Monday, June 30, 2008

I love me a good productive weekend - even if I did ditch out on paying for lunch

I really like good productive weekends. I do. I mean everyone wants to fill their weekend with activity right? Course! Sometimes it just doesn't happen - which is fine. I also enjoy those weekends at home with a movie, a personal pizza, laundry and cleaning. Those are okay too. However, this weekend wasn't one of those.
(Nik and John- great lighting!)

(Behold the cat bundle! I should've bought one - what was I THINKING!)

Friday, after a rousing day at work (shaking head emphatically nooooo), I went to SLC and attended the Utah Arts Festival. This Festival draws a...unique crowd, and although the booths, art, jewelry, hand made crafts, food, live music, and exotic spoon stands are always enjoyable - it's really the crowd this very hippie-esque Festival draws that's half the fun! I'm a people watcher - love watchin the peoples - thus the Utah Arts Festival is a people-watchers dream. Such variety! Such interesting dress and grooming(?)! Such...alternate lifestyles! Many, many alternative lifestyles. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Cough. SO!! I met up with my good friends Nikelle and John (seen above). We perused the booths, commenting on the assortments of puppet cats and...once again...the exotic spoons, listened to the fantabulous live Jazz Band at one end of Pioneer Park and moved through the Samba dancing and Reggae at the other end, enjoyed ice cream and a Orange Pina Colada Maui Wowi, and eventually settled in on the grassy amphitheater atop the SLC Library to listen to some alternative tunes from yet another live band. I think that pretty much spells "good times" all around - as the pictures illustrate.

(Pay no attention to the funny looking glasses girl standing in the photo - no attention - No!)

(Maui WOWI! Sip sip sip - great earrings, right?)

Saturday was also a day of fun and productivity. I actually got up (before 10) and ate breakfast - so there's a good start. I then ran me 5 miles and readied myself for the day. These 3 things in and of themselves spells out "productive Saturday," but the fun doesn't stop here! NO NO! I lunched with Europe Friend Steve - talked some business - and while eating a delicious BLTA - hold the T (stupid salmonella...grumble mumble) - we saw a preview for the movie WALL-E. Gasp!! Steve! WALL-E! We must!! So we literally hopped up after talking for about 30 minutes and ran to see if there was time to see WALL-E. Once we make those decisions - there's nothing stopping us. As luck would have it - the next showing was in about 30 minutes -just enough time to buy tickets, snag some frozen Jr Mints of deliciousness, and find a seat. The movie was fantastic (see side note of blog for details), and ended around 4:00. Just in enough time for me to go get some salad fixins for the next round of Saturday fun productivity to begin: Work BBQ at Caye's (see post "cool boss lady"). As I was gathering up the salad fixins and getting ready to pay - I thought back to lunch and how I didn't remember signing a receipt for my meal. Huh. We had split the check...but I don't remember paying. Did Steve pay on the sly? No...I don't think so. I started to panic. Did we not pay? DID WE NOT PAY!?!?! So I called Steve and left a message on his voicemail:

"Steve...dude...Idon'tthinkwepaidforourlunch! CALL ME BACK! grumble...stupid phone on't...hell...we will...burn...didn't" So Steven calls me back, "Uh...yeeeeeah...I didn't pay either. I will go pay now." Awesome. We felt like a couple of goons...fools...dips..."special" people. But got it taken care of.

(Oodles of Chips. Mine are the Salt N'Vinager ones in the back...see?)

Lastly the BBQ. Awesome. That's all that can be said. WE played a little tricksy trick on Caye of course. What's a work BBQ without giving the Boss a hard time? Not 3 weeks ago, during a staff meeting, she told us about a BBQ her and her husband had hosted for all the students in a class he had taken. They were college students - 20 somethings - and they told them all the bring something. A pot luck if you will. Well, they all being college students they all brought chips. Chips chips chips. They had Blind Man's Chicken (her husband is legally blind - and he makes GREAT BBQ chicken - thus Blind Man's Chicken) Burgers, and chips. She implored us "PLEASE - more than chips." Of course we being a little older and slightly (slightly) more mature than 20 young undergrads - sent out a sign up sheet filled with potato salad promises and baked bean dreams.
(Miranda and Rachael...BFF! Livin the Dream)

Then I, being the one to rock the boat here at BYU IS, emailed everyone sans Caye and asked them "Guys, bring chips. Chips chips chips. Leave your "real food" in the car - and come in with bags of chips. It's gonna be awesome." And it was awesome. Poor Caye! The focus of my trickery! We all came in with excuses of "I'm sorry - I was busy- so I just brought chips!" Bags and bags! After letting Caye stew for awhile - mumbling about the incompetence of her employees and how we must not listen to a thing she says in staff meeting - we brought in the real goods and had a good laugh. Goods...good laugh..get it? I....ahem. I like BBQ's.


(Who else loves BBQ's? Naomi and Andy DO!! Er....right? Usually? Salad?)

(Co-worker Lauren and her favorite pastime - eating - well, second fav - the first would be anything to do with her hubby - arm seen in this pic - good enough!)

Lastly and finally - what better way to wrap up a Saturday of productivity then by playing a few games of volleyball. Which I did - in my skirt. No pics of that but you can imagine.

(And what post would be complete...)

Sunday is always a good day(no really, I'm not just saying that. I LOVE my Sundays). Church, dinner, watched a little Return to Me (my fav romantic comedy...that and Notting Hill) tried to Visit Teach, and the roomies and I were up for Ward Prayer Spotlight. We took the ickle kitty kitty to introduce as well. No one found it amusing - tough crowd I guess. Psh. At any rate - it's always good to have a weekend of productivity. I guess the one draw back is it makes Monday come faster - but it is a holiday week - so that's not so bad either. I get the 2nd through the weekend off and am very much looking forward to it. It will be yet another weekend of productivity - packing up books to move to Grandma's for the Europe adventure - celebrating Seth's (little bro's) big 23rd Birthday - and camping with the family. I won't be seeing them for so long - it will be good to be with them for an entire enjoyable (and of course productive) weekend. Maybe we can eat with some exotic spoons. Oooo...yeeeeeah.


Kristin May said...

Girl. Our apartment had the spotlight on Sunday too! However,we were a huge hit. And we had cupcakes. And several attractive men came up to me afterward just to tell me how much they liked my spotlight, and that I was funny. Yessss. I win. I win you finally. I am completely jealous of your life. But ward prayer is MINE.

KaWheelers said...

Lila!! :)

Pres. Packer said...

NICE post.

Yer Doin' It!!

ps...who is miranda buell? i really enjoyed her quote.