Sunday, February 10, 2008

You should like all your parts...

I've been spending a lot of time with a boy, as of late. I like boys. Most of my High School chums were boys (well they still are boys, just not so much chums cause they got married. Sigh. And since they have wives, they don't need lady friends anymore...I understand). Anyway - there's this boy I've been hanging out with as of late - and I like this boy.

There are many good things about "the boy." He's smarter than me (yes you are!) which I find endearing and refreshing. I mean lets face it, the boy MUST be as smart as or at least a little smarter than me if we are to function as a productive pair. Oh, I like that, "Hi, we're a productive's the veal parmesean tonight?" At any rate. I like that. He's also sweeter than me. My "sass" tends to cross the relams of "mean" sometimes, (although throughout the years I've tried to reign that in) and he's everything kindness should be. I know, what did I do to deserve THAT? I don't really know, but I'll take it! Plus, I mean lets face it, on top of those things he's absolutely adorable to boot. Sigh...

Alright, enough of that. I mean, there will be more beyond this I'm sure, but I just wanted to introduce you to the boy a tiny bit, before a launched into this "cutsey" anecdote. I wanted to give you a feel for what we're dealing with here....which may or may not be complete "smit." ;) Consider yourself duly warned!

Once upon a time...(ha, ohhhhhh just kidding...)

The boy and I were hanging out at my house talking some time ago. No really, we were just talking. And you know how this leads to that (in conversation! Stick with me here) and of course the questions like "if you could live anywhere in the world forever" or " if you could eat one meal for the rest of your life" start to bleed into the conversation. I'm seriously a sucker for these types of questions. I have an entire coffee table book RITTLED with these's called "If..." (sorry no link - couldn't find it at b&, so just trust me). At any rate, we started talking about ourselves (naturally) and I mentioned that there were two things I really liked about myself phsycally. First, I really like my hair - although I complain about it sometimes - it's really thick and full. A normal texture, and takes on any color I throw at it with class and eloquence (there are sprigs of blue in it now - I'm living on the edge). I also like my eyes - as in eye lashes specifically - but the entire orb (both of them) is rather nice I think: hazel coloring, long eye lashes, big, and almondy shaped. I think I like my eyes because my Grandma always tells me how pretty they are. Aw. Who doesn't love Grandma, I ask you? Anyway - so I said something like "Yeah, that's about it..." And he seemed to sit there and sincerely think for a moment and then says, "Really? That's it"

"Well, yeah. That's two. That's pretty good." I respond.

And he looks rather confused, "Well...that can't be it" he says.

And I kinda sit there like "No really - that's it. Those are the two physical things I like about myself...that's pretty decent."

And he thinks again and looks at me and says " should like all your parts. You're all beautiful."

I know, I know. Moment. I had to take a moment. I'm pretty sure I madly blushed and stuttered oh....te he he...well, um, thanks. Yeah - all my parts. 

I mean the comment in and of itself was adorable and I'm sure he didn't think anything of it. He says nice things ALL the time which I just love, but this one just struck differently not because of what he actually said - but because he really was very much stumped that I didn't like all my parts and furthermore, the reason he didn't understand this is because - as stated as fact for him - all my parts were beautiful. SQUEE! Whoops. Sorry, I got a little carried away in the memory and squee'ed all over. But who wouldn't?

Of course he may not remember that conversation; it was a rather tiny blip on our conversational radar, but I sure remember. It really is those little things isn't it? Sigh, I SHOULD like all my parts...I think we'll keep hanging out for awhile. ;)


heidikins said...


Squeeing for you!


Jacob Jensen said...

Are you dating someone? Or is this just a friend-like arrangement? I am interested.

Hester said...

Uh...:) Probably more than "friend-like" I would, ahem, think...assume...hope?

The Sevy's said...

Oh my goodness, Andrea! I feel so excited for you,We need some pictures please, although I've already been told via Nik that he's a keeper!! Yeah for you!

Hester said...

100% Keeper :)