Monday, March 2, 2009

I really should find something better to blog about than my weekends... am I right?

WELL! I had a good weekend. Eh? I went to another friend’s concert – this one in Provo. I seem to have a lot of musically inclined friends yet, don’t have a great deal of musical inclination myself. I mean – I’ve mentioned before that I like it, I participate in it on an amateur level, I find it an attractive quality, and I’d like to have my posterity involved in it, yet here I am, average musical ability, but most definitely a professional at music appreciation. Honestly! Next weekend I am going to go see yet another friend in HIS band. Should be rockin. 3 Weekends. 3 bands. 3 Friends. Not too bad a’tall.

I also made some delicious banana bread which I distributed at work today for the (hopefully) delight of one and all. Tasty taste taste. Sometimes I just get a baking bug and have to bake my guts out. There’s an image! Mmmm. Baking guts.

I was thinking of something today. Oh yes, the waiting game. Do you know what I’m sayin? The game of waiting and waiting for life’s “things” to happen. I guess that phrase could encompass a lot of life’s little happenings we’re always waiting for – turning 16, graduating High School, graduating College, getting married, waiting waiting waiting. Meh. I hear it’s best to enjoy the times you have and not keep focusing on tomorrow – you’ll end up with a lot of empty yesterdays. Too bad it’s the old folks that learn those things. Uh, a little LATE don’t you think? What does that song say “Oh I wish that I knew what I know now – when I was younger?” Ironic we only appreciate youth when we’ve lost it, love when we don’t have it, $5 when we lost thousands, friends when they’re gone. I guess you really don’t know what you’ve had until you’ve lost it. On the same token, you probably learn to appreciate those things a little bit more once you get them back – IF you get them back. Go ahead – try and get them back. You might as well. It works sometimes. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Right? Right?!??! Maybe not.

My waiting game includes waiting to hear about my acceptance (or denial) to the UofU MPA program. Yup yup. I was all over those admissions requirements and completely done with them a MONTH before the due date. Sigh. Which means I feel like they’ve had PLENTY of time to decide if I’m a good candidate for their program – however – they also aren’t even going to BEGIN reviewing applications until the deadline has passed. February 15th was that deadline. I just read on the UofU website that we “will be notified 1-2 MONTHS” after the DEADLINE of our “acceptance or denial”. 1-2 Months? What? Bohhhhh – maaaaaan. I hate waiting. Especially if it’s “sorry you’ve worked so hard – but you still suck and we don’t want you. Go to BYU or something (snicker).” Lip quiver. THEN what? School is the light in my listlessly darkish and boring life. Well, more boring than dark. It’s a pretty happy life – I just said dark because of the whole “light and dark” analogy. Anyway, school will make me seem like I have “things” ya know? “Oh wow I’m sorry I can’t – I have a thing.” It will also make me feel I’m working towards something of value and importance again. I love that feeling. Value. Importence. Contribution. Motivation to excel. YES!

Though, can I tell you of my complete lack of motivation? Alright – not entirly true. I have motivation for school, work, and… er… exercising lately. I’ve lost motivation to be single. Ha. True. I don’t do “singles” things really. I mean, I DO because I AM single and therefore everything I do, by my single nature, could be considered a “singles thing”, but I don’t really jump on those things that most singles jump on in the hopes of NOT being single anymore. Meh. I just don’t care. Oh, and by “jump on” I mean “get involved in” activities and scenarios that are blatantly set up for “match-making and mingling” purposes. I do whats I want dag-nab-it! I seriously think I over-killed in my old Singles Ward and then again in Provo – where being single is akin to having a big red letter A stamped across your chest. Oh come on – the Scarlet Letter? Tell me some of you caught the allusion. Well, it’s not good. It means there’s something (lowering voice) “wrong” with you. Shush! Someone might thing there’s something wrong with me! And there isn’t… there isn’t… right? Gasp! Maybe a few things ;) I call it “personality.” I just have a… unique personality.

Anyway, I’m pretty happily single and not really “in the mood” to attend all those ridiculous functions held in “get married” pressure cookers. I figure I’m a social little bug, I like people, I tend to have a normal to oppotomistc personality, they can find me. Right? Shore! Let them come! And until then, I’m going to wait for my ACCEPTANCE (or denial) letter form the UofU. I’m also going to wait for Spring so I can plant flowers, and for this day to end so I can go eat some dinner. Wait wait wait.

I hope you found those random thoughts useful or at any rate – a self-esteem boost. It doesn’t get more pathetic than that. Eh? Maybe I should stick with blogging about my weekends. At least there are things to mention and on really lucky weekends – things to mock. I’m always game for a good mocking.

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Crazy Walker said...

I sympathize on the waiting, and waiting, and waiting. We won't hear about law schools til April/May...and then school starts in August. We have 3 months to get our crap together & move wherever we're accepted! Yikes!

Have you heard Dave Eaton play? He's one of those local musicians I love to support. I think he has a show here in SLC coming up. I'll have to let you know where it'll be!

Good luck with everything Andrea, you're doing great things in life.