Thursday, July 31, 2008

A week in San Fran...and I've STILL not found the H&M...either of them.

It just seems terrible doesn't it? An entire week in San Fran an I've YET to venture to the H&M. Sigh. I do have Steven to consider. I mean, the boy is so very willing to do anything I please, I'd feel bad dragging him through a (wonderful, amazing, excellently priced, and completely stylish) clothing store our first few days in San Francisco. He's never been to the city - and since I have - I figured it would only be fair to hit up the "usuals" before hitting the "not so usual (for men)". That's just what we've been doing.

First, Bob and the boys are FANTASTIC. We met them day one when the cab dropped us off at their doorstep. Bob is jolly. We both really like him. For more details about our first weekend see here. Our first week has been...interesting. Bob's car (BMW thank you) exploded, and has been sitting in the driveway since our arrival. Hm. That said, we've had to cab, ferry, walk, walk, and walk our way around Corte Madera where Bob lives. It's about...oh one 30 minute ferry ride and a $75 cab ride from downtown San Fran. We both really like the area and- as seen on our combo blog of awesome - the backyard IS the Bay. Can't go wrong with a Bay Backyard. Ohhhhohohohoooo no. Steve and I spend many of our meals outside overlooking the bay. Cute right? So cute.
Speaking of cute. Steve and I share a twin bed in one bedroom. It was a little awkward at first but I think we're both pretty used to it. Oh stop it! I'm totally kidding! Sheesh! Scandalous! That's what you're all reading this for; seeing if you can find scandal. Psh. No scandal here my friends. Look elsewhere for your smut entertainment. The house is lovely and we each have our own room (duh..come on guys..seriously), and share a bathroom. Bob's boys, John and Michael, are here with us of course. John is on leave from college for the summer and Michael is the 15 year old fella we'll be teaching on our European jaunt. He and his friend Dylan, who we've yet to meet but will soon, are hopefully both ready to absorb what Steve and I's very serious academic minds have to offer! Bwahahaha! Riiiiiight. Serious.

What else what else. Our days are mainly spent walking to and from the shopping center (a yon 40 minute walk from the house...worth it though cause there's an awesome TeaCake shop which (aka Cupcakes to the American person) and I LOVE them. I'll take a pic soon - no worries), eating...eating...Steve bought a Frisbee so we play some of that now for a little physical activity. Of course we help Jolly Bob with his business and are preparing for the upcoming "school year" by registering the boys and ordering assessment tests. Today Steve and I ferried over to San Fran (I do love the Ferry) and walked Chinatown. I bought a saweet little blue leather wallet with intricate red flower stitching upon the front to replace my craptastic clutch I bought from Buckle for double the price (mumble...stupid overpriced....grumble...trendy..mumble..never again). I also bought a simple turquoise necklace on a silver chain from a flea market vendor. A trip well spent I'd say. The weather was perfect. Unlike the sweltering crowded death of last Saturday, today was much cooler, still sunny, and thank the Lord not nearly as crowded. Steve and I agreed it was the better trip of the two.

And there's more to COME!

Alcatraz will be hit up next...followed by some more exploring and so help me H&M! Steven will go. Steven will love! And believe me - there will be photos to show our stylish finds at the San Fran H&M. Stay tuned...burreeeep.


Crazy Walker said...

I've been anxiously awaiting your update! How exciting and awesome. I'm going to be on your two-some blog like a hawk. Ok, a bit less stalkerish, but I'm stoked to see what kind of adventures & misadventures you have!

Hilda said...

I had a similar experience in Vegas...we went to the wrong mall and couldn't find H&M. But the wait will be worth it. And you're in SF, you've got plenty to keep you busy!

heidikins said...

I love Chinatown! I'm so glad you had a good time there!