Thursday, February 21, 2008

Theatrical NOOOOOOOOooooooooo!

(No really. I can't believe it. Did you know that Jumper is only the FIRST installment of a TRILOGY (no I will NOT provide a link - just say No!)?!?! Oh heeeeeell no! They're going to attempt to make 2 more - 2 MORE - of THIS movie! THIS one!!??!? Good people of the Internet(and/or non-superficial movie go'ers) - let us not stand by whilst this atrocity is created and produced in our very midst! I ask you to unite against atrocious "writing", dismal "acting", baseless and and unfounded "plot-lines", and the cruelty of Hollywood to deceitful marketing of a ridiculously and pathetically constructed and barely "sensational" (but not nearly enough) special effect clips to sucker in unsuspecting "action/sci-fi/epic" fans such as myself to suffer this torturous, now deluge (trilogy!!?!?!), of movie making failure(s). I sign my name to stop production of the next 2 (2!?!?!) installments of this "movie." Send food to Africa instead with your millions of soon to be wasted Hollywood film dollars. Or seriously, just make something...I dunno...WATCHABLE?!?! If that's asking to much, how about BEARABLE?!?)

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