?), not for crude oil exported from other countries (cough - Bush), but because he believes America needs change, and he believes he can bring that change. Granted, some of the changes he proposes I may not agree with, BUT, his reasons for change, I feel, are pure. He thinks it will better America - not further his own, personal, agenda.
  • "Dreams From My Father" - We can see where he was, how he developed and transcended race to find who he was, and where he is now. He's a man with flaws, but more importantly, a man who progresses and learns. A friend showed me this article (which changed his Barack opinion - I'm so proud :)), talking about Barack's book, and I liked what he had to say. It's called "Biracial, but not like me." Check it out.
I know. I didn't mention his political ideologies on immigration or his stance on the War in Iraq, but honestly, when I vote for a President, sometimes, I just want to make sure I'm voting for a true American. He loves his family. He loves this country. And I think he's a good man, which lets face it, are hard to find these days.


Jacob Jensen said...

I concur with you on your assessment that most Americans are moderates - not radical conservatives nor liberals. I too consider myself a moderate conservative - leaning more towards the Republican ticket due to moral issues. But I am not a registered member of either party. And, although I lean Republican, I have voted for a Democratic congressman. However, I do not think I can ever vote for a Democratic president. Why? Well, when we vote for a president we are essentially giving one political party complete control of the executive branch of government - that is a lot of power! And because of my moral qualms with the Democratic ideology, I cannot in good faith empower them with this highest office in the land. Regardless of the qualifications of the individual candidate, he/she still answers to his/her respective party. So as long as the Democratic party champions a pro-choice, redefine the family, remove God from state affairs platform, they will forfeit my vote for the presidential office.

Hester said...

Hey Jake! Why don't you just tell me what you think? ;) Ha. Awesome. Thanks for the words - we shall have a word exchange you and I :) IT seems.

Crowther said...

Yeah I like what Jake had to say there. Its true that ultimately they are bound to what there party tells them (to some degree of course). Thats why we need a revolution!! and I don't care if its Ron Paul or whomever, just as long as things change from where we are and where we are headed. However, I do like Obama and I feel comfortable with him more than any other canidate "with a chance" thats out there.