Monday, February 18, 2008

It's so good to go home...

This last weekend was my little brother, Nick's, farewell. He's leaving in one week to serve a mission in Madagascar. How completely cool is that? Completely. He will be speaking Malagasy, and there is some irony behind that. I call my little bro "Poo's." Yes, "Poo's." So, when I heard he was going to be speaking a language like MalaGASy, I had a very mature moment in which I proclaimed "Elder Poo's is gonna speak Gasy? Perfect!" Snicker. What? I know I've put on this very witty and clever facade, but sometimes you just need some good old fashioned poop jokes. Tell me I'm wrong!

Another surprise we got Sunday morning was finding Seth, my brother who has been working in the Carribbean since October, showing up at the church service to our happy astonishment. It was fairly amazing and a great topper to a fantastic family and friends weekend...the pics explain it all.

Brent and Mum

Caitlin and Taryn

Jamie, Chris, and Eric - happy time

Grandpa and Seth (the long lost Caribbean brother)

The little (yes little - all of them) brothers and moi.

Gasp! Who is that dashingly good looking boy? A Gillette razor model? Pay no attention to the girl.

Yes yes, the boy came too. And really, he was basically a rockstar with the fam. ROCK-Star! He impressed all those who needed impressing and THEN some. He's already training for cattle wrangling with Grandpa. Now that's saying something...

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heidikins said...

Good Luck Little Bro! I know several people who have survived Madagascar... and only one who brought home a monkey (Seriously... crazy stuff!)