Monday, July 21, 2008

A Fond Farewell!

(Left to Right Back: Lauren, Miranda, Will, Joseph (no really he's there),Russ,Howard. 2nd Row Right to Left: Rachel S., Caye, Andrea W, Teri, Paige, ME!. Front Row Left to Right: Kelcie (the new me) Cheryl, and Rachael C.)

I've been working at BYU Independent Study for 5 months now...give or take. And quite honestly, it doesn't seem like that long. That's the kind of job this was. One where it was okay to come to work, where I kept busy all the time, and most especially a place where I interacted with some of the most fabulous individuals imaginable. I believe you can love what you are doing - anything you are doing - if you enjoy interacting with the people you work with. Creating an environment - most especially an office environment - where you feel content to come to work each day, sharing the stress, the laughs, the inside jokes, the pranks, and getting to know about one another. It's really priceless.
I've worked many jobs. Some I loved and some I've not liked so much. Although BYU IS had its own share of inter-office politics and the occasional drama (it's an office job - an office job with a lot of women- there's going to be SOME drama) - it's been the best place I've ever worked. Perhaps it's because I finally had insurance and benefits and didn't have to be treated like a sniveling little peon at Banana Republic by the uppity Orem Mothers who married Rich Orem Fathers and go shopping all day everyday crowd. Perhaps it's because BYU takes very good care of their employees. Perhaps I loved all the 70 little monkeys (aka student employees) I ATTEMPTED to manage each day. Perhaps it's because I did enjoy my co-workers so much. But whatever the reason - it was a little bittersweet leaving BYU IS for the last time on Friday. I definitely have a lot of memories there - and made a lot of (hopefully) like long friends. In fact, if it weren't for my job at BYU IS - I may never been embarking on the European Adventure I am now. In fact, I KNOW I wouldn't be. So thanks for the good times BYU IS! You made me realize what a fabulous Institution BYU is - and just how many great people realize that too. Don't worry though - I'm still a UofU alum and will be the loudest cheering Ute in whatever part of the world I am when we BEAT BYU in Rice Eccles Stadium this YEAR! HOLLA!!! Boo-ya.

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