Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's life's little things isn't it? Isn't IT!??!

I've had some little pleasures these last couple of days I'd like to talk about...mention...ponder and relate. It really is about life's little pleasures isn't it? The few moment of "hooowwwwmmmm" or "mmmmm"...or "ahhhhh that's the stuff" or even "... ... ... ..." that really make the days worth living, the weeks a little more bearable, and can culminate in a "pretty decent year." You can't ask for more than decent - not with what's going on in THIS world....and here we go.

1. Reaching the Rainbow. I ran 5 miles on Monday - an easy going, enthusiastic, rhythmic, 5 miles. I "took 'er easy" and took in the sights - as it were. At the end of my run, I'd say the last 100 yards, it started to sprinkle a little, adding some cooling pleasures. Additionally, I live on a mountainside in Provo, and the mountains are absolutely beautiful here no matter the time of year, but that day - there was a large, fully formed, rainbow stretching its colors across the mountain face just as I topped a large (death) hill and descended into the residential area that is Canyon Meadow Condo's. Ahead of me - a lush picturesque valley lay glowing in the drowsy sunset below. Beyond that, Mt Nebo's snow capped peak (yes, still snow capped) looking grandiose and royal....a "hooooowwwwwmmmm" pleasure mixed with a dash of "... ... ..." enjoyment.

2. Sipping Slurpee's. I really don't need to say more do I? Summer brings a great many pleasures - ONE of these pleasure's being the cold, sugary, colorful beverages that encompass everything summer is. Mm! Warmth and refreshment. I had a Slurpee last night - a little wild cherry pina coloda mixture of sorts and enjoyed every refreshing OUNCE! A "mmmmm" pleasure to be certain.

3. Rainy Days and Mondays...but I'm not down about it! No no. Last night, when I literally collapsed into bed due to undersleep and overplay (mmmm, volleyball...mmm volleyball...) I made sure my window bedroom window, residing directly near the head of my bed, was cracked, nay, nearly 100% open (screen fastened securely - I no wanty the creepers crawling in - or looking in - you know the kinds I speak of). Yet another summer pleasure I indulge is sleeping with the window open. I LOVE that my window is right by my head - it allows in those cool (but not excessively so) summer breezes and gives the illusion of camping out every night. I also like that my room smells like a mountain breeze (not the air freshener kind -but a REAL mountain breeze - fresh, crisp, and organic) upon entering it and through the evening. Last night - it rained - so not only did I get the pleasure of "rainy" mountain breeze smell, but also slept to the rhythmic pitter patter of rain splats. I like the smell of "wet", wet grass, wet pavement, but not wet dogs. Shudder. After running around like orphan children and coming into the house - my mom would tell us we smelled like wet dogs. ..ah the memories. At any rate - that was my "ahhhh, now that's the stuff" pleasure.

Well friends, it's only Wednesday MORNING!!! Frakking 7am and I've been here for an HOUR...buuuuuut, the week has already been full of little pleasures - little moments where life hands you a sugar cube, a reminder that life is beautiful, tasty, and worth trying out every single day. Most especially if there's a 7-11 near by. Which there IS!


(light) Black And Decker said...

You're MY little pleasure! Just kidding...nothing creepy.

JenKneeBee said...

There are no 7-11s near my house :(

But there are some beautiful trees and sunsets...